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That store is at Tidwell &Mesa #23


Good morning. September 17,1914. I would like a request to have a fiesta to be build in our neighborhood. We don't have one close to us.We have Kroger and a Wal-Mart. There is a space where a Kroger was at. I think that would be a good spot for a fiesta to b build for r neighborhood. The location is at 59 and old humble rd. Could u look into that for me. Thank you.

LALA Bio4 Yogurt drink

Please bring that product to your store, you can find it here http://www.bio-4.com.mx/ It really helps your stomach and when I was drinking it in México I never got acid reflux. You guys have other Lala products but not that Bio4. Please bring it.


Under age employes in Fiesta 1300 E Pioneer Pkwy, Arlington, TX 76010 store #60

Pissed Off

went to the store on Bellfort and Telephone #37 and they suck...not enough sackers the cashiers has to do everything and when I asked one of their managers (Alsia) to asst the cashier sack she looked and me and sad for what she got t and walked away to get on the phone and talk about something that had nothing to do with work. Management need to choose wisely who they have represent the store because that lady was rude and very dsrepectful.

I come into your fiesta number 61 a couple time only cause it's close to my house and everytime I've managed to come in the cashier are always on there phones or conversation with each instead of being help I've had a worst experience coming to this fiesta don't think I'll ever shop here again

My fiesta experience

My fiesta experience seemed to be one of the worst I went to store #61 in Fort Worth and the checkers where rude and not helpful at all they seem to worry more about the cell phone in there hand than the customers no need for u to worry about me as a customer ever again

Fiesta mart in houston tx (clearwood)

I went to fiesta mart on the 4th of July 2013. I purchased pork spare ribs and shrimp along with other items.. When I got home and prepared my food for my family, the spare ribs were rotten/spoiled. The shrimp (after I made ceviche) was rotten/spoiled. I am from Califirnia and I have NEVER encountered a problem with produce that I buy. My family and I were greatly disappointed. We live right down the street so we thought that Fiesta Mart was more convent for us and we thought wrong. We will NOT be shopping there anymore. We WILL be taking the trip to H.E.B.


I've been shopping at your 9419 Mesa Rd. location for many years. Today is the first time I had a problem with a item being mis-priced I asked to speak to the manager that was on duty 4-19-13 / 6:48pm instead of him trying to resolve the problem he was very rude. I was so disappointed.

24 count zyrtec on sale ad

I went into Fiesta this week several times for the zyrtec 24 count that you have printed in the ad this week. I went in early this morning to get my 24 ct zyrtec and the guy that puts them on the shelf stated to the manager that we didn't carry the 24ct in the zyrtec I also showed him the ad it was priced at $5.44. The manager stated that he was going to call corp because it look like a type o. Well I have the coupon for the 24ct for $7 dollars off this product which you don't even carry in the store. People I know have been getting the 5ct with this coupon which you guys maybe wont get paid for the item. If this w a type o on your behalf I need to see what you all can do for me seeing that I was up and early ready to get my 24ct you printed on sale ad which you don't carry. I will be waiting for a quick response from fiesta. Thanks

Employee conduct

I was at the donut shop next to your Fiesta on Jupiter in Garland and saw a red car in the parking lot and it looked to me that someone was making out in the car. It was early in the morning and then someone got out of the car. It was a woman with a white shirt that she was buttoning up. She walked up to the door of Fiesta and opened it with a key. Is this how your Employees act? Glad I didn't have my kids with me.

I think this could work in all sorts of contexts, Jim. People like iigrntue, fun, and novelty, especially when it puts a different spin on something they do regularly in this case, driving.What if a bunch of local restaurants put together a sort of group scavenger hunt that led teams of people from one place to the next, sampling some specially-prepared micro-meal? Like a cross between a tasting menu and a pub crawl, with the unusual twist that it would be coordinated between restaurants that might be seen as competing with one another? What if the whole thing were coordinated by tweets?What if a B2B company called for video entries to a contest that would put one of their domain experts or super-techies on the winning entrant's premises for two days to field questions, brainstorm, troubleshoot, etc.? All at the expense of the vendor, not the client?The mind reels . . .

I went to the store on 8th avenue and the front end managers are very un-educated and especialy rhonda and kenneth.. Hope the store gets new hires.. Not going back there again

I was at your location On IH 35 South in Austin, Texas, on Friday, July 13th. , to purchase some Catfish at the Fish Market. There was an employee there "John", who refused to get the amount I needed as he did not want to cut any more fish steaks! He stated to me that the (3) pieces he had on display, "were all he had in stock"! I had to get the store manager to have "Olivia" the supervisor of that department wait on me and get the amount I needed while "John" lied and tried to tell her < "I walked off and left the area"! I told her in front of him that "he was not telling the truth"! "John", just simply did not want to cut more fish and he tried giving me a "hard look" while Olivia waited on me! I gave him one right back and if he were working for me and did this to a customer, he would be in the unemployment line! I am a long time customer but may not be from now on due to the ill treatment I received at your Austin, Texas, location! Thank you

06/15/2012 @ approx 12:15pm @ Fiesta Mart#66 located at 333 S. Mason Rd. phone #281-599-6350 I was at the "Fish" dept upon arrival there were 2 customers waiting to be served. I noticed 6 employee's Behind the counter as we waited "ALL" employee's would look at us and go about their business. Not one asked if they could hepl us. We the customers looked at each other just amazed so many employee's and they look at us as if we don't existed! One customer left so now it leaves two customers....finally a female comes from the back and asked if I needed help. Waiting for the fish to be cleaned all one could see was the employee's joking and laughing. Some how or other my fish was handed to me by an other employee I made the remark of so many employee's and not one could wait on us....his response was " we the employees are assigned to certain duties and those assigned do not wait on customers" Hummm one would think it us the customers that pay their CHECKS and without us there is NO check!! I spoke with the manager of the dept. and also spoke to the front manager by the name of Mitch. I'm just upset due to the fact there were 5 to 6 employees behind the counter and not one could assist us. Mitch did assure me he would investigate as I left Mitch was headed for the fish dept.

I have had on 2 ocassions thefts done by walmart cashier the same cashier,The managertimothy Howell and assist mgr Rebecca took no diciplinary action on this cashier,for deliberate over charging me $18.00 1st time $20.00 second time.I have informed them both if this happens a third time ..........I will call the police amnd file criminal charges against walmart.For knowingly that one of their employees is a theif,which they have not discharged{Fired} Nor do they pursue a poloygraph of this employee if she has attempted this twice with me how many times has she gotten away with thefts where noone has caught her Randolph Rogers 8175425478 ps this lack of concern is disturbing,I hope you will consider firmer disciplinary action or the next time i will file a law suit against walmart

If you think that charging 75.00 for a 34.00 dollar gas purchase is fair the you need to know thatr after eioght years of buying your gasoline is fair then maybe you need to re-a-valuate your sales pratice. With this practice I would have to pay 100.00 dollers for a five doller puechase just to get out of your store. I understand your reason for this type of sales practice BUT, why should I be charged more for a purchase than what I have purchased??????This is your why of protecting yourself but, count me out from futher purchasing your products. You can't claim to have a full house when you only have a pair od dueces. Dumb ass. Piss poor why of doing buisiness. Make everybody guilty. Shame shame shame. Your Mother approved? then maybe your Mother was a bitch. Stupid way of treating peolple. BAD BAD BAD BAD. Right wing jerks. Who do you think is keeping you in bussiness?????????????

I am a tax preparer and I am trying to do a return for a prior employee who never received a W2. All I needed was the company's EIN (very easy number to get--it's on everyone's W2) and I get transferred from one person to another. I finally left a message and of course received no call back. Called again and was put on hold--when someone finally came on they said they were looking for it and then hung up on me. I'm sure that was a mistake, but over three hours to get the number--sounding fishy to me. Really this is the corporate office and no one knows your EIN number? I will call the IRS and get it. Should only take an hour.

I went to the Fiesta on south main in houston, I think they call that store #22 and there is this one employee there and her name badge said Khadijah. This is one of the best cashiers I have every encountered in my life. She remained cheerful the whole time I saw her and she had this bright smile that never went away. I had to give her a compliment to her manager because I have never encountered a cashier that was so happy to have that job. I really htink they should work on giving her a better position or something because I could see her as a great manager. Thanks to her this is my favorite store.

Dear Sir, I wanted to know if you can email me the "new product form"? I have different products such as X5 energy drinks (over 5 flavors), Planters® Tube Nut Variety Pack, SMART MENU™ Trail Mix Variety Pack, Nabisco® Oreo® Variety Pack, Nature Valley® Crunchy Granola Bars, and many more. I would like to discuss prices for each of the top products that are sold locally in every market. Please give me a call at 214-677-5889 or email me at conceded_saadkhan@yahoo.com Best Regards, Saad Khan

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