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May 21, 2010 at 11:30 am I pushed my cart with my selected items to the cashiers counter at the Scottsburg, Indiana Family Dollar Store. Wrote the check with a pen I grabbed from my purse. Made the comment,"Just because the ink is red, doesn't mean the check is bad." The manager told me that I'd have to write another check because the bank would not accept red ink checks. Fine. Blue ink. Hand the cashier the check and an id. Still no go because the address on the check and the id were different. But as I told her, I have purchased items in the store several times in the last several months with no problem with my id. She said it was store policy. Okay. She kept telling me it wasn't her fault and I kept agreeing with her. By now I am getting frustrated as I've written two checks so I told her to forget it. I no longer wanted any of the merchandise I had selected. Forget it. She wasnt happy, but so. I left the store, and before I reached to my car she came out the door and asked if I had something in my purse that I had forgotten to pay for. I was speechless! She said the store detective had seen me put makeup in my purse. I don't wear makeup and dont even know if I had been in the makeup aisle! Anyway she asked me to go to the back room and I emptied my purse. She finally let me go. I asked her, "After my shopping experience at your store today, do you think I will ever shop here again?" Absolutely not! I feel she was angry because I didn't purchase the items I had chosen earlier and wanted to get even with me!I have been to the Chamber of Commerce, Attorney's office, Police Department and now sending this review!

I USED to shop at the Crowley, TX store but it seems like everytime I go there they forget to put some items in the bag. I will NEVER EVER shop at a Family Dollar again. I thought it was great that they have stores like these for the less fortunate people but SOME of the people that they hire in these stores ard RIDICULOUS!!! Not to mention when I try to call the store and let them know my items are missing, they didn't answere the phone. Family Dollar just lost my business. Hello Dollar General!!!:-(

I bougt 2 (50feet)water hoses from family dollar store in Atlanta Georgia tow month ago and I repaired it 4 times they are no good

On May 15, 2010 i visited store 7051 in lumberton, north carolina. The managers on duty were very nice and they assisted me around the store. I am disabled and they were there to help me. I really did appreciate the assistance in the store. What a great mgrs. I will continue to shop at this store for now on. I asked for a comment card from the mgr, he gave me one and I asked for their names which was Tasha Hasty and Jerry Hower. Good job family dollar.

I am appauled it took your company so long to recall the plastic darts. A close friend of mine lost her 6 year old years ago due to choking on those stupid things. You were notified then of the dangers and you did nothing! If I can find a way to contact the parents of the latest victims, I assure you, they will be notified. I hope they sue and I will be the first one there along with other family and friends of the first victim, to support them.

I was in the Overland Mo location today and could not believe how unprofessional and degrading to the employees the "manager" of the store was. An employee had just walked in the door and this manager started racking her over the coals telling her she was going to write her up, while I was standing there at the register being checked out by the manager. I called up there when I got home because I was completely appalled by it. Spoke to this manager, who come to find out is already in communication classes because of previous incidents of this nature. This employee has every right in the world to sue her for this. No one should have to take that kind of treatment and be degraded in front of customers like that. The staff are only as good as their managment in ANY business. I will no longer be shopping at Family Dollar. Dollar General is closer anyway.

I stopped in the store on my way 2 do laundry. My cat needed food and I needed some tissue and dish detergent. The cashier was very rude to me. Also when I paid I asked for my change to be given to me broken up 2 tens or a ten a five and five singles. The cashier tried to act like he didn't hear me say that and another employee appearing to be a 3rd key supervisor thiught how he was treating me was funny and laughed.I love family dollar but will never go back to that one again My phone number is2194278805 in the event someone who cares aout quality customer service would like to call me

I went into one of your stores #7303 in houston texas. I was trying to go down an aisle that the cashier and a manager was on talking to two guys that was right there. When i walked up with my daughter they just looked at me when i said excuse me the cashier looked at me crazy and bearly moved so i would have to go around her when i got to the foil she was down telling the manager and the two guys something. I then went to pay and when she came over I said excuse me what is your name? She responded "why"... why do you want my name" at that point the two males and the manager walked over as the cashier started to argue with me... they came close enough to try and intimidate me at that point i sent my 8 year old daughter to the car and then I said don't worry about it... I will just call corporate... then i asked the manager "aren't you the manager and with an attitude she said yes... i told the cashier to just let me pay for my stuff and i left out to my car while i was outside the men kept walking in and out of the store making comments... this was very disturbing to me that this happened first of all in front of my child or that it even happen at all

Im in Fort Stockton, Texas, Im a customer that always likes to shop at Family Dollar, but its too hott too shop in there and to be living in West Texas. I dont believe there Air Unit is working.I even purchased several variety of chocolate candy and was melted badly I was very upset. Other than that I have no other problem with the store the Employees are very friendly and helpful, great prices on everything sold there, and a very clean store.I really think something needs to be done with the air conditioner.

I will never walk foot into the Family Dollar Store#4844 in Mason City, Iowa again! Every single time I go into that store I think to myself "who hired these people?" The customer service is horrible and the Manager is completely NOT Manager material. This visit was the last straw! 5 cashiers standing eating pizza and pop, while I wait for service at the counter, and they say to me "hang on a minute". While you stuff your face infront of the customer? I have the Manager yell across the store for somebody to check me out, just so she can stand and eat? I was in the store one day and a cashier was talking on the phone, while checking me out, and was swearing! I can't believe with all these people looking for work, they hire these people to work. Is the job pool in Mason City, Iowa that slim picken?? Seriously..your company has to think about customer service!

We recently made a bunch of purchases at our local Family Dollar [store #6910] in Metairie, La. On the back of the receipt is printed a sequence of promotional ads and come-ons, including an offer from Fast Tax [www.fasttaxweb.com] to register online to "WIN $10,000!", But it appears from Fast Tax's website and official rules that that contest closed and the prize was awarded in April 2009 (yes, that's 2009). Now that's a cheesy promotion and a timewaster!

Overall, the FDS I have visited are wonderful....but this is my third occasion visiting 4301 Statesville Road, Charlotte, NC 28269. I transferred in w/Wells Fargo from the west coast and never I have had such poor customer service as I experienced May 8, 2010. I stopped in to purchase paper goods for Mother's Day. As always, I browse the isles...I never go in and get one item or what I intend to get....I noticed a hamper, brown in color with some damage. I asked the for the mgr and the asst mgr(with her neck working) abruptly stated, "the item has to be sold for the price indicated"....Well I can understand store policy referencing damaged items, but ATTITUDE...no way. I have been in customer service with Wells Fargo Mortgage for 17 years and I Know good customer service. I have lived longer than those young ladies all huddled together near the cash register....no one on the floor to assist customers...that is a no no no......CUSTOMER SERVICE CLASS for Statesville Road....I also have noted a different mgr....that says it all right there. What is the problem. I will never visit that one again let me assure you.

I worked at Family Dollar in Lincoln for a year. Just recently the store had a bad inventory and all the employies were being interigated by corport manages. The loss prevention guy Dereck, was a compleate jurk, trying to blame the help for the stores losses, Also under investigation is the manger Chris Williams, he is the one they should be investigating, he is a crook! I was the only employer that always called him as soon as posible when ever I was sick, or needed time off. There were and are still employies there that just don't show up for days at a time. Last July 4th, Brenda called out sick, I later saw her drinking at a party and I worked her hours, and she is still in the systum. Yes, I quit my job at the Dollar Store, without giving 2 weeks notice, but I have saved Chris's ass a number of times, I think the fact that I was taked out of the systum was unfare, and the people that were steeling are still there, and still come in there, such as Chris's good friend Marion

I'm in El Paso, Texas,went to Fanily Dollar on S. Zaragosa. Was trying to do some shopping but found it very difficult because of the hollaring of obscenities being hurled from one employee to the other. Went to the front to ask for the manager to bring it to their attention, to my surprise he was one of the ones speaking like that at high voice with no regard for the customers in the store. I realize that now adays there is no regard or respect of persons, but there is still some people in this society that dont believe in using fowl language and much less in our place of employment. It's called having a modicum of class and self respect. The manager's name is Ivan Rodriguez. I will no longer be shopping at you store. Just because you offer low prices does not give your employees the right to disrespect the people that are paying their salary. You don't offer anything lower than 1 star, in my opinion that store deserves much less.

I am a professional, working in the City of Hartford, CT. I often go to the Family Dollar Store on New Britain Avenue in Hartford on my way out of the city of Hartford on my way home to the suburbs. Tonight, May 4, 2010, I left a meeting in Hartford, CT at 8:30 knowing that the Family Dollar Store on New Britain Avenue has a sign that says it closes at 9pm. I arrived at the store exactly 8:45pm. When I went to open the door it was locked, although there were customers in the store. I knocked on the glass door and asked the employee (short, black man) to open the door. He laughed at me. I stood there knowing that as soon as he got finished ringing up his customer he would have to let him out, and that was when he would let me in. When he finished ringing up the customer and opened the door to let the customer out, it was 8:50. I said, Hi it’s not 9pm and I need only 1 item, right there in front of the store. He laughed and closed the door on me with other customers laughing in the store. I was outraged! The customer that had just departed was as annoyed as I was and said that he was fed up and not going to shop there anymore because of how he saw me treated by your employee. I feel it is very important to make sure corporate headquarters of any company know what is going on in the field, although you probably already do know. I fear that because of the location of your store/s you really don’t care about what people like me have to say.. You’ll make you money off of the backs of the people in the neighborhoods of where your stores are, and I am sure this is probably going on deaf ears and that this must happen all the time to the people in the neighborhoods of where your stores are because your employee was most comfortable having fun, being lazy about serving me, your customer. I will NEVER step foot in your store again, and although it may not matter to you (or the short, little black employee who would not let me shop in your store within your posted store hours) you have not only lost a good customer, but word of mouth is more powerful than you know. I know you will continue to enjoy taking advantage of those folks in your neighborhood who can’t shop elsewhere, but fortunately for me I was able to go to another store and pick up what I needed. Shame on you!

Bought a $1 birthday card which is encased in cellophane or plastic and has to be opened by cutting with scissors. When opened, there was just a card and no envelope. This is unusual as I have purchased many of these $1 cards. Nonchalantly I took the card to the Family Dollar #2225 and expected no problem in asking for one of their regular envelopes which is located in the .50 cent section (which are always mixed up). To be concise, the salesgirl called Sherrie? said I could not take an evelope and was rather insolent and refused to give me her last name. I asked to see her supervisor and she said she was the supervisor. Tried to explain to her that it was not my fault if in packageing one card slipped through the process. I have always considered Family Dollar to be one of my favorite stores in our small town and buy many of my paper goods and cleaniang supplies there. It is not the amount of money, but the principle which really irritates me plus the additude of the clerk. Joan Robichaud -Robyjo103@Verizon.net

I always shop in family dollar I find the best deals for my house hold items and everything else I need I dont always like going to big stores and if you have the same thing at a lower price then the choice is obvious and I do comparison shop thank you always family dollar

I went to get my dogs treats because I shop at this store atleast 3 times a week. There was 2 cases of treats marked with stickers taht said they were only $.85 a bag (2 cases now) however when I got to the register they rang up as $3.00. I told the lady that was working the register to please look at the price sticker she then made me feel like I was stupid. She started yelling to the back of the store where another lady who worked there was located. The other worker then came up. Once the first lady told her the problem the second worker went back and seen they aere all marked as $.85 but because her little price gun said $3.00 she refused to give me the $.85 price. Needless to say they were very very rude and I did not buy the treats. I spend an average of $50 every time I go in there. I will never go in there again. I did ask for the info of some one I could contact and they did not want to give me this information I had to wait 15 minutes. I cant believe a store could let such rude ignorant people in the store to work.

I had gone to family Dollar store in Houston TX off Belfort and Broadway, I bought some mascara, when I got home later that evening I noticed it wasn't in the bag, I was very up set, I felt cheated. I did not go back right away because of my schedule, however, when I did make it back to the store where I spend more than $30.00 at a time, I approached the young girl who rang me up and explained to her what happen. Instead of her apologizing, I was not rude, eye to eye I explained to her, I paid for a item she rang up, I wasn't asking for the item because it took so long for me to get back and I did not have the purchase recite with me. Instead of her saying I am sorry that happen mama, I don't know could have happen let me talk to the store manager and let me see what we can do, or let me take your information I will call corporate and see what we can do she didn't do any of that. Instead she started get rude and insulting as if it was my fault she did not place my items in my bag I trusted her to do that she started talking down to me as if she had a right. I was hot fit to be tied. This is my first step in my rebuttal to what happen to me 1 month ago, I forgiver her, however, something won't let me forget . I must report it. My rating on their problem solving is poor..

Family Dollar on Hively and Prarie in Elkhart, Indiana. The cashier Jessica, was extremely rude. When I approached the cashier with my purchase she rang me up and the entire time sat talking with the other cashier. Her back was turned to me and she held out her hand for the money without even telling me what I owed. I stood there for a while waiting for her. She finally turned around to see why I hadn't put the money in her hand. I asked her how much it cost, and she told me. I gave her the money and she resumed talking to the other cashier. She didn't tell me thank you for your service, tell me how much change I was supposed to get or anything. I don't know what's worst, Her being rude to me, or the other cashier that didn't seem to think she was doing anything wrong. I go to this store a lot and was very upset about the service I recieved. It's sad that there are so many people who are looking for jobs and this company is hiring these rude and incredibly inconsiderate people. Judging by the other reviews I am thinking that this company looks for the grumpiest and most insolent people they can find to work their stores.

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