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Wow incredible I logged onto this site to find out the Corporate Headquarters Address to mail in a complaint along with a phone call that I made and to my surprise I found numerous complaints about Family Dollar similar to mine. Rude employees, bad customer service, etc. Being that most of the reviews on this site are complaints, It makes me believe this type of behavior has gone on for a long time and not been addressed.ARE THE CUSTOMERS NOT IMPORTANT TO FAMILY DOLLAR. And more mind boggleing his type of behavior seems to happen in many different states. How Can all the employees have the same type of maneurisms and how can a corporation like Family Dollar allow such disrespect towards their customers to take place? I think we should all take a stand and report them too the Better Buisness Beureau. I sure am and I am going to the news also. Someone has to take a stand.

I have a hard time shopping in the Family Dollar in Burbank, IL. The staff is courteous but that is not the problem. The problem is the lack of air conditioning. It is over 90 degrees outside and the store has no air. I was told by the manager that there is a work order. The air has been out all summer. How long does a work order take to fill? I feel for the employees that have to sweat like pigs and still be polite to the customers. A hard task to complete. This has to be unsafe for employees and the customers.

Family Dollar store on Airport Road in Allentown PA The Store Manager parks her car right in front of the door every time she is working - this should be reserved for customers. It gets even worse she has a hat in the back window with a skull face and two hands with the middle fingers up. So every person that walks into that store gets to see her display. I think a firing is in order for her. Where is the district manager that oversees this store?

Virtually everything that my family has purchased at Family Dollar has been good. What I have found frustrating today is the job application for a part-time clerk job at Family dollar. The 24 pages of redundant and, in my opinion, stupid questions really upset me. I feel as if I took a psychological profile, or filled out an application for "Shrinks Inc!" How in the world do my answers to these questions affect my ability to work? Along the same lines, how does my credit rating affect my ability to work? Perhaps if I had a job, and could pay my bills in a more timely matter, my credit wouldn't be so bad. The whole application process has left a somewhat sour taste in my mouth. I am a mature adult, not some 16 year old punk who would steal you blind. Although I would consider working for you, this process has really left a sour taste in my mouth. ---Just a thought. As a teacher with many years of experience, I was never asked any of these ridiculous questions on any of the applications for teaching that I have ever filled out, including the ones that I have filled out in the last few months. Sincerely Mark Shogan

I recently went to the Family Dollar in New Bedford Massachusetts and the manager was very rude to me. She was also rude to my children!! I work for a living and pay my taxes and I should NOT be treated like a pile of garbage. I am always complimented on how well behaved my children are and I make sure they are on their best behavior when going anywhere. She walked up to my children and told them that this isn't a theme park and they needed to be left at home if this is how they behave!!! My youngest is 5 and my oldest is 11...she should have talked to ME not to my children if she had a problem. Also she came up to me and stated my children messed up one of her shelves and that either I or my children needed to go fix it...I know my children didn't do it they were with me. Also who is she telling me I need to go clean something up that she gets PAID to do!! I usually shop here a lot and I think from now on I'm just going to find another store.

The side of the Family Dollar on Gallatin Avenue in Uniontown PA is the view from my front porch. Pigs run this store. The weeds are knee-high and no one does any outside maintenance. It's my understanding that there is no money for this type work. The workers must account for every minute they spend on the clock. Please! This corporation can't afford $20 a week for routine weed-wacking and sweeping?

This is a different complaint about Family Dollar. I am a concerned mother of a family dollar employee. I applaud the FDS for trying to give jobs to the community, but not at the expense if one our children lose thier life. I have been in a couple of your stores before my family member became an employee. On those occasions that I frequented your FDS, most of the shelves had little or nothing on them. I was very upset about this and couldn't understand what was going on in the store. My family member has since been employed in your stores and on my visits to your FDS where my family is working, I observed people coming into your stores every minute on the minute just out-right robbing the store of your products. My concern is that you have put these stores in the heart of the Ghettos of Brooklyn, NY with no security system in place. Your employees are literally fending and fearing for their lives. My family member was attacked by a thug robbing your store and had to call the police. There is so much the police can do if the thugs have done their damage and left the store. I want the Family Dollar Corporation to know that if they don't take heed to these violent actions against their employees, I will take action against FDS. Our children don't need to lose their lives unnecessarily protecting themselves or your products from the thugs in these ghetto stores that you have created. I will be sending this comment to the NYS Attorney General and to the "NEWS" stations in New York. PUT SECURITY IN YOUR STORES BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. Your stores could be alot better managed if your employees are working in a fearless atmosphere. I am starting my crusade today because I fear for my family member and the employess of your dynasty.

I live in Cornell, Wisconsin our Family dollar is the best. It really helps to shop there as the prices are lower than anywhere else in Cornell. We are a small community and don't have big box stores like walmart etc. The Family Dollar even takes food stamps which helps out even more. The manager there Renee she is very friendly and makes a person feel great when they come to her store. The people she hires are also great. I have nothing but nice things to say about the Family Dollar.

The store on west edison in tulsa locks the doors at 8:45 every night . Always hear the manager complaining about having to do anything besides standing by the registers even if the line is very long .

On 06/27/2010 around 4:20 p.m. my mom and I visited the local Family Dollar near her home. Normally we are greeted when we walk in, but this particular cashier name Martha did not even part her lips to greet, or even give eye contact,it's not like she was busy. Once my mom got all of her items together and went to the counter Martha was engaged in a conversation with another employee in which she continued to talk while ringing up mystill did not acknowledge her, but continued a conversation with someone else while ringing the items up. This was not only rude, but unacceptable when you are spending money. It's customers like my mom and others that allows this young lady to even have a job. How hard is it to speak to someone, or even be courteous. Are you guys employing dim-witted people? Please help me get this resolved. I hope someone speaks to her. The manager Mr. Royce sure actede as if he did not care and rushed me off the phone. They all should go to a CUSTOMER SERVICE CLASS to get re-trained. A.Arceneaux 832-887-9531

The store on Veteran's Memorial in Houston, Texas a/c units were stolen and this company did not purchase new units for the employees but made them work in the heat until the store manager fell sick from heat exaustion. This company has not provided them with security which they obviously need because of the many store robberies that have taken place. This is a national company that has very little regard for loyal employees who risk their lives in many ways to work for them.

Just wondering if it might not be a good idea to let people know that you do address these issues that are listed here. All I see is complaints with nothing to say that the situation was investigated or addressed. As a stock holder, I would be pleased to at least see a date that the issue was addressed, investigated, and resolved. If not, I just assume that nothing was done besides giving people a place to gripe, which in turn, makes me want to avoid the store. We have both a Familly Dollar and a Dollar General in our little town and the competitor has extended hours as it is. As an investor and a customer, I would like to know that these complaints were indeed, being addressed. Thank you.

I recently purchased several cans of your Automatic spray air freshner refills for my Lysol Air Freshner unit. Come to find out that the can is not tall enough as the plunger that comes down to depress the nozzle at the top of the can does not come down far enough. So what I ended up doing is drawing a circle using the bottom of the can on top of a piece of 1/8" of carboard and cutting it out and placing at the bottom of the canister as it sits inside the unit and IT WORKS!!!!!Just thought I'd let you know. Thanks Ned Braun PH#1-614-759-7935 PS: Your products are great and very reasonable in price!!!

The managers in Norwood Mass are rude, abrupt and unprofessional. They advertise things on sale and when I bought it they said NO you pay regular price and they snatched the ad from my hands. The Manager Harris said that he will send me replacement in the mail and he never did. I also went to return things , brand new, never used, with reciept a week later and they took money off because they didn't know why. I will be waiting for a response and if not I will take them to court and then they will learn there lesson.

I had a really bad experience in the yonkers NY store today and want to bring it to your attention. I am a faithful Family Dollar shopper but will never set foot in your store again. Today i was asked to leave a bag containing a sandwich and a juice at the front of the store. I explained to the guy i didn't feel comfortable leaving my food while i shopped. He didn't say anything but followed me the entire time i was in the store. As i was leaving the store he grabbed my bag and told me i had to empty the bag. I told him he didn't have to grab my bag as i would not steal from his store. He then called over another employee who was very rude and disrespecful, even becoming racial as she made fun of my Barbadian accent and told me "this is America." I always shopped this store even though the staff was aways very unprofessional. After my experience today i will find somewhere else to shop, and tell anyone who would listen how i was treated. I hope this will be addressed as i will be awaiting a response. Thank you.

i was charged 5 cents deposit for a product that does not require a deposit in the state of mass.when i told the cashier that there no deposit on this item and it was against the law. he argued with me.after other people in the store got on my side, he gave me my deposit back, so people check your slip and make sure your not being charged a deposit on items that don't require one

I want someone at the corporate office to tell me why there is no air conditioning on at store #6829 in St.Louis? Customers are hot in the store. The temps out side were over 90 degrees. Now you know that the temps inside the store were well above that. We will protest that store because there are blacks working at that store. They need to get a lawyer and sue.

Store #4367 on 06/14/2010 at 11 AM. As I was being rung out by a tall, thin young man, he barely mumbled something to me and I said,'Excuse me.". He flew into a rage and shouted the amount at me. Are your cashiers so ignorant that they cannot speak clearly the first time? Usually they are polite and wish you a good day. After his tirade he didn't even answer me at all. I have no intention of patronizing a store with such an employee there.

I shop often at the Family Dollar Store at 2311 Argilite Road, Flatwoods, KY 41139. The store is clean on the inside, merchandise is displayed nicely, and the clerks are very polite and helpful. BUT the outside of the building is always dirty, trash litters the front and dirt is on the walkway. It would only take a few minutes to clean this mess up. I have never seen the exterior in a clean state. Please ask your employees to present a better store front to the public.

absolutly the rudest employee. i cannot beleive they keep her around. after my experiance today there i will take my business to dollar general. i am talking about the store in moab, utah.

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