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I go to this store (Illinois/Westmoreland,Dallas,Tx.75211)occasionally,I have acquaintances nearby that I visit 2x a month.Two of the last three times thet I've been to this store , I have been verbally abused by another customer (same customer)for no reason.This customer has caused a problem both times with an employee there, when no problem exists! I asked the employee today,shouldn't he make a complaint to the police. He said they have been told by corporate to tolerate this particular customer,because she is making lots of problems and saying that they discriminate aginst her! If I would have had time,I would have called the police myself! I am concerned that there will be a tragedy one of these days ,triggered by that person. Looks like she's trying to find a reason to sue Family Dollar!!

Donna was very rude, agrumentive, had no desire to do her job. She provided the worse service that I have received in awhile. When I walked in the store she didn't speak and no one was in the line. When I finished shopping and it was time to check out for what ever reason your system would not take off the amount of 1.00 off the 2.00 toothbrush asked her why and thats when stated don't know why i just work here. I asked for the number of the corporate office so that i could make my compliant she refused to provide, as well as was told that i could contact whom ever it dont matter to her. She spoke like she owned the store and couldnt lose her job or no recourse would happen to her. Even as I was leaving out the store she was still arguing to get the last word. I really don't appreciate being treated in such a manner, when i told her that she was beng rude her response was that she could be rude if customer is being rude, I whole heartly disagree with that and told her that she needs to be more professional, regardless of the situation. She felt that I was being rude because I did not want all household cleaning products in one sack along with everything else that i purchased. Also she had a problem with rapping candles in paper so that they would not break on the way home. I can be reached @ 8176837768 VERY UPSET AND DISAPPOINTED WITH SERVICE RECEIVED!!!!!! 7/12/10

We live in Lawton, OK. and live just around the corner from Family Dollar on Sheridan RD. and have been going to this store for over a year now,and everytime we go in the store clerks and mgr.stand around and do nothing.They leave boxes unpacked just sitting in the isles so you have to go through a maze to find anything.We go in there and there are boxes of stuff out from two truckloads before. They just hang stuff on the wall and the price says one thing but when they ring it up it's totaly different.The employees are rude and sloppy not only in the way they keep the store but in the way they dress and present themselves.We have talked to the district mgr. and it did no good.When we went in the store today,we found out we were banned from the store for arguing with the mgr. about the price on the phone!!!.She told the district mgr.(I don't know if I can legaly put his name on here)that we were cusing her out and she wanted us banned.So we found out today that this district mgr. does not care about his customers,the way his stores look, or how his employees treat their customers. I really would like to talk to somebody in charge and who cares about how bad people are treated at this store and the image they are giving all of you're stores.Please contact me at cody4506localnet.com And just so you know,we are not the only ones having serious problems with this store.Thank you and have a blessed day,Piper Accettella. PS.We talked to the district mgr. by phone and he lifted the ban,but unless something is done we won't go back,and we do spend alot of money in that store.But we can drive a little further and go someplace else.

It would be nice to get my reimbursement money sometime this year its been a month ??????

I happen to work at a Family Dollar store and after reading the comments on this page I feel the need to make my own.We see hundreds of people walk through our doors everyday.And for the most part people are very friendly.on the other end thou some are not,we focus on making every customer feel important at least in my store,but we also get customers who try to take advantage of this.We work on average six days a week and are limited in payroll.We try to greet every customer with a hello and a smile, how hard would it be to expect the same things back from our customers and for the most part we get it.No one should be treated with disrespect and just because we have a name tag on doesnt mean we are not human and dont deserve the same respect back.I have had customers children pea on my floors,and not say anything,a customer crap all over the floor and wall and not clean up after themselves in my restroom,and a customer crap her pants and proceed to walk throughout the store leaving a trail everywhere she went. so the complaints work both ways, so maybe if we would all be not so selfcentered maybe treating others the way you would want to be treated the world would be a better place.

I went into the Family Dollar store in Hill Top Plazza, in Clovis, NM 88101. and the store MGR was checking me out, and she never has a smile , and she told me my amount, in a very rude way. I did tell her a few things, and she not once had the guts to look me in the eye, I told her I will never come in this store again. I don't get it, sometime these people are nice, but then that stupid MGR is always the same. Don't you guys have a district MGR, who stays on top of things. Barbara Oree

i really don't know how to reach corporate. they seem to be a seperate entity. i would like them to know ,however, that the new extended hours are hard on my family. i have my mother in law ,91, who lives with me, and my husband is often out of town. my employees rarely get to see their family's . we are haveing a very hard time , trying to deal with these new hours. i would like to see some demographics done. there is nothing but seniors and snow birds in this town, except for summer. if corporate is real and is listening, i hope they listen to this. yours julia 5215

I'm in Shelby NC, and everytime I go in the Family Dollar store located on Lafayette St., ran by a blk lady you can get no help because she the manager is aaaaaaaaaaalways on the phone always. I'm thinking coporate needs to run a phone record check on that one and I bet it's not business. Heck i'm in there about 4days out the week and it's a sad dirty store. AND OMG there is also NO air conditioning in the store so you cant stay in there long because you will be in a pool of your own swet before you leave. I have seen the manager sittin down, I have heard her on the phone complaining of being tired, she's yelled while on the phone about her husband bringing food before.. I mean OMG who does the hiring for Management? Can I get a Job?

Family Dollar in Smyrna, DE is the worst store I have ever shopped at! All the employees including the store manager (excluding only one employee)are the most ignorant people I have ever met! Its really a sad shame because out of all the employees, there is one who is very kind and friendly. I visited the store for the last time today and the customer service skills were very poor. These people won't even help you if you need assistance to find something. I will give some examples of just what I'm talking about. Today, I went to Family Dollar and there was this customer who was in a wheel chair who had a couple of bags. When it came time for her to leave the store, none of the employees would even open the door for her so I stepped out of line and opened it for her. When it was my turn to check out, the cashier rung my things up, bagged them, and told me how much I owed but, after I paid her, she would not give me my bag instead I had to walk around and grab it from the bagging station. The other cashier was just standing next to my cashier gossiping. Worst of the worst is the store manager! How he was able to secure such a position beats me. Most of the time when I go to Family Dollar all I ever see him do is chain smoke outside. The few times he rang me up at the cash register he was very mean, inpolite, and just plain ol' ridiculous! No one ever greets the customers as they come inside the store. I have spoken with other customers at the store and we all seem to have the same complaints. One customer said everytime he comes to the store, one of the employees makes fun of him because he has down syndrome. How ignorant and rude! I am officially finished with Family Dollar! I will never shop again at any Family Dollar especially the Smyrna, DE store! Instead, I will be shopping at Family Dollars' competition - Dollar General store - not only are the employees professional, kind, and willing to assist me but, they are a lot cheaper then Family Dollar!

2 strikes...you're out! Who needs a third strike to leave this company alone for good!?! As if my mother falling out of a chair she purchased from Family Dollar wasn't bad enough just days ago, yet another bad experience occurs. I'm so frustrated after my recent encounter at Family Dollar store #1379 @ 674 N. Alexander Ave. in Port Allen, Louisiana. My mother who is 63 and sickly visited the store which she patronized often until this incident to pick up a few items before heading home. After paying for her items, she realized she had forgotten to pick up an item so she asked the manager where the item was and asked the cashier if he can keep her bag until she returned. Upon returning to the register and paying for the merchandise, she realized her bag was missing. The cashier said he didn't notice that it was missing so my mom looked out of the door and asked the 2 customers that was still in the parking lot if they accidently picked up the bag. She then returned to the counter where the cashier was to ensure that none of the other employees had moved the bag. Once they realized the bag was gone, she was told there was nothing they could do about it and that she'd have to repurchase the items. When I noticed how long my mom was taking in the store, I went in to find the store manager, Susan speaking in a tone I didn't approve of toward my mother. If my mother left the bag in the cashier's possession, how is the store not liable? It was only $10 of merchandise. While the $10.05 loss was annoying, the biggest problem was how my mother was treated. One would think that given the circumstances, that would definitely be a small price to pay for a valued customer. But then, I guess she wasn't valued afterall. I'll be filing a formal complaint with the corporate office on tomorrow since they had already left for the day by the time we made it home. Susan had apparently contacted the district manager via phone, who asked if we wanted them to call the police for us. It's amazing that stores like Family Dollar still doesn't realize the importance of customer service, with a company like Walmart waiting to devour them. I can assure you that we will NOT spend another dollar in Family Dollar if corporate does not resolve this matter in a way that my mother does not come out on the losing end. As for Susan, I would seriously recommend some management classes. I'll admit that I did speak to her in the same tone that she spoke to my mother and I, which was in an elevated tone, but never should a manager resort to speaking in a disrespectful tone to a customer. And they DEFINITELY do not initiate the hostility. I'm a sane person so there was no problems beyond the verbal conversation. However, in this day and time, you CAN NOT get into a verbal standoff with a customer, as you can put not only yourself in harms way, but your employees and customers. I pray that she get's the training she needs to effectively do her job. More importantly, I hope corporate office does something about this issue. I do not wish for anyone to lose their job as times are hard. But she definitely need to value not only her customer's, but her job more than she does at this point.

In March 2010 Superior,Arizona opened up the first dollar store and the whole towm was so excited. I am a frequest visitor to the Family Dollars stores, along with my mom and sisters. We were exstatic when this store opened up in our little town. I am here to tell you that if you want you store in Superior to be a success you need to have a serious talk with your manager. A week ago my sister, her daughter and my mom stopped by the store, around 6pm, her grandchildren fell asleep in the back seat. In Arizona it is still hot and the sun is still out until 8pm. She parked at the east end of the front of the store and the manager was wetting down the west side when she asked my sister to move her car to the west side so she could wet down the east side. My sister said she did not want to move her car because then the kids would be in the sun and her mom and daughter would be right out. Manager told her, then dont be mad when or if i wet you car so please move. My sister told her no, she is not going to park in the sun with her grandchildren in the car and said she was being very rude to her. She told her that she shouldnt be so rude to customers and why couldnt wait for her to leave so she could wet the sidewalk and parking lot down. She said no she needed to do it now and if she didnt like it to move. My sister told her she was a very frequent customer of the store and she shouldnt treat customers that way, she speads alot of money there and would appreciate it if she wouldnt be rude. Manager told her she didnt care how much money she and her family spent there and she didnt need stupid people like her in her store. My sister asked her name and her position she said she was the store manager and she didnt care if she reported her. It was her store and she would do what she wanted to. By the way she was anglo and my family is hispanic. The last thing the Family Dollar francise needs is to have someone accuse one of their stores of being prejeduice. The fact that she told my sister she did not need stupid people like her in her store makes me think that is a posibility. We just want someone to take resposibility for haveing a manager that has no people skills.

Family Dollar, Honeoye Falls, N.Y. June 6, 2010 at 18:35:55 (for exact time) Tonight, for the second time I have been waited on by a chshier (I believe she's a manager)talking on her cell phone; The same cashier both times. This is very unprofessional!The woman in front of me looked totally disgusted and I don't blame her. Why is this tolerated? I cannot be the first person to complain about this. If I've had this experience twice, I'm sure there are others that have witnessed this. I was tempted to confront her and tell her how unprofessional she is. Please address this situation with this particular store.


i wrote a review 2 days ago and it just happens not to be here. the employees are rude and disrespectful and know nothng about customer service. they are being robbed blind by there employees and i only say this to say that i dont know how much longer the store located on tc jester at littleyork in houston texas can stay in business at the rate the asst. manager with the tattoos on her face and the other employees under her are stealing. the store is very conveniently located and the prices are very reasonable. i would hate to see them go out of business due to the untrustworthy employees.

Well, most of everything we are reading complains of customers to store employees, this is going to be different, I was a store manager, I got fired, I worked big time for the company, the only thing to say it's that we are been treat like slaves, our AOM, PM and CTM doesn't have the education needed to treat us, they threat you by terminate you if things are not right, managers work over 60 hours and under salary there is nothing you can do, salary means to work everything by your self, open, close, run registers, sweep, mop, unload the trailer, process freight, work more than 56 hours a week, cover vacations because you dont get the credit enought to cover it, it comes out of your budget, need to clean restrooms, being a store manager means all this when in other places store manager means to manage only the store, manage employees. Family Dollar it's a good company but it's been manage by the wrong hands: District Managers, Performance Manager, RVP, LP the 4 steps cover their backs. There's no way you can touch them because your calls get block and they actually don't investigate was going on at this level. Think Twice when working for FDS. probably will end up like me, living in a store leaving everything a side, family, friends, own time.

I went to my local family dollar earlier today and when at that the register some of the employees were standing at the register one of which was a mannager alking about smoking pot. Then I return to the outside an as I step out the door the sent of marijuana wold about knock you down, it was very strong. I personally think that Family Dollar need to drug test thier employees at the Chapmanville W.Va. store. This isn't something that he customers wants to see, hear or smell when shopping in thier store.

I sent a message earlier....based on all these comments I just read you all have a lot of work to do,,,in the mean time until I see an improvement at that Camp Springs, Maryland, Padgett Corner store on Allentown Road, I will be doing most of my shopping at Target..........You need to hire more professional managers who really love with they do and more staff, and it seems like you all are not paying your staff properly thats why the turnover is so drastic. You pay for you get......And stop firing the good managers.............I wish that manager that was there from 2007 - 2008 was still there, she was a lady in her late 40's to mid 50's don't know her name, but that was the biggest mistake you allowed your district manager to do.....

2-3 weeks ago i wrote to inform you of substandard conditions at the store in charlotte hall md.especially since a dollar general store was going to open in 2 weeks,which is less than 100 yards away. i was in the store on thursday 5/25 and saw great improvement.store was neat and clean-floors finally waxed.it was greatly improved on their in stock position. i hope they have a sense of urgency in keeping it this way as dollar general will take their lunch. by the way,dg opened on friday 5/28. thank you neil crowley

I would like to acknowledge the excellent customer service I received from Heide Johnson in regards to an $8 item that I had purchased which failed shortly after purchase. Heide promptly answered my email regarding the problem and quickly forwarded my claim to the manufacturer where the item was quickly replaced. I work in manufacturing where our end customer product would cost thousands of times more than my $8 claim. I only wish my customer service departments had the same sense of urgency and customer satisfaction that Heide showed for my $8 item! Thank you Heide Johnson!

I went into your Sidney, NY store to make my regular purchases. The cashier refused to double bag so I called over John who approved the double bagging. When my purchase was completing the cashier cursed me out then PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED ME by punching me in the back!!! I am on the phone with the corporate office now and then am going to my local police department to press assault charges! THIS IS HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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