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I have been on the phone with Expedia for two days and keep getting disconnected waiting for a supervisor. I have three itineraries but no tickets attached to two of the itineraries. This is horrible and corporate had to go and get my son a ticket last night but still no eticket issued per Delta???

Expedia sucks and ruined my vacation

Expedia screwed me over by incorrectly spelling my name wrong on my ticket and refused to help me change my ticket unless I paid for the difference in airfare causing me to not be able to go on the flight. Do not use Expedia they will rob you of your money.

The is the worse service ever! I have been on hold with corporate for ever. They don't even answer their phones - I guess they know how bad their service really is! They have messed up our flights, tickets and airfare so bad. I I would HIGHLY discourage anyone from ever using Expedia again. What a shame! Disgraceful! I would give it a -5 rating!


We went on line to your site to book a hotel while we were traveling. Tropic Cay Beach Hotel 529 Ft Lauderdale Beach Blvd. This hotel was so bad. We took photos. The photos we took do not match the ones that are on line on your site. We have been using your site for tears. We had to book another hotel could not stay there worrying that we would catch something or end up robbed. We would like to know to get our money back. Would you have the owners contract information. We are reaching out to you for some help. Thanks

Never, ever deal w/them

I didn't know I arranged for a non-cancellable car rental. Never heard of such a thing. Can't talk to anyone reasonable with authority. They own Hotwire, Trivago, Hotels.com, and others.


Expedia doesn't even deserve one star! This whole booking has been frustrating and I currently have more then $5,000 dollars tied up in refunds and have no trip!!!! I am disgusted by what should be a professional company. I am s till trying to resolve the issue so that I don't loose money from airfare.....o wait expedia decided to cancel my whole trip when asked just to cancel my resort and I am probably already charged fees from the airline! This company makes me nausea.

Disgusting Organization

We have booked a flight and hotel as a package. A day after, they called us and canceled our hotel and told us to rebook a different hotel. We asked for a refund of the package instead of being pressured to rebook and they said No. They breached the contract by canceling our hotel. After a total of 8 hours staying on the phone and being transferred to 8 different supervisors (6 of them with no experience in customer service and 2 of them were so rude), they still refused to issue us a refund. What a horrible organization! What a horrible customer service! Please do NOT book anything with them. They should not be in the business. Those supervisors and agents should be working in a barn instead of a travel agency. Shame on you Expedia! Shame on you!


As an AARP member I trusted Expedia for the first time with planning a trip. AARP wouldn't steer me wrong, right? WRONG. Went on vacation and somehow flight from on city to another no longer had my husband and I on board. Flight was already paid in full and we were not notified. Cost an additional $80.00 dollars to return rented car to destination city instead of city of origin. Expedia claims the airline did it and refused to help us. Airline is blaming Expedia for booking error. No win situation. Expedia couldn't be friendlier when booking the trip and taking your money. Have a problem and see how fast they blow you off.


I booked a room at Baymont Inn and suites in Birmingham, Al and when I got there the room was absolutely disgusting! Mold was everywhere so I checked out and went to the Hilton. I called Expedia to get a refund and they claim they cant get in touch with Baymont to confirm I never stayed there to issue me a refund. Then they tried to give me a coupon! I didn't pay with a coupon so I refused and I want my money back!

marketing doesn't talk to customer service

5 hours invested in trying to get $100 off hotel that was offered to us byexpedia.ca if we used their app to book within that day. Booked 2 nights that should have reduced cost from $575 to $475....it didn't happen and we were chared $575. Customer service not aware of offer, kept asking us to send pdf.....couldn't do this on tablet???? they don't accept emails, faxes, etc. Each time we send them something on this they make us start all over again. They will not do call backs or let you speak to same person. They do not connect with marketing to see offers - you have to prove you received it even though the booking was confirmed by them.......service is - stars

no refund

i booked a trip on Expedia online on July 24, 2014 for the oasis at sunset in Jamaica, upon arrival to the hotel they had no reservation for me, it was 10:00 pm at night after driving for 4 hours , i had to search for another hotel. Expedia charged my account for the full amount, and as of today 9/17/2014, after several calls to Expedia i still have not received a refund. this is fraud and i need my money back.

Trying to cancel a flight with insurance

For over 4 hours I have been trying to cancel a flight reservation that I purchased insurance for - what joke - I will never again use Expedia - on my 8th person at least - "I so sorry" "I won't disconnect you" If there was a negative rating I would give it. Booked my hotel through Orbitz - less than 2 minutes including log in time to cancel it - why is it over 3 hours to work with Expedia.


Expedia will give you what seems to be good deals. However , i expedience an Emergency situation with my grandma and i had to cancel the trip. I called them up and they refused to give me back my refund.

Worst experience ever!!

I booked a trip by phone, to Cabo from the USA. The representative asked for the spelling of my and my husband's name, but still spelled them both wrong! I noticed it the next day when reviewing my itinerary received via email. For international travel, the spelling has to be exactly as what is on our passport. I called the customer service number and was on the phone with the call center for over 2 hours just to get the spelling right. He (the supervisor) said he could not correct the spelling on the transfer voucher and to just show the driver our boarding pass and itinerary when we get there. This is ridiculous! I will never, ever use expedia again!

I booked a European flight on Meridana from Rome To Catania., Italy. Meridana since the original booking has cancelled the flight and moved me to a much later flight that won't work for me. I have tried repeatedly to contact someone at the help desk to cancel this flight for me. It's not easy as you have to get in contact with Meridana Airlines and they don't answer their phones. THREE times the helpdesk has told me that they would take care of it and book me another flight on another airline that I approved of. Frustration is not even close to what I'm feeling. I've been hanging in mid air for over 1 week and no response and no e-mails, telling me that first flight is cancelled and 2nd flight is booked.

customer service

worse customer service ever....


Five phone calls(cut off twice) and more than an hour and a half on the phone to use my points for a one night stay and because they mixed up the rewards they won't let me book with rewards that I EARNED! Emails customer service and they said they would respond in 24 hours but DID NOT respond. Not the first time this has happen!!!


YOu would think that with all of these bad reviews and complaints, they would do something to improve their service. Well news flash, Expedia, if you don't improve your service, you won't exist for long.

Expedia is not customer service oriented

I've used expedia in the past to book two trips to Cozumel. Today, I vow to never use them again. I was on hold from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Trying to CHANGE a booking within 15 minutes of making the booking. The 40% off deal supposedly cannot be cancelled even when it is made within 15 minutes because of the savings? Really, I booked at $101.00 and the room standard rate was $119.00. An $18 difference. Never again. That is why you your reviews are so low.

Thanks to LEO in Corporate

Error on my smartphone caused booked hotel and money taken from my account. i spoke with three representatives and then had to speak with Corporate who was kind and responsive in a timely manner in returning the funds back into my account and i avoided excessive overdraft charges. Leo is youre reading....YOURE THE BEST! Thank you so very much!

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