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Worst Company !!!!!!

This company does this cause they are the only source of power for Flordia I intend on printing all these posting on the bad reviews of this company and sending it to the governor and mayor of Miami,FL this has to stop.

Worst company ever I hate...customer service they don't know anything when you call.. I being living in Florida for one year and I have to say there is no stated like NY...

Worst Power and Light Company

Billing erroneously and continuously. Can you imagine those grannys and gramps living in Fl who get rip off by this company and end up not having power because of this company negligence. Why Florida allowing bunch of rip off companies and businesses stay in business for a very long time? They don't even deserve one star, unfortunately in order for your comment to be posted you must rate the company :(

Street Light in Alleyway shining into home

For 3 months I have been trying to resolve and issue with a street light that is placed in an alleyway, a nuisance, because it is shining directly into my home and backyard. I have been lied to, transferred, received letters that the issue was resolved, supervisors calls and nothing has been done. Now my calls are not even returned.

I think this movie was over-hyped which left me a bit underwhelmed. I wish I had seen it wihtout any idea of what it was about and wihtout hearing the critical acclaim, but what ya gonna do? I had very similar thoughts as you did. One significant thing that I wish would have been done differently is her decision to keep the baby. I felt like her only basis for her decision was that she didn't like the feel of the abortion clinic. No struggle. No debate. Which (for me) takes away from it being a pro-life movie. But I was entertained to say the least, and I do appreciate the depiction of the struggle that infertility brings (and I guess you could throw in divorce there, too). One quote from Juno I think you could use to create some good discussion: I just need to know if it's possible for two people to stay happy together forever, or at least for a few years.

Thank you for participating in this heiarng and articulating so well the issues facing people using MSP. The level of confusion is high around enrollment and retention, as well as access to care for many of publicly funded programs. Increasing barriers as these changes would seems imprudent and could certainly compromise the Commonwealth's promise of health care for all.

being over charged by 3.00 for outside light, the superviser said the 3.00 charge was tax... really??????? it's not made of gold !!!!!!!

almost four years ago when I loar my health, FPL shut off the power. Good luck to all you fat cats who get richer off the interest on the funds people donate every month beliving that they are helping someone dealing with hardships pay their electric bill. Thank God for good neighbors who let you use their freezer and also their computer to sound off.

Twice now the automatic payment system has retained my previous method of payment and charged the wrong account. FPL then adds insult to injury and charges me a bounced check fee (although my bank clearly saw their mistake and didn't charge me, thankful to BOA for backing me up as a customer). FPL will not refund their fees and will now only accept cash on my account, even though it was their error. Must be nice to have a monopoly and no one in Florida monitoring you to make sure you are treating your customer's fairly or working within your tariff. Shameful!

I paid via bill pay and called to check and saw FPL did not create my account. FPL couldnt find it, Wells Fargo said they sent it. I had to take more cash out to pay at a station so the payment wouldn't be late. After 7 phone calls between FPL and my bank, we found it went to the wrong account number. Now I have to wait two weeks for $267 because they are mailing a check. Why can't they just rewire the money back to Wells Faro? We live in a technology age and they are writing me a check? How caveman! They received the money via electronic transfer from my bank so why cant they rewire it back? Also, why does it take two weeks to send a check? If I took too long they would cut my power but they can seem to take forever to get you a refund - maybe they have monkeys writing the checks and mailing them out? Wish Floridians would get together and lobby for a competitor - then FPL would give us better service.

I purchased a home in Brevard County in late March, 2011. Still residing in Maryland for 2 more months, I established an ongoing, on-line bill pay for FPL. Having lived in FL many years ago, and having a good (albeit old) track record with FPL, I was not charged a deposit. Without a bill forwarded to MD, I began to pay $100/mo.; more than an adequate amount for an unoccupied single-family house. The address I was given to submit bill payment to was in Juno, FL. I have continued to pay my monthly bills, always prior to the "due date", for the past year. For some reason, I NEVER received any kind of notification that the Juno address is NOT where payments are to be submitted. However, after one year of sending my monthly payments to the Juno address, I received a monthly statement indicating I had a previous balance representing the entire amount for the previous month. Knowing I have the payments routinely paid via my bank, and somewhat confused, I called FPL. The customer rep was very nice and helpful - but, we were both shocked to find out I had been successfully sending monthly payments to Juno, but, in reality, payments are received (only?) in Miami. While the rep was on the phone with me, I changed my bank online bill pay address for FPL from Juno to Miami. I had called to find out WHY FPL had not received my March payment (my bank had cyber-sent it! - and, it was debited from my account). I ended up with a Final Notice, and Shut-off notice following an extension (2 week) that the rep suggested would give me and the bank time to "figure it out". I did not REQUEST the extension....but, curiously, I received a survey call concerning my "request for an extension"!!!! I did NOT request one - it was suggested to me by the rep. No appropriate "categorization" was available for the survey to reflect anything other than I HAD REQUESTED (read "needed") an extension. I hung up. After three visits to my bank, and several phone conversation with (always different) customer reps at FPL, I ended up paying the "previous balance" AGAIN, stopped payment on the disbursal FPL avows was never received, and - HERE'S THE GOOD NEWS - my power was NOT interrupted. The following week, though, I received in the mail a bill for $194 representing a deposit now being required to cover approximately 2 months of electric service. I would have gladly and easily converted the routing of my FPL payments from Juno to Miami - IF ANYONE HAD SO INDICATED. I never received any notification of Juno being an incorrect site for payment receipt - not by phone, mail or e-mail!!! AND, why were a YEAR'S worth of payments recv'd in Juno (without notification to me)? Now that I have had to research this entire bill history, I've noticed I accrued several late fees; obviusly because the Juno payments were forwarded to Miami on an untimely basis. Still, no notifications from FPL. Hmmmmm. I guess they just took the money and ran, so to speak. Or do they think I regularly send payments late? No one in Juno paid attention to the date recieved or posted their receipt of the payments WHEN they were received in Juno. AGAIN.....no notification from FPL that I'd been sending payments to the wrong address. FOR A YEAR!!!!! HELLLLLLOOOOO!!!! I am currently planning to drive the 130 miles to Juno, to the FPL Headquarters (apparently, that what's happening in Juno!?) to find someone, in person, who can clear up this mess, clean up my credit slate, and APOLOGIZE to me. And then, the 130 mile drive back home. I'm sixty years old and need their company's faults, foibles and inadequacies like I need to spend 260 miles worth of gas money.

Fpl so disgusted me I paid my bills three day ago I still don't have my power back on its been 72 hours they give 48 hours so how come I have to wait for 72 hours what the hell is that I do not understand this shit. If any one read that can you tell me why is that cause I'm lost. I'm gonna call a lawyer maybe this madness can stop with this stupid company.

I really cannot speak as a user of FPL services, never having lived in the State, yet have been billed by their rude collection arm for hundreds of dollars and threatened with credit besmirchment. While there are hundreds of persons by my same name, obviously after reading the terrible behaviour in the reviews posted by those fallen victim to this monopoly, may I make a suggestion. The one weakness is that it will take a number of those abused who are residents of the State of Florida, banded togther in a class action suite, looking each other up, also placing letters to the editor, and these publically asking your elected officials to represent your interest before the Federal regulatory agency overviewing this utility. Further, with this being an election year,in your own self interest irregardless of your party affiliation, this being a matter the President readily can solve, bluntly state in all your communications that your vote, because of this authoritive effect on your lives will be for or against any candidate according to their helpful efforts. Also do a bit of research by looking up on your computer the committee assignments on which your elected representative serves and percent of support he or she receives from the utility people. It can be found by your research. Turn the tables ariund. Raise hell instead of being yourself treated hellishly. Who am I? The wife of a New York State retired official Colonel Ray Ward aged 93, in his day high on the tottem pole, today respected for his books on the birth of this country and sacrifice of our citizen-soldier population to keep us free. He angers aboutood people being pushed. In your own interest, announce publically your vote will go to who so ever stops this abuse. Contact media such as Fox, the Wall Street Journal. use people finder to locate persons with Florida residence.

I am sick to death of dealing with FPL, it is always something! Me my husband 4 kids and grandson recntly moved into a new home, I transferred ourr service online and assumed everything was fine. Come home today, after 1 month, and have no power. They did not leave a note on the door mail me a letter call me or give me any kind of notice that my power would be shut off. I called them and they said we do not have an active account WTFf???? Online it says we do! So, I have to talk to the research department, when I asked what that was the csr couldn't tell me, all she kept saying was I had to callback from 8am to 5pm Monday thru Friday.....it is Easter weekend and no power! I have children in this home! How can it be legal for them to leave you in the dark with no warning and for no reason? They do not care about their customers at all, they only see dollar signs. If I had any other option I would not use them. There has to be someway to get thismadness stopped! So frustrated!

Why are you doing this to people FPL. It seems that only God can stop the evil that is going on. No one cares! Everyone I have spoken to about my situation gives me attitude. is it because you have no compitition? Is it because the Devil is behind you all? Please if anyone reads this with a clean soul help us poor ppl get through this madness. I know one day you all will feel very bad for treating ppl like this.. I know its all about the money in America but why have your supervisors so rude. Its not fair, and sometimes life isn't. Think about your country sometimes. We are all blessed but why want more? One day in the name of Jesus, you money hungry people will feel our pain. I wish nothing bad on you all FPL... I just hope things will change soon. Thanks, one love and God bless

FPL is one of the worst companies I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Sometime back in October, I was forced to stop payment on a check because I accidentally double paid my FPL bill. The company counted it as an NSF check and took away my privilege of pay by phone or online. Next, I paid my bill through a payment arrangement, and because I paid after 9pm on the day it was due, it was counted as being paid the next day, now no more payment arrangements. Last but not least, the company took away my budget billing because of the "missed payment arrangement". They charged 300 dollars extra to my bill and made it due that month. Its like imprisonment. At least they have lights and TV Now, I am sitting here in darkness My electricity will be reconnected within 24 hours of payment, however, I cannot pay at an agency because they are all closed and I dont have a credit card that they will accept..by the way, they don;t take regular Visa. So, I wish they had some competition and I pray that paying it in the morning will get it turned on in the afternoon. This is idiocy.

Dear FPL, please find a way to help your customers. I misunderstood my bill I thought I had until Jan 6th to payy bill. My power was turned off since before 3 pm. I came home found the notice and called Fpl and made the payment. It is 9:22pm still no electricity. I haven children in bed with me to keep warm. Big companies like you are criminals, careless. In this weather Fpl has no ethics at all. Last night at 1130pm the power went off for 2hrs1/2. Am I going to get & back from u all! It's really sad! One day there will be competition! I cannot wait! The rich will not stay rich always

I feel trapped with FPL. Is this even legal? This is monopoly!! On the map, Florida is still part of the United States however most of the companies here are not EVEN CLOSE to the USA standards and FPL is one of the worst ones! I guess that's the best they can do because they had to lower the it standards to a third world country. In Texas, where I was moved from, we could opt between three companies and that made these companies compete between each other fighting for the customers best interest! FPL is a lousy company, no customer service whatsoever. They treat you like they are doing you a favor when you are actually paying their salaries for a service with zero support. The people on the phone are rude after you wait for hours waiting to be answered. I had a problem with two payments that bounced because I had do open another bank account because the bank I had in TX didn't have in Florida and that got me a little trouble adjusting to jiggle between accounts. I know was my mistake but now FPL make me feel like a criminal that need to be punished by only making payments with cashiers check! Yes, in times of bad economy, let the big companies making millions punish the ones that are still trying to stand, pay taxes, working hard just to pay bills and not milking from the government money like most of corporations. Maybe if all the middle class stop working and go live on well fare from the governent they would start appreciating the working class more. Think about: if you don't work, you can collect food stamps, have your rent paid and your utilities paid. No extra money alright but you don't have to leave your house either, right? I work every single day, 10 hours away from home, lately I can not even afford to contribute to IRA but the goverment bites $400 from my paycheck and at the end iof the month, all bills paid, I have nothing left. So, who is the smart one here? The one on welfare or me? I am frustrated and I feel pushed to the limits with FPL crapy decision to only accept my payment through cashiers check! It seems that you cant win trying to do the right thing. These big companies should start having a little compassion for who try really hard otherwise the middle class in America should get together and make a big shutdown. Then I wanted to see who will pay for these big corporations keep standing. I will write to every social network, email the news and blogs about FPL trashy service and disrespect to their consumers.

I moved into florida and my new apartment a month ago, but oh no! i have an out of state id! which by fpl standards mean i don't exist, so what do they do? ask me to fax my license, which i do, then i pay the 155$ security deposit......... 5 days later i recieve a check in the mail for 155$ back, no other form of communication at all...... so i spend a few minutes on the phone, and oh! i called after 2pm! that means their entire goddamn fax service went home and cannot under any circumstances be contacted! so i have to wait a whole day (by this time my electricity has been shut off) just to get ahold of them, i finally talk to someone and they say that my fax was too dark, great! and then they tell me to refax it and hang up.... i send it again, ohhhh, but this time they created a new account for me because the reason i got my check back was because they voided my last account, so my fax is completely ignored because i had the wrong account number on it..... That i figured out a week later as well, the entire customer service department is RETARDED! if it weren't for the socialist domination that FPL has over the entire state i would drop them in a second! Oh, and by the way, a month after all this BS my power STILL isn't on, because i DARED to have an out of state drivers license! SHAME on me!

as a single mother of three it is hard enough to buy food and gas these days without dealing with a money grubbing power company too. my lights were disconnected on the 14th of october, 18 days later after making the money to pay, i went to the pay center and they refused my payment. they told me to call fpl to find out what to do. when i called i was informed that they closed my account and i had to open a new one. then they tell me i have to pay a deposit of 700 dollars to get it restored. i was blown away!that is three times the amount of my bill. why couldnt they just let me pay my bill and restore my service? i bought my home ten yrs ago and have never had an issue with payment. the economy goes to the dumps, i loose my job, and have to do side jobs to pay my bills, and now they close my account!! what do they expect us to do? they treat us like they are gods and they no we cant live without them. they have us all over a barrel. if i had a choice..... fpl would NOT be it!!

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