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5th ford i have owned

i wish i could talk to the ceo of ford.he needs to know what a good job his store on camelback and 12th street does for their customers do for his company.they go above and beyond what is expected of them for their customers

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We traveled 1.5 hr to see and test drive a ford edge limited. We got the best price we could - ask if we were going to finance - we said no. Pressured into taking 1 of 3 warranties - we said no. The finance person came back to us and informed us that the Manager didn't want to sell us the Suv !?!? Thanks Jersey City Ford for wasting our day!!!!!!!

I bought a used as is 1998 ford contour my youngest sons first car on Thursday April 12,2012 and Friday April 13,2012 the car stopped. Yes I expected minor issues but nothing major. I spoke to coworkers about it and they all were so sure the DEALERSHIP would take care of me. It was quite the opposite. I spoke to MR DORIAN himself and the only thing he said to me was he couldn't doing anything for me and I bought the car as is. Well the best advertisement is word of mouth and everywhere I go, I will share this story of how uncaring, cunning and unprofessional this dealership and staff are. My coworker who said she was thinking about buying a ford and if they treat me RIGHT she would buy from them has decided not to buy ford at all. Clearly this vehicle was rigged just long enough to get us out the gate. I pray the Lord take vengeance on ALL who knew this motor was NO GOOD and sold it anyway and vengeance the owner mike dorian jr. who could of made it right NEVER will I buy a ford ANYTHING MY RATING IS AN 0 it wasn't an option beyond poor

FORD 2005 LTD 500 .Completely robbed. Before my uncle passed away . He made sure my aunt had a dependable car. WRONG. My aunt who is turning 80. 40,00 miles an the transmission went out. While still under warranty. My aunt took it to the dealer. Three times in regards to transmission slipping an the many loud noises. Car was purchased in Porterville ,Ca. They said there was nothing wrong with it. They recomended having it serviced for 250.00 dollars. So she paid the 250.00. Two months later when the warranty was no longer good. The transmission goes out. Ford wants to charge her 7,500 for a new transmission. Since 2008 the car has remained parked in my aunts garage. Whats wrong with this picture? kelli 562.229. 4859 or my aunt marjorie 559.539.3201 displaying our numbers isnt something we do. but this is pretty important. She gave up when the dealer said 7,500. thank you kelli

Ibought a used 2007 Ford Fusion (4Cyl)in October and in one day my AC stop blowing cold air and 15 minutes later it ran hot. My car was in the shop for 9 days. They would fix one thing and notice another thing was a problem within the AC Unit. The cooling fan was a big issue during it being repaired. I have my car back and now it won't start. The battery appears to be dead. Got it jumped and two days later battery died again. I have read different things on line since this is happening to me and appears that it is an ongoing issue with the cooling fans and batteries with the 2007 Ford Fusion. I have not seen any re-call but this is something that they need to look at. I don't think I will ever by another Ford or recommend this to anyone. On top of it all none of this is under warranty.

My son also has recently purchased one of Ford Motors Lemon's. A '06 Ford Explorer He had it only a week, when things started going wrong. He did get the insurance that came along with the financing of this "lemon". First the rear-end had troubles, and then it was the transmission. Needless to say he has evaporated all the $$ coverage just trying to get it running right. The vehicle is still not running right. If you ever brake down near or around HENRYETTA FORD MOTORS in Henryetta, Oklahoma go the opposite direction PLEASSSEEE! HENRYETTA FORD MOTORS could be the worst auto body shop to ever label them a body shop.My son is not the only person with probables the whole town knows not to take their Ford vehicle to this place. When he had it looked at by another Ford Mechanic, my son was shown where these clowns had broken parts hanging and bolts missing. This mechanic did not want to touch it. He too has a family which includes an 10 month old son.

Not a good experiance. I broke down pulling my camper and brought it in. Unhooked my camper in the parking lot. They said they would take a look at it. This was at 11:00 am. Waited until 6:00 pm they told me that they still did not know the proublem and that I would have to wait until morning. Stranded 800 miles from home and too late to call for a car rental, my truck tore half appart the service director leaves. So here I am thanks buddy. So I spent the night in my camper in the parking lot. The service director and service manager comes in in the morning and brings me into their office and says I was bugging his mechanic when I was trying to help him. I let the mechanic use my welder to make his job easyer. Apparently ford can't afford one. He starts sceaming and yelling at me and so I told him I would like to talk to the general manager and walked out. Next thing I know the police show up and they tell me he told them he was afraid for his life. When he was the one who stranded me the night before. If anything I was the affraid for my life with my wife and a little girl stranded somwhere where I was unfamilliar with. The General Manager still never came to talk to me. Thanks Ford of Asheville, NC You Do Your City Proud !!!

please read my statement for may 17,2011.

i have a 2006 ford explorer which i paid 28000.000 for. it has been in the shop 23 times. i have already had a head rebuilt and now they are looking at the engine again. it died, missing so bad that the engine would not stay running. i have had several radiators, like i said it has been in the shop 23 times for various problems. ford will not do anything about this, unfortunately the motor fell apart after the lemon law mileage and date ended. i live in alabama, the service here is no better. i am waiting on ford to tell me what their plan is this time, they are telling me that i have no compression on my number two cylinder and they will let me know what they will do when they get the engine apart (i've heard this before). they have already had to call in a ford engineer to look at it, and i rode around with a little black box in my truck because they could not figure out why my number seven spark plug kept misfiring and they did tell me that my truck was ok after that because the compression in the engine was slightly above the limit in which they would take action so they gave me my truck back and told me to bring in if it got worse. oh, i broke down a few days ago on the side of the road in this piece of s*** and they made me ride in with the tow truck, enterprise is not the pick you up car rental service!!!!!

3 years ago my wife and I purchased a Ford Expedition from the Ford Dealership in Patterson Ca, that was our first mistake, the truck had problems right from the get go, minor but problems none the less, the dealership denied any problems and could not find anything wrong. Thank goodness for the warranty that we purchased. 3 years later(1 week ago) we bought an Focus from the same dealership, that was our second mistake. Although the car ran good and didn't seem to have any problems, we found out through our insurance that the car had been involved in a front end injury collision causing over $5000 in damage. Once again the dealership denied this. After getting the documentation about the accident from the insurance company and a week of constant fighting with the dealership we got our down payment back and returned the vehicle. By fighting I mean arguing, they came up with every excuse in the book not to work with us. It's taken care of now but I will never return there again for anything, that's just bad business...

i have a new kind of car no gas @ no plugin it still goes about a 100mph should i tell ford about it? What would you ask for it?

I am greatly offended by your latest commercial for ford trucks.And I quote "THERE IS TIME TO SLEEP WHEN YOU ARE DEAD"There is a portion of your audience that could take that liturally.I think it is very poor taste. Philip Bauer 702 n 63rd st apt E kansas city,kansas

I went online and built my Ford Fiesta and was told by the web site that Mall of Georgia Ford was the Cheapest place to get my car. I called the dealership and talked with James King. I asked him about the car I wanted and the options I wanted. I explained to James I didn't want to take off work unless they had the car I wanted. He replied he would check the inventory and call me right back. As the hours went by I left 2 voice messages at his extension I finally received a call from Paxton Nash. Paxton said he had the details from James but I went over the options again just to be sure. Paxton said he would physically lay his hand on the car and call me back. About 20 min later he returned the call and said he had my car in stock. I left work 4 hours early and drove to the Mall of Georgia Ford. Upon arriving I was greeted by Kevin McBride he said he would be our salesman. He took us out to view the car the car had none of the options I wanted but it did have some, but not the automatic transmission I had requested. I explained to Kevin that the only reason I had left work is I was told that the car I wanted was here. He asked us to let him see where the closest car was that we wanted he found the right color with automatic transmission over 230 miles away. He said he could have the car there the next day and the options I wanted could be installed by the Mall of Georgia Ford. I bought the car and returned the next day(Tuesday) to pick it up. He told us if I bought the car back Thursday evening the remaining 4 options would be installed by Friday evening. When I returned Friday evening to pick up the car only 1 of the 4 options was installed. He explained wrong parts were order but one of the options was on his desk if we wanted to wait I replied that that they had already had the car 24 hours why wasn't it already done? I would just wait and have it done with the other 2. He scheduled the car to come back the following Friday (the mall of Georgia is 82 mile round trip per car with 2 cars making the trip). Kevin told us he would fill the car with gas for our trouble,he did not explaining he had forgotten. Thursday prior to the next appointment a contractor who does not work for Ford call me to explain that he would not be able to do it that Friday. I would expected that call from the Mall of Georgia Ford not the contractor with an explaination and a re-schedule. Not receiving that call I called Mall of Georgia Ford I asked for a sales manager and got a voice mail 2 hours later he returned the call and said he knew nothing about the situation. He would get involved the next day. The following day Kevin called and apologized for the mix up and explained the following Wednesday they would come to my work and install the last 3 options. Although Wednesday is not here yet I am already prepared for the next excuse. In summary, I feel I was lied to just to get me in the door and been getting the run around every since in over 30 years of buying cars this has been by far the worst car buying experience I have ever had. I was lied to by not 1 but 2 salesman at Mall of Georgia Ford and I wanted someone from corporate Ford to know it . Thank you for hearing my complaint. Lori Franklin

Do not do business with the Fairview Ford Service Department in San Bernardino. I have had the most distasteful experience one can have when dealing with them. Scenario goes like this: I have my trucked towed into their service department, due to it not starting. Service adviser tells customer that problem is with #3/4 ignition coils, and says truck will be ready by 4pm. Customer gives ok to have repairs made. Later that day, Customer then receives call saying, there is still a short and vehicle will have to be looked at next morning. (Remember, the customer has already given authorization for repairs, because he was told that's where the problem was) Customer then receives phone call from another service rep who says, problem is Powertrain Control Module. Job goes from $370.00 to $1,200 dollars. MMMM. But, the real issue is that my vehicles problem was not diagnosed properly, and I, the customer have to take his vehicle to another Ford Dealership to correctly diagnose and make the correct repairs. I'd say that is flat out bad business. Let's see, I spent approximately $292.00 for a dealership to say I replaced coils, but you still have problem. I spent $278.00 at a reputable service department to fix the problem and I drive my truck home. Bad Business Fairview, Bad Business. Go to Redlands Ford, if you are in Southern California....

My Lincoln Ls taken to The Frederick Motor Company (Ford) in frederick md. I was told I had a timing chain problem and it was a $2000 fix. Since the car was paid off I went ahead with the fix. Then 3 months later the same problem occured and was told it was now my left side timing chain. I juggled with the thought of junking the car or paying $2,300 for the fix. I asked them to go over my car and see if the car was worth fixing. They assured me it was well worth the fix and after this repair I should have no problem with the engine. Now 4 months after that my engine is once again done due to corrosion at the bottom of my engine from the previous timing chain issues and that they werent going to cover it!! Im digusted with this dealership and would advise no one to go there for service!

I have a 2008 F-450 4*4 truck for my company. I have taken the truck into the ford dealer for headers leaking from rusting off. ( Hard to beleave) There is only 126,000 miles on a disel . Now it is back into there again 1.5 week later with a blown motor. What the heck. This product is junk. I have always had fords and now not liking them. Now they want me to pay. NOW WAY it is your product and it is inly 3 years old . FORD fix your product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You declared a dividend on your stock payable in November... wwhere is it??? my Ameritrade account does not have it yet.... This is December

I am from a Chrysler family.. I decided to give Ford a try. I purchased a used (very reluctantly) a 08 Explorer in 09. I was advised to purchase a PREMIUM extended warranty due to the fact that this one had 34,000 miles already. They rest assured me that this warranty would cover what ever might come up. So when my vehicle started leaking to where everytime it rain the whole 3rd row seating would be soaked I took it in expecting that Ford would fix their product. I was told that this was a "FACTORY DEFECTIVE SEAL" that has shrunk and is allowing the water to flow into the truck. I was told this is a 800.00 repair and I would be fully responsible to pay myself. I beleive that Ford should stand behind their product when it is a "FACTORY DEFECT" and repair it part. I have had horrible dealings with the Advisor at Dorian Ford, The service manager at Dorian Ford, and a lady named Karen at the SO CALLED customer service line. With this type of treatment from Ford, I WILL NEVER BUY FORD AGAIN, as well as I will let as many people know as I can about the way I was treated and that Ford apparently does not stand behind their products.. I really wish I could have gotten this matter taken care of and I would have continued my relationship with the Ford Motor Company.

do not try to buy a ford unless you have cash..THE WILL NOT TRY TO FINANCE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE 750 SCORE.NOT WASTE YOUR TIME

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