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i hate this company. not only are their clothes hit or miss with sizing. customer service is awful. I get a merchandise credit, not on a gift card, but one assigned to my name so i use it and have a balance left that i cant use, have to wait for a reissue, so a week later i get my reissue, and it wont work. the agent at eddie bauer said oh its showing you have money on it and its a valid number(THEN WHY WONT IT WORK?!) so now i have to wait for a research specialist to get back to me.) i have never in my life dealt with such a mess before with a company!)

Have a problem a furniture item and EB is playing stupid by telling me to return it to the manufacturer. The manufacturer of course does not accept returns for items sold and licensed through other retailers. I purchased it from EB, i have the receipt, yet they don't care to enforce their own "guarantee". Be be fooled, their guarantee is subjective. They will comply with it at their own discretion.

It got a one star because there was not an option for no stars. Worst cusomer service I have ever encountered. SLOW,SLOW, SLOW response time (if you're lucky enough to even get a response). Horrible. Good Bye Eddie Bauer!

If you apply for a position with Eddie Bauer, be prepared. Are they really hiring is question #1, I believe they are collecting resumes. Don't expect a response via automated or otherwise. I will never understand HR. What do they really do? While you sit and type your resume, tweeking it up, spending valuable time making sure it is your best, they don't even acknowledge you. Who is in charge of their HR department, they need to be aware that folks are seriously out of work, and to not respond to applicants is rude. If you are receiving too many applications, at least send an automated response that it was received...We take the time to send it to you, at least take the time to respond...That is what HR should be doing. So they are paying HR people to ignore their job duties...hiring people..What a waste of company money..And to end this rant, Yes I am fully qualified for the position they posted, and I applied for. go figure...

I called customer service and was on hold for 30 min waiting for a supervisor. service is extremely poor.

Years ago, Eddie Bauer merchandise and service were exceptional....that was then, this is now. Customer service is at an all time low....long hold times, errant bungle in ordering/shipping, fradulently charging for S&H when you order online from store (S&H supposed to be waived), poor quality fabrics (made in China/southeast Asia where they can pillage their people, outsource jobs from the USA and then ram it to us good). Gotta love corporate America....I too am DONE w/ Eddie Bauer.

I ordered a down coat as a gift in several weeks in advance of the needed delivery. With no notice or contact, they canceled the order. The customer service was an exercise in futility and frustration, as NO ONE seemed capable of doing more than either disconnecting me several times or saying "I'm sorry" in a voice with less emotion than an automated 411. No one could give a reason why this happened without transferring me to another department, (where I would again be disconnected) or told they had no information about why this had happened and no remedy. In all a total waste of time. As I ordered online and they had phone numbers, email addresses, there is no reason other than they simply don't care if their customers receive their merchandise or not. I ordered a similar coat at Patagonia just now, which is probably higher quality anyway, and they could not have been more helpful. Eddie Bauer has lost another customer forever. They seem to be trying to go out of business. I will do my part to help them.

I have never come across lousier Customer Support than at Eddie Bauer's. I ordered several items, worth a total of about 500$. After receiving the order confirmation, along with the order number, I wrote them an e-mail, asking if it would be possible to add one more item to the order, hoping to save the additional shipping cost. Days later, and after several more e-mails on my part, I finally received a reply, stating that they were sorry for the inconvenience, but that the order had already been processed. They provided a phone number (for international customers), in case I should have other questions. The phone number turned out to be either bogus, or otherwise useless, as it was constantly busy. Their tracking system never yielded any result either with the order number they had provided me. To make a long story short, I was never able to find out what the status was. My conclusion to this experience is: Eddie Bauer sucks big time! I shall never again buy from them. By the way, I have yet to receive the items I orderered!

After accepting an offer of employment at an Eddie Bauer store, I was made aware that Corporate was directing the managers to hire 40 seasonal Associates. I was one of the 40, not understanding I was just another body. I did not expect full time, but as a former staff director, I know it does not take 40 people to operate a small store. Each person must "earn" their payroll hours in sales receipts. Most Associates are desparately needing these jobs and are being given 4 hours per week! Training is non-existent. No one can effectively train while on the clock four hours a week. I am being subjected to being humiliated in front of customers by Sales Leads who are clueless in dealing with customers. Hiring practices are attrocious. I work four hours and then am expected to be "on call", which monopolizes the entire day - to which I receive no compensation. Here's the solution corporate HQ: Hire 20 full time Associates, train them correctly, treat them right, and your business will flourish. Would Eddie agree with such treatment of employees? I don't think so.

Delivery: My entire address was not included. Luckily, I was expecting the Fed Ex man so went out to stand on the porch to wait for him. He tells me that about 3% of his packages contain inadequate addresses, which means they end up returned to the vendor. Spendy, guys! No one enjoys paying the markup on that type of an error. Of course, as my memory serves me, when it used to happen in the micro industry the package was just conveniently--and permanently--lost. Slippage is expensive. At a given point, it grew to such proportions the dealerships were severely affected. Wouldn't want to see it happen to Eddie Bauer. Perhaps you would want to check the situation out with your staff.

And, while I'm at it, I'll add a little insult to injury. What I ordered was for someone else. The package was just opened. The denier on the sweater was not the same as was the previous (last season's) product. All in all, not terribly classy. Had I not received the 30% discount I did the day I bought it on line, I would be really displeased. (Delivery price would have been about $65 in lieu of about $45.) The bottom line is that price wasn't really the issue. Quality was. So I'm disappointed enough to say that I'm glad I didn't order more of them, which was my original inclination in consideration to the price. Feel bad enough to do something about it next time around, but not bad enough to make an issue of it. Amongst others, VS is experiencing the same situation, as is Hanes, as--I am sure--are others TNTM. Example: VS bras used to cost about $36 to $42. They are now at $48 to $56 low end with about a 30% reduction in quality (materials, not construction). Someone probably needs to take an interest to upgrade the quality. American women just love to "wipe the floor" with vendors who subject themselves to the opportunity. And I will also make the observation that I don't think anyone is willing to pay for the disenchantment regardless the presumptions of its perpetrators.

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