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seafood dept.

on 31 july 013 I ordered seafood in your store and the service was outstanding, the person whom assited me one ms. faye store168, this person made sure I understood what I was buying and cooked the seafood on site, I will always go to farmfresh because the food and service is the best in Chesapeake,va 23321. I give great thanks to ms. faye and the above and beyond service to not only me but the other shoppers also, this is an hared to find worker! thank you ollice Elliott jr

farm fresh berkley

It's 6:13 am...store still not opened to public

Bloody chicken

Farm fresh on Coliseum Dr. Sold me some bad chicken. The chicken wasn't fully cooked. I peeled back the the chicken and the chicken still had blood on the inside. The manager act like he didn't even care when I went back to the store. He didn't even apologize.

price to hi

the prices is just to hi.


why is the prices so hi at the farm fresh in berkely

the parking lot

the parking lot at farm fresh in berkely is so nesty and that pond or what ever it suppose to be.

Deli Dept. Smithfield Farm Fresh

There is a really serious problem at the Farm Fresh location in Smithfield. In their Deli Dept. the employees wear thick blue rubber gloves when washing pans, and cleaning .....just this past Sunday...I was at the Deli...she came over to take my order, and never bothered to change her gloves...she still had on the same Blue Rubber gloves that I had seen her cleaning with. She proceeded to cut the meat..and let those slices of meat fall on those dirty nasty gloves.I was sickened by this ..and refused the order. Unfortunately this happened to me about a month ago, and I reported it to one of the managers. Obviously it did not do any good...I think these employees have no regard for health and safety issues...and being in the food service business...not good. There is definitely extensive training needed in this area..with each current and new employee. I watch for these mistakes..because I have had food poisoning more times than I care to remember...and it is because of very serious mistakes like this. Also, they use the same dirty looking towel that they dip in a nasty looking bucket of water to wipe down the slicing machines then proceed to lay your meat on the slicer.... this Deli should be closed until the current employees and future employees are properly trained in safe food handling procedures.. Previous complaints to the management, obviously have not helped this situation.

motorized grocery carts

Your store at 201 liberty street in the Berkley section of Norfolk Virginia is poorly managed and losing elderly and disable customers. The problem is the cart never are charged up and working for those of us who cannot walk, therefore our only choice is to go to Food Lion where you never have to worry about a none working grocery cart. Please help us to stay in our own neighborhood and shop our neighborhood Farm Fresh.

I used to think that "Farm Fresh" was a step above "Food Lion" but have been FINALLY convinced it is the opposite. I live in VA. Whenever I go to "Farm Fresh" I feel like I AM the produce manager, telling them "this is rotting....this is going bad....there's mold on this...." I am done. Do not send coupons because I will not shop there anymore. (Smithfield, Suffolk locations in particular but generally all)

Poor quality organics

The FF @Haygood/Independence has a very poor selection of organic produce and what they DO have is usually wilted, bruised, moldy, and generally garbage. Upper management ought to take a look at their pitiful selection.

Poor service at Hampton Farm Fres

I shopped at the Farm Fresh at Fox Hill Shopping Center on April 4 in the afternoon. I was appalled at the rude customer service I received at the deli. I inquired to the female associate working there as to the cost of their fried chicken if sold individually. Her response and lack of civility was unexcusable. She acted like I was interrupting what she was doing to the manner in which she responded to me when I got ready to leave, and she was unapologetic. I'm appalled that this store employs such workers; if I was her supervisor and observed the way she provided customer service, she would have been severely reprimanded.

Deli service extremely poor

Farm Fresh, Military Hwy, across from WalMart. Went to the Deli dept. for sliced turkey, waited 20 minutes to get waited on. Nobody would make eye contact, three people working, one cooking chicken and two socializung at the fried chicken with customers, having a good time, trying free samples. I spoke up and said I had been waiting a long time. That seemed to make things worse. I was the only person there who wanted sliced meat. I an white and it was obvious I was going to wait until there was no one else to wait on first. It seemed like a black thing and I will be sure to tell a friend. The situation there sucks and my business there is over.

Passive aggressive management

Why won't the Toano Farm Fresh manager 3/24/2013 6pm answer a phone call. Mode of operation- leave you on hold long enough and you'll just give up

Farm Fresh Store Big Bethel Road

I enjoy shopping at the Farm Fresh Store on Big Bethel Road. Thank you for bringing back our top notch store manager. The outside of the store and parking lot are always very clean. The inside of the store in very clean. The lighting is great and the customer service is great. The manager is always visible and working to ensure that the store is top notch. Please don't move her to another store.

Customer Service

I have worked at your Fordam Dr. location several years ago and have always has great customer service, however, on New Years day, approximately 6:00pm I called in for 3lbs of wings, when I arrived the clerks very very nice and gave me my order. When I arrived home with the wings, my son took a bite of one ans said they were horrible. Since I had never encountered any problem in the past I also took a bite and realized right away that the oil that they had cooked them in was very bad and had a horrid stench. Not too happy but knowing that these situations can occur, I called the store and explained. The gentleman that had helped me earlier said that he would see what he could do. He came back to the phone and explained to me that yes the oil was bad but they will not change it until the morning and suggested that I go to another store.. ok so that is not the correct way to handle a situation by sending your customers to "another" store. I asked for the Manager, I was placed on hold for 10 minutes and then a Manager Jonathon answered the phone, I again explained the situation and knew that Farm Fresh cooks chicken all day long, that they certainly SHOULD have changed out their oil. He then again placed me on hold for an additonal 10-15 minutes, by that time I was fuming. Unfortuately after working at this store and being a customer for 15 years, I WILL NOT return to this store in the future. A good thing I have food lion and harris teeter nearby.

I went to the Willow Oaks Farm Fresh in Hampton on Sunday, Sept 23rd. I wanted to purchase some baked chicken. I noticed that two of the breasts contained a pocket of grease and were very dry. They were the only two available. I told the person assisting me that I would like to substitute those for two thighs since there was still a 10 minute delay in cooking a new batch. She called the deli manager, who very rudely shoved the sign in my direction and said that there could be no substitutions. I told her that I understood that; however, the breasts were Inedible. She responded that they were cooked at the same time in a rude manner, and there could be no substituttions. The young ladies behind the counter sensed my discomfort and very courteously wished me a good day as if they were trying to apologize for her behavior. Rather than respond rudely, I then walked to the front of the store. Once again, the young ladies listened courteously and called for the manager at my request. The manager did not come. They referred me to the deli manager who also could not be bothered to come again. I asked the young ladies to consider the following: suppose I had been an FDA food inspector? That response by the manager would have appeared pretty dumb. Although, I phrased it inartfully, the young assistants were so nice and tried to help. I too, have been employed as a public servants for over 37 years. As a public servant, I pride myself in being respectful and treating people with dignity. Each of the young assistants that I encountered have learned that same lesson very well and are to be commended. I suggest in the future that when those two managers are being trained in a professional development setting, you might consider hiring those special young people that I met today. The managers could really learn a lot from them. Sincerely, Mrs. G. Watson

I went to the farm Fresh on Western Branch Blvd. in Chesapeake to buy their special on toilet paper and paper towels. I got there about 11:45 am and they were out of the advertised special. They wouldn't substitute or give me a rain check--I will never shop there again. Thank god for Kroger, Harris Teeter and Food Lion!

On 6/8/11 I wrote on this comment page that no one at Farm Fresh corporate offices reads these as I was never contacted by anyone! Well, it is now another year later and I have another complaint. I would not waste my time except now I realize that other customers DO read these. That can be more effective! This morning I called the store at Chimney Hill that is across from my job and NEXT DOOR to FF corp. offices. I asked to speak to the butcher and wanted to have him grind 2 chuck roasts into hamburger for me. Today is the last day of the sale and I work from 8:30 am until at least 9pm selling cars. I was told by the butcher that he could not do that unless I was at the store to take it with me. I explained I was having someone else pick it up for me since I would not have time to do that. He said "hey, don't get mad at me, talk to a mgr!" I was not mad at HIM. Now I am. I asked to speak to the mgr. and someone named Dominic George came on the line. I could barely understand him because he spoke very low and slurry. He said if that's what the butcher said then that's the way it was. I said, aren't you the mgr.? Well, he wasn't THE mgr. He was on vacation. I then asked him for his corp. phone number. He said he did not know it! How is that? A mgr. doesn't know his own corp. #? Especially when it's right next door? I had to go online and get the number and then there was no one to speak to there. That was about an hour ago and as of yet no callback. Mind you, the employees at my store spend alot of money at this particular store. They are very lucky because it really is one of the worst FF but convenient. Food Lion and Harris Teeter do not have this no grind unless present policy and they are polite and friendly. They also call me by name at Harris Teeter. Frankly, Farm Fresh sucks. I hope to one day wean myself of the convenience of this particular store but in the meantime, I will continue to tell anyone who will listen how bad it is. By the way, I don't eat salad bar there anymore because one time when I was there the salad lady wiped excess food off counter back into food bins with a DIRTY towel!! I may or may not get a response today but I feel better for venting. I HATE being taken advantage of! Oh, and to lady who wrote about ov store and gay man, I hope you persue this as it made me sick to read it. I know just how "ghetto" ff mgrs. can get. I have witnessed it myself.

I am writing in response to Ms. Birdsong's post on 4/27/12. I personally know the manager she is talking about. She is one of the most caring, giving people I have ever met! Anyone that knows her knows that she would not profile someone because they were gay, bisexual, transgender or lesbian. It is absolutely absurd. There had to be a reason that the customer was being followed. That store has a high occurence of shoplifting and violence and she deals with it on a nightly basis. She has been threatened with knives and other sorts of violence and I would bet that the iccidents of shoplifting have decreased since she was transferred there. She has been a loyal employee of Farm Fresh for many years and I am sure was doing whatever she felt was necessary to protect the assets of the store!!

I'm sending this letter because I go to Farm Fresh about 3x a week. I will not return until the manager at the Ocean View locations is disciplined, sent to sensitivity training and attends diversity training. Further, I am contacting the Virginian Pilot to share this story. It can only be expected that your store would have a highly diverse group of shoppers. Tourists, handicapped people, old people, gay people and straight people. It is clear this customer was being followed not because he was seen stealing something but because the manager didn't like "his kind". Unacceptable. This kind of targeting of ANY individual is not only immoral, it is against the law. You must take action at once. CHristina Birdsong 256-9476 Norfolk VA A friend and LGBT ally, Melissa Richard, just shared this about her experience at Farm Fresh Ocean View. After you read, please pick up the phone and let Farm Fresh Ocean View know that this is not acceptable. OV: (757) 587-0200 and corporate: (757)306-7006 OK I just got really, really upset. Was in the Farm Fresh in OV and noticed a guy I thought (from the back) was a friend of mine, so I turned my cart and got ready to head over. Right about then, I saw a store manager following the guy...I mean, like not even trying to hide it. So, naturally, I'm intrigued and grabbing stuff for dinner as I'm following this weird duo, him apparently oblivious to this manager very obviously following him. He checked out and I was over in the produce section, still kind of watching (although I had seen at this point that he wasn't my friend but I was intrigued). What happened next made my brain implode. He paid & was heading for the door when that same manager asked to see in his bag (at this point, I should probably point out that this guy was gay, kind of flamboyant, and carrying a bag...like a man bag or something?). She said because he had a bag that it was "suspect". So, naturally (as I would have done) he gets mad! He raises his voice and says, "You think I didn't see you following me? You follow me around in here all the time!" And she says, "Why you carrying a bag in here to go shopping?" [Side note: WTF? Who cares about his damn bag?] He then says, "Oh, so because I'm a GAY man carrying a big GAY bag, you need to follow me around?" So she tells him to leave and he said, "You're going to have to call the police then, because I'm suing the shit out of this store, and you, for discrimination!" At this point, a HUGE guy steps up behind the manager, apparently a customer, and beginning posturing like he was going to jump this guy, all the while calling him a f****t. At this point, I was fuming and trying to figure out how I could help him (since I did see that manager following him) but I had my daughter with me! At this point, a security guard grabs the guy by the arm and pulls him outside the door, but instead of going back in, the manager follows him outside, pointing her finger and acting, I'm sorry, VERY ghetto..yelling and kept saying he was "suspect". Then the police arrive. The two officers split up, one talking to the guy and one talking to the manager. The general manager, a very nervous looking white guy, had come out by that point and from what I could tell was telling the manager to shut up, but she kept talking over him telling the police he "looked" like he was stealing. Um, I had seen him too....he no more looked like I was stealing than I did...or any other customer. I have a pretty big purse, too, does that mean I'm "suspect"? Because of her continued antagonizing, he kept raising his voice to defend himself. Before I knew it, this guy was cuffed against the wall! The police went through his bag....NO STOLEN GOODS. Yet they did NOT uncuff him or ask the store manager, who was obviously irate and riling everyone up, to go back in the store. So they supposedly arrested this guy for 'disorderly conduct' when the only one being disorderly was the manager? WTF?? I was pissed.... I was so mad I was shaking and was in tears by the time I went home. I'd like to call the Norfolk Police Department and offer my statement.....can you even do that? I was, honestly, terrified to get involved at the store b/c my daughter was with me and I didn't want to drag her into anything like that, but the whole situation was WRONG. WRONG WRONG WRONG. The part that ultimately turned my stomach and made me vow to NEVER go back to Farm Fresh in OV again was the comments made by EMPLOYEES while the incident was going on. I heard no less than FOUR employees, in uniform, call the man a f****t or f*g. I was horrified. I was so, SO pissed off I was shaking. The girl checking me out made a comment, so I told her nice and loud that this would be my LAST time spending my money at this store if this is how the staff treats its LGBT customers. I'm still pissed off as I'm writing this. I know that I'm straight...I know that I'll never know what it feels like to be a target or to receive direct discrimination because of how I walk, or talk, or wear my hair, or a bag I carry....but I would have hoped, in that whole store, that there would have been more people to stand up to those disgusting employees calling him a discriminatory slur. I thought we, as a human race, were really getting there. Today I saw differently. I'm calling the Norfolk PD in a bit to see if the guy was taken in, and if he was, I'm going in and giving a statement. The guy was NOT acting suspicious in any way, and from that manager's behavior and the subsequent words of the staff, it reeks of discrimination to me. I've seen guys in there with BACKPACKS on (bags much bigger than his bag), homeless-looking guys with bags, and none of them have ever been followed or accused of stealing. I'm horrified that this happened right in my neighborhood and to one of my neighbors, and I sincerely hope I can help him.

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