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Cherios ad wuth interacual couple.

I'm an 81 year old white woman and I watch this ad with a smile on my face whenever it comes on the TV. The child is enchanting and the ad is well-done. Shame on the racists! Apparently,

Great job!

Thank you for these great new commercials. You're touching hearts as you make them healthier.

cinnemon toast crunch commercial

the commercial with the cereal eating the other is absolutely disgusting.it makes me sick to my stomach.how anyone could eat this cereal after looking at this is beyond me

bad move guys

Are you really of the mind set that this is normal. Its bad enough that people are doing this in our country, but to be advertising this on t.v. is out of control. We really don't need to see this trash on t.v. and it is very disrespectful to have children watching this commercial. We are not here to cater to the blacks and it appears people don't understand that they are a race that is abusive in nature. We don't need these animals feeling like they should have the right and privilege to inner mix our race. You people are violating everything normal to our society. I'm sure you have noticed a drop in sales and this will continue until this ad is removed. The first time i seen the ad i felt sick and we stopped purchasing your products. Good luck guy's.


It seems again some people have eyes but can't see. Hearts but can't feel. Your commericial everyone is referring to as the "biracial commericial" I saw as a commericial about a child that cares about her father. What a concept. Great Job guys. There are all types of family structures in this land of the "free" so it is unique, clever, creative, and just plain adoreable of your advertisement department. Keep up the great work!!!

Cheerios Interracial Commercial

Kudos to you for airing what reflects a common occurrence in republican Dutchess County New York. While this advertisement has been playing for awhile, I saw it for the first time a few minutes ago. Ignore all and any negative comments as anyone who complains is not worth responding to...this commercial displays life as it is today. I, for one, will def' add Cheerios to my Grocery List!

Biracial commercial

Thank you General Mills for your beautiful, loving and caring biracial commercial for cheerios. Also, thank you for superb products. I grew up on your cereals and continue to enjoy them even more than when I was a child. My favorite are the honey nut and banana nut cheerios. You rank high among so many people for continuing to air the biracial commercial with that beautiful, innocent, loving little girl!! Thank you for your interity and your products!


Your latest decision to serve up sexual deviancy using Lucky Charms is distasteful and shameful. This is a poor choice and one that demonstrates that GM strives to cater to the wishes of a very small minority - 2 to 3 percent - while tromping on the values of the majority - 97 percent. No more GM for me.

Cheerios biracial commercial

Love, love your latest commercial that included a biracial couple and their little girl. It was a wonderful surprise. I am a Caucasian senior who applauds your insight into the changing composition of the American family. Kudos to General Mills!

Bravo General Mills (bi-racial couple)

As with all of the other positive feedback on this particular commercial, I simply must commend you for the decency to show ALL of the kinds of families that make up our country. Shame on the bigots who would actually fault you for this.

Ignorance is bliss?

Vicki Michelle you are disgusting excuse for a human being! To indicate that an interracial couple can't raise a child normally in today's society is among the most ignorant things I've ever encountered and I'm ashamed to say that we're both in the same SPECIES let alone country. I hope you enjoy living in misery and regret as the world changes for the better around you.

Black/White commercial

I have served Cheerios to my preschool class for 18 years; however if the black man, white woman, and mixed child commercial continues I will change cereals. That commercial is in extremely bad taste.

Interracial Commercial

Thanks for promoting "unequally yoked" relationships. Yes, there are many mixed race relationships (marriages). Have you never studied the stats on how many of these type survive or what effect it has on offspring? Go back to the drawing board.

Cereals and Biracial Commecial

You make quality products, but you you know that already. . I eat MultiGrain Cheerios almost every day, and my husband eats Honey Nut Cheerios every day. Millions of people do! You have a lot to be proud of . You have excellent products , and you should be even prouder that you refect today's changing society and reality in your ads by showing multiracial families . We are proud of buying products from a company like yours for showing the truth ( PS : by the way , we are both white).

cheerios recognize differences

Thank you for noticing and acknowledging that there are many types of relationships in the cereal eating community. Kudos for your 21st century outlook. Continue to appeal to all people and their love for cheerios. (Bi-racial couple and child)


Thank you for your product (Cheerios) as I grew up eating this cereal for breakfast. I also thank you for your commercial which did nothing wrong. You merely portrayed the reality of America today. We are a country of immigrants with mixed descents and a true melting pot no matter if you like it or not. I will forever purchase your products and respect your decisions to advertise and represent this country in is truest image.

I like Multi Grain Cheerios

Just want to let you know that the AD with the mixed race family is a great idea. Fortunately, integration of schools in the 60's has lead to an enlightened generation of americans that dont see race in their relationships with family and friends. I eat my multi-grain cheerios every morning with bananas and milk. They are great, very good for digestion.

Bad Advertising

I have seen bad advertising on cable but each and every Cheerio's one is these worse than the other. Are these 14 year olds making these commericals out of a garage? Most annoying, idiotic advertising ever only Progressive with the ugly frog looking lady is worse. Please protect us from your advertising it is more than counter productive.

Cheesy Baked Potato Hamburger Helper

I just wasted 2 lbs ground sirloin making 2 boxes cheesy baked potato hamburger cheese. We have always been fans of hamburger helper, but it was an unanimous NO on this one! We are on a very limited budget and it makes me ill to think I wasted the ground sirloin tonight! I thought someone should know.

Are you really having Jason Biggs as a spokes person for General Mills??? Have you seen the filth he had directed towards women & children on Twitter??? I am repulsed by the vile comments and and disgusting words he has directed towards the Romney family also. I would really reconside your decissions on having Biggs associated with your business which would be a failure of responsibility on your behalf! http://twitchy.com/2012/09/01/the-wit-and-wisdom-of-nickelodeons-jason-biggs/

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