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great customer service.

This is the worse customer service around. I have not received my product in four months and they cannot find it. They do not want to compensate me for my four month wait. LL Bean you have another customer.

Gloves Amaze

I have a pair of Eddie Bauer gloves that have reached an incredible time in their lives they are now 30 plus years old and i seek to replace them and am not able to, a story could be written about these gloves. i do like them so much they are the best gloves i have ever had, please direct me who i may contact so as to get a story done about the gloves and indeed get replaced and these repaired. thank you, take care and rejoice. the print for the thing below is very small and hard to read....

Eddie Bauer

Love all my EB purchases over the years!

I love your clothes but I wish you would stop putting your logo on all your clothes. My friends and I have stopped buying your clothes because of this. .

Chinese Stuff

The really sad thing is that Americans demand cheap. Eddie Bauer obliges them by purchasing goods made in our enemy, China. I can't abide by that along with millions of other Americans.

Will never buy from them

Will not buy another product from them...I will tell you that this is a huge inconvenience and I will never buy another product of yours. You make a product that does not have matching accessories, is difficult to find and your customer service is horrible. It takes days to get a response to a simple question. If you even see below in the email string I had to ask a second time as well for a response. I can't even begin to say how disappointed I am. Due to not being able to buy another base- which I feel is safer for my child, I am going to have to go out and by another system. It will NOT be yours and I will make sure and spread the word about how dissatisfied I am all around with Dorel as well as Eddie Bauer.

I have been a loyal EB customer for years until today. I was directed to the presidents office about a recurring problem at the end of May. I returned the items to corporate as instructed and put marks by the defects in the material. I was told since I did that they could not refund me and seemed disinterested that this problem was recurring in their shirts. I thought the attitude of the woman I spoke with today at corporate was totally unprofessional. I asked to speak with someone above her and she told me that there was no one above her that could take my call.

cancelled backorder after 5 weeks

Cancelled my back order on a down jacket after I waited for 5 weeks. Didn't find out until I called customer service and they said we are not honoring any back orders. Too bad because I like the product but the EB customer service sucks. I'll shop LL Bean and REI from now on.

Horrible Customer Service

After reading some of these posts I don't think I'll ever shop at Eddie Bauer again, especially after the experience I just had. You mean to tell me that since the shipping address was wrong there is no way to recover the item once it was shipped back to the warehouse and re-ship it. Especially since the item is sold out. What a joke, get with the times


I have been using Eddie Bauer products for over 40years. Their products,clothing,etc. has always been great and so is the service. Keep it up.

eddie bauer

a few weeks ago i ordered 1 item from eddie bauer what struck me first was the $36.00 shipping charge i called them they said the charge was so high because it was going to the islands what ever i live in ohio some where the messed up the address they took the money from my account price & shipping ,shipping was more than the product,thought i had the matter taken care of they put the money back into my account 3 days ago they took the money back out of my account since the address was messed up it had allready been sent back to the place where it came from no one from eddie bauer wants to talk all i get is the run around all i want is eddie bauer to give my money back is this the way they do bussines? first time there & will be the last time there.buyer beware of eddie bauer thats all i can say if and when i get my money back i hope to god its all over will never be so stuip to ever try them again.

Dear Sir. We are an outdoor shopp in Chile and we would like to put your Firs Ascent products on sale in our stores,then what we should do? or who we need to talk about if this is possible. E-mail: contacto@australcrossing.cl Phone: +56 065 313595 www.australcrossing.cl

To think, I was confused a miunte ago.

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I have had nothing but terrible "customer service" from EB! The customer service team dont seem to be able to help in any way, I was told only Order Verfications could help me, yet every time I called, "customer service" were unable to put me through. And these are overseas call rates, as I call from Australia. I wish I had read these reviews, I would have considered making my online purchases elsewhere. If it were possiblle to give this ZERO stars, I would!

Wow. Been shopping at Bauer for several years now. I cannot believe all the complaints. I have been to several stores in Ohio an have found the sales people absolutely great! Been able to get some great deals. Yes the prices at full retail seem steep. Yes they do seem to have a sizing problem this year. As a matter of fact I have SEVERAL items I have purchased over the years that fit great. But the new items in the same size are about a size and a half to small. Since they don't sell 4XL I can't wear anything from them that I know of at this point. I hear that they should be correcting this by fall and I should be able to find what important looking for. Also I might add that It is possible to order clearance items, pay for them, get a confirmation on the order the next day but never receive the item because the have run it of stock. All this being said, I will not give up on the people at Eddie Bauer because I love the product, history and the people that I have dealt with over the years and am sure they will again offer excellent and extraordinary products to their customers. Don't forget we all have had a rough 2 years an I expect Eddie Bauer is trying to stay afloat also. Give them time!

Placed order on 2/2/12 for $103. Used $100 gift card, authorized $3 charge on credit card. Partial shipment send on 2/3. Partial shipment sent on 2/23 and charged my card $39.99, price of this last item plus tax (which was paid for on 2/2). I cannot get anyone in Eddie Bauer to return the money they stole from me. I have been a customer for over 30 years. They do not care. Customer service is a joke! Ex customer now!

Hello My Name Is Khrishena, I was in the Eddie Bauer store Of Michicgan City,I walked in browsing. I had a bag with me from Levi another store of Michigan Cilty, The Floor Sales Person Walked Over to me to start a conversation because she thought I had taken a pair of Eddie Bauer Jeans...She litterally Came over and looked in my bag as if I couldn't afford what i wanted in the store. I don't like being racailly profiled, thats a problem you all need to fix...I love Eddie Bauer Clothing, that will be a store that i will never return to..... Thank you, Khrishena

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