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counter top that goes on tv that comes up out of canitv

the counter top that is on top of tv that comes up out of cabinnet is warp and dealer said it would be replaced. it was like that when we bought it new 2 mouths ago and it has not been fixed yet. this is a $80,000. dollar rv. it is a cedar creek 32rl with all the bells and whishel

Don't walk away run from Forest river products. Bought motor home has been broken down more than on the road. Refrigerator broke, leveling jacks broke, sink leaks, bunk bed installed backwards, torn floor, all locks on outdoor units are not working too loose, tire valve did not work tire driven flat from Indiana to state of Washington, slide out torn away from body of motor home screws falling from everywhere. 1914 sunseeker we need a class action lawsuit

Terrible service

Was told when I bought my 5th wheel I could take it to any Forest River Service Center..Did not tell me that local dealers work mainly on their customers rigs and that service on others is relatively rare..This means that I would have to drive 120 miles to where I bought it for any type of service...Total misrepresentation....

2012 Brookstone 366

Top of line Forest River product 18months old. Replaced all the slide out seals, bedroom slide rollers are junk will be going in for the 4th time, 10 insulated windows have failed, arm broke off recliner, rebuilt underside of couch, toilet needs replacement. To say I am not happy would be an understatement.

poor customer service

My new 5th wheel ($75k) has been at the dealership 2 months waiting for warantee parts. The total parts can't be more than $30 and they go into every 5th wheel they make. But they still haven't been shipped. Nearly every RVer buys multiple RVs over time. Why would I buy another one from Forrest River?

what customer service?

My husband and I purchased a Forest River Rockwood pop up camper - I admit we're on the low end of the buyer's market. But no brakes still mean no stopping. We paid for brakes to be installed on our camper. They were - BACKWARDS - our unit would brake going backwards not forwards. Tom Raper has been very helpful. Sam Buckles, Customer Service at Rockwood has been useless. He blamed the company that made the braking system and Tom Raper for not catching it. In his last correspondence he said You were inconvenienced and in good faith we good willed an extension (one month) to your warranty, No further consideration is being considered. Really a month extension Who installed these things and when? Friday afternoon after lunch? I wish I had seen this website before I purchased a Forest River product. I know in today's world, customer service is a thing of the past - so why even pay to have a customer service department much less a rep who doesn't know the meaning of the word.

side outs bending

I too am haveing problems with our slide out on the side with the frig and stove, the dealer came out and adjusted it 1 1/2 inches and it dropped again, I now need it adjusted again. At what point will it be to much. You people that are not getting results from forest river, I would contact the better busniess bureal.

Grab the Money and Run

Wow - wish I had read some of these reviews before purchasing. Looks like lots of people are having troubles with customer service and quality control like us. These are luxury items - we deserve better!! The slide on our brand new Forester motor home is coming unscrewed and nobody seems to care. The list of problems (big and small) continues to grow daily. Extremely disappointed. Have no faith in this new motor home or the companies that made it and sold it.

Forrest River Evo Stealth

I have only had it for not quit a year yet and i havent had my trailer for the past 2 months and dont know when i will be getting back. I have a slide out and the battery went bad they just got it in and my ceiling cover around the molding has been peeling off and they are telling me that no one has contacted them back from Forrest RIver??? What the heck. I want to enjoy my trailer....it's at Giant RV in colton could you please contact them and fix it

Poor Quality Control

A couple of years ago we purchased a new 2011 Wildwood Travel Trailer 25RKS. We have had nothing but problems with this unit. The rear base of the sofa/bed had been screwed down with 2 screws, which pulled out of the pressed wood when I attempted to convert the bed back to a sofa. The installers failed to install the other 2 front base screws as required. The black water rinse and flush line had been left disconnected under the sink and sprayed water all over the trailer floor the first time I used it. The kitchen slide out dragged on the vinyl flooring and ripped a large hole (8" x12") out of the flooring. The exterior siding panel on the driver's side dropped down 1" and exposed the inside insulation and framing. It had been stapled in place with 2 staples which came loose with road vibration. I would not recommend any products made by Wildwood Trailers.


we purchased a 2013 28 ft Wildcat with slide out and bunk beds about a month ago, first trip out, Went to hang a towel on the rack in the bathroom it fell off the wall, the kitchen faucet leaks, the bathroom pipes leaked all over the underneath of the cabinet, the drawer under the kitchen bench will not stay shut flys open while in travel slams into fridge, the bedroom doors will not stay shut while in travel beat up against the walls tearing them up, this would had not been my first pick, going on a trip this weekend will see.

Bought an XLR toy hauler I 've had problems ever since we towed it home. It now has mold in the walls It a piece of junk do not buy a XLR hyper lite Its a 2012 still under warranty.

2013 Salem Travel Trailer

Bought this unit new last August. Had lots of problems with it. Tires no good. Flooring buckling, wallpaper has ripples, light fixtures melt around the bulbs, heater repaired twice already, windows without seals, plastic sink melts when something hot put in it. Not a quality model. No more Forest River for me.


I’m just writing to complain about the horrible customer service we have received. We bought our 2013 travel trailer almost a year ago and since buying it, it has been in service about as much as we have camped in it if not more! As I write this it is currently been in the shop for 3 WEEKS! At this point we regret ever buying a trailer from your company and wish that we could turn back time and never buy it, its been a cheap headache!! Thanks for the Inconvenience and hassle buyers beware


Thank you for this forum and sharing your experiences. My wife and I were just about to purchase a brand new Sierra 356RL next month. I found this site as well as: http://forest-river.pissedconsumer.com/ These two sites have completely changed my mind and I am now running full speed away from any Forest River products. I'll be sure to spread the word to everyone I can. Sorry to those of you that have had such problems, but again, thank you for letting the rest of us know!!!! I tried to reach FR directly to ask them about these complaints, but as you've all discovered, it's almost impossible to do so? Tom Fulcher - Regina, Sask. Canada

Bought a 2007 George SE 34' look like a great unit, until the floor squeaks started. we only had it for two weeks when it started. went back to the dealer they tried to fix it from working underneath didn't work waste of time. went back the second time tried the same thing it was ok for awhile now it's the same way as before. now they are telling me that it was a flaw at the plant and nothing they can do. WOW what a bad deal we got.

Don't walk, RUN from Forest River Campers!

I purchased a new 2012 Cherokee Grey Wolf on Aug 29, 2012 from Paw Paw’s Camper City in Mobile, AL. After months of searching for the perfect camper we were so excited to finally find the camper of our dreams. Unfortunately the camper of our dreams has turned into a nightmare. The very day we brought it home, we opened the slide-out so we could get it packed in preparation of our first camping trip that weekend. While packing the camper, it started raining. To our disappointment and surprise, water started pouring in through the skylight. We immediately called Paw Paw’s Service Department and were told that they wouldn’t be able to get to it until the following week and was asked to wait until then to bring it in. While inspecting the leak, we found that the skylight had never been sealed. The entire glass lifted up. We put tape around the glass to prevent more water from coming in. We realized this was just a temporary fix and since we couldn’t bring the camper back until the following week, we kept our plans for our camping trip that weekend. The tape worked fine until the next rainstorm that came on Sunday, Sept 2nd. Unfortunately, I was sitting directly under the skylight with my four month old baby when the rain began pouring in on top of his head! We returned our camper to Paw Paw’s on Tuesday, Sept 4th. We were told that all the repairs could not be made by the weekend and since we had already planned and paid for two future camping trips (Sept 8th & 9th and Sept 22nd & 23rd), we were allowed to pick up our camper on Sept 6th and were asked to bring it back afterwards. You would think that we would have received our camper back in at least the same condition we’d left it. However this was not the case. There were dirty fingerprints on the shade that pulls over the skylight and dirty fingerprints on the ceiling. There were also black, rubber trimmings left on all of the dinette seat cushions and under the table. When we started vacuuming up the mess that the service department left us, we discovered water stains on the wood and dinette cushions from apparent previous water damage (the camper must have leaked every time it rained while it was on the lot before we purchased it "new"). During our next two camping trips, we found several more items that needed to be repaired or replaced. We gave our list to the Service Department when we returned the camper on Sept 24th. By October 10th, I had called several times in an attempt to find out the status of the camper. After calling our Sales Rep, who sold us the camper, and letting her know how greatly disappointed and frustrated we were with the Service Department, I finally received a call back from the Service Tech with an update. He explained that most items had been repaired but that they had to order new cushions for the dinette area and that they should be in within the next couple of weeks. That, obviously, did not happen. On November 19th, after again not hearing from Paw Paw’s for several more weeks, I attempted to call and find out the status of the repair work to our camper. Nobody could tell us anything other than providing excuses i.e. there had been a turnover in that department and they’ve had several different Service Managers. On that particular day the Service Manager was unavailable as he was in Picayune, MS. On December 3rd, we still had not heard from anyone or received any kind of communication from Paw Paw’s Camper City of the status. I am beyond the point of being upset. I feel that we have been more than patient with Paw Paw’s Camper City and have provided more than ample time for repairs to be made. We have missed out on several camping trips with our friends and the beautiful fall weather has now passed. It is absolutely ridiculous that we bought the camper in August … it is now December and we have only been able to use it three times. All three of which, we had to use tarps and duct tape to ensure more damage was not caused because of the poor craftsman ship of the NEW camper we purchased. We have now requested a FULL REFUND of $25,194.21 and the return of our belongings that are still inside the camper (sheets, dishes, towels, etc.). If a refund is not granted, we will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and an attorney. Not only that, as far as advertisement, word of mouth & Facebook is more advertisement than any billboard or t.v. ad you can pay for. Believe me the remarks I have will not be in your favor.

bought a new 2013 survayor 2220 have had endless problems, the worst is the blackwwater tank won``t drain corectly. I`m sure its a bad design ( I`m an architectural designer and know a lot about plumbing designs). The tank is too shallow and the waste lays at the bottom untill the tank is over 3/4 full, by then its too late and you already have a hudge stinky problem that takes 4-5 dumpings to cure. The dealers just don`t take the time or can`t to come up with a solution. In my openion DONN`T BUY ANY FOREST RIVER PRODUCT.

I purchased a 2012 Sierra andi I would like to order extra dinette cushions to convert it to a couch/daybed. Can you advise me on this? Thank you.

i purchased a 38ft xlr viper 5th wheel toy hauler and have had so many problems and i can not get the warranty dept to return my calls in a timely mannner, all i can say is good luck if you make the mistake and purchase a forest river camper!!!!!!

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