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Mr. Disney

You need to get a Mr. Disney look alike people will come to see him

bring back

please bring back toontown or make toontown 2 or I will stop watching Disney and I will tell all my friend to stoppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp watching Disney

My favoirtie Place

In the past 16 years I have visited Disney World at least once a year and most years twice. In 2012 it was 4 times. I absolutely love Disney World. 2 concerning observations: -The maintenance is suffering. Dirty streets and chipped paint. Details of that tell a story. I don't like what this story tells me. - Attitudes: The DW I am used to was a Magnate Status facility, DW has the definitive word on customer service. I see that slipping away. No doubt; it is hot, employees are tired, some of us tourist are not the easiest to work with (I was tour guide in my city for years and now a nurse). The customer is always the customer. Even if you have to tell them to go to hell, you can smile and offer to escort them to a place they might find more suitable. Ride indifferent and exasperation are not what Disney Institute would teach as tools for good customer service.

Military Spouses

I was surprised that the employees in ticket sales of Magic Kingdom were so comfortable being rude when I tried to purchase the 4 day hopper for military families. I was made to feel like it was normal policy. I have never been treated so badly by a company claiming to care for the military. I was shock. I pray that other wives have a better experience with military ticket sales.

Wears shuttle

Let the buyer beware once you leave Disney World parks. You are on your own trying to figure out what and where your shuttle bus is..And one driver named Willie was a rude moron with his lack of interest towards customers who PAY his wage. It was like we were interrupting him with questions concerning safety issues....one comment he made when we were trying to fit on the bus: "You push them back i have a seat" Another driver said: "Come on! hurry up! I'm on a schedule". Where do they get these idiots? must be on work release from the local prison I shelled out over $6000.00 only to be treated unprofessional by a monopolized bus/shuttle service....Never again...I will drive .....Legacy shuttle service need to train Wears bus drivers on great service ....Avoid the day shift snots who work the desk at Best Western !!! one can't speak English or add and the other needs to keep to herself about the help at the hotel...bring your own phone line and electrical sockets theirs don't work...the most pleasant employees were the cleaning crew and restaurant personnel...

I went to Disney - was treated rudely by a Manager at the Deluxe resort. Talked to customer service - he ruined our vacation and all they can say is sorry you had a bad time - please try again. Paid extra for an upgrade room - was on a lower floor so only saw trees. They couldn't move us b/c the resort was full. I paid extra for nothing.

Lost Interest in WD's dream

I have been going here since it opened. Probably over 20 times before I was an adult. I have no interest to go anymore. The cost is unaffordable. I was shocked on my last visit how RUDE the lady in Its A Small World was. My daughter is in a wheelchair and this does make everything so.... difficult. She is unable to do a lot of activities there due to the rides are forever lines and it doesn't seem to be well equipped for the disabled. For the shocking cost it has gone up to, I just don't want to go anymore. It was a better place and much more fun in the late 70's. Now it SUCKS! As a Florida resident; I am still overcharged. I can find other places to go with shorter lines for less money.

Walt's Dream

In the beginning Walt had a dream that their would be a place that families could go together and have fun. A magical place, a place that an average family could afford to go. But, the average working man's or woman's family in the surrounding counties cannot afford to take their families to this magical playground,( they could even afford the parking cost). Mr. Walt's dream for a family place has turned into a families nightmare.

Keep on robbing your customers!

Having been to WDW over 20 times, I'd expect so much more than what we get today. Trips used to be reasonable in price, more magic, stellar employees, clean parks, great discount promotions, etc.. the list goes on. Now to even stay in a WDW hotel, it costs the average family over $6,000!!!! Over $400 a night to stay in a deluxe resort is absurd! You rob us of our hard earned money and then take away the magic little by little. less extra magic hours, restaurants going signature when they aren't even worth 1 CREDIT!!!!!!! They email first time potential visitors a fake promotion as if they will save loads of money to book a vacation.. when in reality, the rates are over RACK RATES! What a disgrace! This used to be a wonderful and affordable vacation and now I have to get a 2nd job just to pay off a trip! NEVER AGAIN!


We recently stayed as a big group at one of the resorts and everyone came back with bedbug bites!! We have all treated ourselves and our homes so my vacation costs me more money after we got home. I have informed the resort that they have a problem. I was assured someone would get back to me with an update, which of course hasn't happened. I have asked for the bills I incurred due to this be paid and I of course have heard from noone!!!

Not a Magic Kingdom

My resent trip to the Majic Kindom was awful. Wait times for rides were 60-75 minuets, and the fast pass what a joke that is, those had a three our waiting period. We went durring the slow season, would hate to see it when it's busy. It was a zoo, way too crowded. God forbid you get caught in the parade traffic, it's down right dangerous. The rest of our trip was avoiding anything disney and we ended up going to sea world and universal, what a differance. Better choices of rides and food, and didn't have to worry about the safty of my daughter getting totally squished.

poor service before our trip

I can't believe that I was told to take my son out of the 3v3 soccer competition being held at WDW if I wanted to buy a WDW dining package. This was the advice I got from "J" and "N" at the Groups department in Disney. Apparently the travel agency that I had to book the trip through didn't include a dining plan. The only way around this was to pull him out of the competition and book a vacation like every other person does.Kinda defeats the purpose doesn't it? That was the reason we decided to bring out kids to Disney again! They also refused to give me the name of anyone in customer relations that I could contact. I can't believe that such a large company wanted to make a customer so upset and so "anti-WDW" by not allowing me to purchase a dining package. How is that so tough? I just wanted to spend a whole lot of money! I have lost all respect for Disney and not sure if we will ever go back due to their lack of customer service over such a small issue as it relates to a multi billion dollar corporation.

NEVER Fort Wilderness

We stayed in the Campsites at Fort Wilderness Resort. I booked our lot and paid in full on Sept. 1st. My husband is an extremely light sleeper and in a previous stay, in your 2000 loop, his sleep was often interrupted due to being able to hear traffic on the road near our campsite. I specifically requested a lot in the 1500 loop because of this reason. On October 28th I checked in online hoping that maybe that would help insure a spot in the 1500 loop. I then called the resort itself and talked to very nice lady at the front desk and she even put a special note on our reservation, insisting that we received a lot in the 1500 loop due to a bad experience on our previous stay. I was extremely disappointed upon arrival at Fort Wilderness to find that again we were placed in the 2000 loop. And to make matters even worse, our lot was near the lot that we had in our previous vacation. My husband, again, had a difficult time sleeping during our stay. This saddens me being that the trip was a gift to him for his birthday, which was on November 6th. I would never have expected this negligence from Disney. I would have understood had I not made my request so far in advance and followed up on it as well. I have absolutely no intention to ever visit your park again, and I will tell everyone that may be thinking about going to Disney on a vacation to think twice.

We had the best time at the Wilderness Lodge this week end. Where can I find the Disney Mickey Waffle Maker to make waffles like we had at the wilderness lodge restaurant????? Kids loved them

We were passengers of the Disney Dream cruise that departed on October 25th. I am still wondering why they decided to still go on with the trip when other cruise lines were cancelling theirs, especially when there are more children involved. I traveled with a family of four and two other families and the kids were all miserable. The pools and slides were closed and there were no stops because of the storm. Many people were sick and upset and all they could offer was 25% off the next trip?? Are you kidding me?? We spent so much money for this dream vacation that had me wishing that I just stayed home. Disney should of really thought about the safety of their passengers and rescheduled.. Disney this was a horrible experience and the customer service could care less about what we went through!!

My family and I decided to visit Walt Disney World on July 4th. It was my first visit to WWD with my grandchildren. I understand that it was a holiday. Please do not tell me that a corporation as big as WWD does not know crowd control? It was the worst trip to WWD in my life! You could not take a step without bumping into people. The park grounds were littered. No characters what-so-ever on the grounds (I understand for their safety). Horrible, Horrible, Horrible. You could not move. It rained for two hours and ALL of the rides were shut down. The rides had 2 to 3 hour waits - with fast pass. They shut off parts of the park because there were too many people. My grandkids had a HORRIBLE TIME - all they did was cry. I was deeply disappointedl. We have a HUGE family. Ten people total. That is ten people you will not see next year. That is ten people that will take thousands of dollars in vacation money and stay at Universal Studios. I am terribly disappointed to see WWD as it is today. What a shame. DO NOT GO TO WWD if you want to enjoy a family vacation. Oh did I tell you we left WWD on July 4th after four hours of torture and went back to our hotel to swim in the pool. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Total discust at the fight for registration for the passhold fantisyland reg. 11 hours of busy phones, site not working, run around and excuses. In my entire life sence this park opened and all the years of going to this park, I am just outraged by the lack of compastion by the Disney Comp. No excuses anymore, we dont want to go the the preview, and this will be the last year we buy passes, guess its time to find something else to do then blow our money on a company that cares less about their pass holders than any other place we have ever been.

My Disney trip 8/21/12 Arrived at airport in A baggage claim - no signage for Disney - spoke with a Nigerian employee of the airport who explained the way in broken English to the B side of the airport Found the entrance to the express shuttle walked past the podium and my wife indicated I might need to check in, a very sarcastic gentleman on the far right podium as I approached said "that's why you are supposed to stop here first". I found my book with the shuttle passes and he allowed us to pass Hotel checkin was a little crowded but checkin went fairly smooth Hotel room was locate in building 4 it felt like a very long walk from the front desk, the quality of the room was somewhere between a motel 6 and a travelodge.  Very antiquated and stunk of bleach and mold Very long walk back to lobby, Nigerian concierge in her best broken English explained the meal plan and where the buses were to the Hollywood studio park, she forgot to mention the bus stop was at the extreme far side of the exit and was difficult to find Waited through 2 sets of animal kingdom and magic kingdom until our bus finally arrived Raining very hard outside bus was leaking through the lights see picture Arrived at park and was greeted by an exiting guest who gave us his fast passes to the Rowe of terror - very nice!!! - the ride was awesome as well Back to find something to eat, we had hoped to eat at Hollywood and vine buffet but at 2:45 was turned away rudely at the door by two smart ass teenagers, heaven forbid they should mention the 40's diner a few feet away was open After some research we found it and a scenic walk, was greeted by an old lady by the front count who asked if I had a reservation, if I liked their food, and that the wait was 35 minutes We went to the bar and ordered in about 5 minutes,  the food was extraordinary, but the "backstage conversation" between Enzo and David delayed service and was Unwelcomed.  Enzo redeemed himself later with polite conversation as did David by offering to refill my drink.  but i have to say the fried chicken may have been the best ive had in my life. Water leaking from vent over my head is it rain or condensation from AC - chair directly in front of beer tap. Standing in a gift shop standing at the counter looking stupid for 5 minutes waiting on someone to man the cash register.  Concerning that several shop attendants walked by without so much as saying hello. Beauty and the beast was pretty good my daughter really enjoyed it Sunset club couture another gift shop and another leaking roof! 3d muppet show was amazing in everyway!!! Shrunk kids set was equally impressive another long wait for the bus to Epcot and no surprise it was extremely crowded.  Study CEMEX gps with load capacity software for efficiency of operations. Off to the Biergarten for dinner.  1920hrs reservation, arrived in line at 1845hrs, at 1923hrs was handed a pager to let me know when my table would be ready!!!!  Really?!?!?  What's the point of a reservation.  And so another wait begins.  1945hrs my 8 year old is crying her eyes out over the misery of the day and a long wait for dinner.  "why can't we just go home now, Daddy?". There are not supposed to be tears at Disney!  2008hrs finally seated.  Waiter Johan was incredible, entertainment was awesome, food was mediocre at best and far from authentic, but I will say the cauliflower soup was to die for! Back to the curb to ride the bus back to the hotel, the longest line yet!!!!!  But something brilliant happened, a second bus arrived?!?!?!  We were boarded and off to the hotel fairly quickly. Plan for a dip in the pool but only 2 towels in the room.  Called room service and was greeted by a nice stack of towels within 5 minutes of calling - very impressive. Pool was great and off to bed. Sent from my iPhone

What a disappointment! after spending all that money to get into the park, you mean to say the charters can't walk around and see the children? You have to wait on these ridiculous lines, then if you are lucky enough and get to the front, you think your next and Mickey takes a break!!! What there is only one Mickey? Not like years ago when they walked through the park thrilling children, on them seeing their favorite charter. What did Disney go Union? Your CEO should be ashamed. Good thing we celerated my grandsons 3rd birthday at Chef Mickey's on 8/1/2012, otherwise he would never have seen them. Well you took my saved vacation money, the hopes of a child who was so upset when we left, and frankly after coming to Florida's Disney 7 times, I'm done. We had a better time at Universal, at least there, they took pictures with SpongeBob and Scobby WHO WERE WALKING AROUND. If Mr. Disney were alive I'll bet this wouldn't happen. He BELIEVED in Children and knew how to make them happy. You people are only after the money, and forgot the children. What a disgrace. thank you for nothing, Deborah Martin, Brooklyn, New York

Please be advised that RADAR ON LINE just ruined my excitement to see your new movie The Odd Life of of Timothy Green by reveling the end on an article with NO WARNING of SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!! WHOOF>>>>>> They need to be told to take down article or to caption warning......

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