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Horrible horrible horrible!!!!

Coldwell Banker Easton Properties in north babylon ny is disgusting!!! Agents are so unprofessional and management are definitely not friendly!! some of the rudest people Ive met...


In today's Lakewood Ranch (Fl) there is a full page ad featuring Cold well Stars. Is it any wonder to anyone why there is not one sales person of co!or.

MLS Listings

I would like to have some help with how mls listing are viewed on the Coldwell Web Sites

This is America , right?

I am tired of seeing Mexican flags flying everywhere, even above American flags. And Americans are not allowed to fly or wear American flags more and more. This is America isn't it?? Hope you pay for firing this woman.

Fired employee

Is it corporate policy now to fire an employee because she is offended by someone in the USA flying a mexican flag? Is this not the United States and not mexico? You should be ashamed of yourselves because I am..I have used your company on several projects but no more unless you rectify this!


My wife and I used Coldwell Banker in MN to purchase a home. Two weeks after the closing of our house, our realtor began an intimate affair with my wife (customer) and convinced her to file for divorce. Complaints to his boss in the Woodbury MN office went unanswered. Every time I wanted to speak to someone in HR, I was redirected to someone in their local offices who is not in HR. All he would tell me is there is nothing they can do. All CBB MN cares about are the sales numbers and not about what their Realtors do. I am still yet to find someone with "Human Resources" in their title.

Our realtor up and left to Florida without ever telling us! Neither did Coldwell! We had not heard from our realtor for months and ended up hearing about it from another source who knows me and the realtor. This is totally unacceptable and unprofessional!!! I wish I had never used Coldwell especially after reading the rest of these complaints!!!!

Unhappy Renter!

We currently live in a Coldwell Banker managed rental house in Moses Lake WA. We have only lived here 3 months and already thinking about moving due to the disrespect from this office and the runaround to get stuff fixed, for example, our roof leaked destroying the drywall inside, their fix, dump a bucket of roof patch and not fix the drywall! I'm sorry, I don't believe in bad mouthing people but this Is ridiculous! So just cause I'm a renter instead of an owner I get put on the back burner! There is a laundry list of problems with our residence and instead of shrinking its growing, I was warned not to rent through coldwell banker because of this issue but I went against my better judgement and gave them a chance. Big mistake!

Property Owner

Coldwell Banker/ Rox Realty of Casa Grande, AZ is who I use as my property management company. Last Sept. the tenants tore up 90% of the front yard vegetation and piled it in the backyard. The first quote of damages the "property management" gave me was $1400, then a month later they told me it to $170!! How can that be??They still have not taken care of the damages. Now the property is vacant and they are supposed to be trying to find tenants, well the box that holds flyers by the street is empty! I hate incompetence!

filtyvacant lot

I live on New Mill Road in Smithtown, NY. There is a vacant lot on this road that is for sale. The lot is strewn with garbage. I called the number on the Coldwell Banker sign and left a message stating that the owner of the property has the responsibility of maintaining the property. It has been several months ago, and as yet, nothing has happened. This is terrible for the residents of this neighborhood. The Coldwell Banker sign sits above all the debris. This isn't too good for you image, is it?

the deridder office in deridder louisiana sucks i had people interested in the property look me up due to the fact that they are to lazy to return calls or always out of the office i have lost 3 differnt sales due to this

Not good,.. Do not use them.

I live in a side by side that I am renting in Rosholt Wisconsin. My father comes to see my wife and I every now and then. The house we're renting had a wheel chair ramp. My landlord has decided to sell the place and got line up with a Coldwell Banker real estate agent (Betty Garski) who advised the owner he should pull out the wheelchair ramp so it doesn't look like a bunch of handicapped people live there. REALLY?. Do you think that's crossing a line? Should this lady be aloud to represent a company like this? I'm really frustrated with this. Is this Coldwell Bankers policy? I think that warrants an answer.

Coldwell Banker La Jolla California. If anyone wants to hire an agent in California don’t think in Rossana Pestana. She has a house listed in Spring Valley CA. The home was condemned by the County of San Diego, she has knowledge about it because a copy of the condemnation letter was provided to her. The sellers (PGI Investments) had to obtain permits to do the necessary work in the house and they didn’t. This is the disclaimer that she has in the listing’s remarks: … ALL INFORMATION IS DEEMED TO BE RELIABLE, BUT IS NOT GUARANTEED. IT IS THE BUYER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO CONFIRM ALL INFORMATION AND SATISFY ANY CONCERNS PRIOR TO THE CLOSE OF ESCROW AND REMOVAL OF ALL CONTINGENCIES. PERMITS ARE UNKNOWN AND IT IS BUYER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO CONFIRM ALL INFORMATION ON PERMITS OR LACK THERE OF PRIOR TO REMOVAL OF CONTINGENCIES AND CLOSE OF ESCROW. THE SELLER HAS NEVER LIVED OR RESIDED IN THE PROPERTY AND THEREFORE HAS LIMITED TO NO KNOWLEDGE AS TO ITS PAST OR PRESENT CONDITION. Also has a “lis pendens” been filed in this property and this are her comments on the listing remarks: FHA/VA Approved! CAN CLOSE IMMEDIATELY! This is a broker that doesn’t have a clue what the “Code of Ethics” mean. She is a bad example for Coldwell Banker!!!

Since 2010, we have been dealing with issues of honesty, integrity and responsibility with Coldwell Banker/WHITBECK Associates of Plattsburgh, NY. (Mary Frey, agent and Peter Whitbeck, Owner/Broker). Frey sold us a house that she built, owned and sold to us through WHITBECK Associates after coercing us to drop our Realtor in order to recieve a better price on the house. (1st corruption) She had previously sold two other homes in the same area (showing a pattern of sales). Our home's septic system failed (built 2005). The problem was there was only 80' of leach field instead of the 200' as required by NY State Building Code.(2nd corruption). Frey did not give us a Disclosure on the property (required by NY State or $500 to the purchaser) (3rd corruption). We now know why she didn't and the $500 also was never paid to us! Frey and Whitbeck have both been brought up on charges of violating Ethics Standards and violation of NY State Real Estate laws. (He has been named due to his complete knowlegde of the issues and his lack of willingness to resolve the issues). To this point, they have been found in violation of NYS Realtity Laws and referred to the Enforcement Unit of NY States DOS. The BBB found they did not deal with us or our situation appropriately as well. The Ethics violations have not been ruled on yet, but based on the facts at hand, there is only one way they can be ruled on. It is ashame that Coldwell Banker is associated with such dishonest people as we have found at WHITBECK and Associates.

I have an active contract on a Satellite Beach,Fl property listed Prudential Star. The agent left Prudential and went to Caldwell Banker Cocoa Beach Realty. He Re-listed the property with Caldwell Cocoa Beach,a direct violation of the contract, absolutely illegal. I called the Caldwell Cocoa Beach Broker Robert Keller and told him I have an active contract on the property and would make a complaint to the Florida Real Estate Commission. He told me to go "F" myself and hung up. What class! What rock does Caldwell get such low life's? Avoid Caldwell Banker Cocoa Beach.

I visited Fort Meyers Beach March 2012 for month. dealt with coldwell banker rental dept. Reservation went well this season, but when we rebooked for next year coldwell banker lost our booking, so now we are out of a condo. Very poor costumer service agent was not helpful at all. I waited several weeks for phone calls to be returned. Corporate Offices need to check with these agents, they give coldwellb anker a bad name.

In the past dealing with Coldwell Banker in Tewksbury Massachusetts, I was confronted with some totally unprofessional people which really make the realty industry look terribly bad. The manager of the branch is ready to argue with you at the drop of a hat and he has trained many of the real estate staff to act accordingly. WATCH OUT they are deceptive in their listings, they lie and they are only interested in getting your money. They treat all of their customers with a clear lack of respect and usually as they say "what comes around, goes around". BEWARE

Big Bear Ca. I strongly oppose anyone from using this Branch. It supported Measure M a property Tax on all parcels. The tax was for the local school, but would affect every homeowner. Which in this community makes up 21% fulltime residents and 79% second homeowners. The second homeowners we're not allowed to vote nor even notified of the measure. Real Estate Agents are their for the homowner but not this branch. I would oppose any Coldwell office for their allowence of this behavior.

Tim Wood Group Coldwell Banker,Big Bear Ca. This agent and Broakerage supported a parcel tax for all property in Bear Valley. Measure M was a tax on personal property. The agency thought they could get it passed by going behind the very people who purchase property and have second homes in Big Bear. 2nd homeowners make up of 78% of all homeowners in this area. These homeowners pay their property taxs like everyone else, but that is not enough for this greedy group of people. They claim it's for the children, what bull----. I would avoid any Real Estate Company that would push for a property tax increase esp. when they do it behind your back. Boycot all Coldwell Bankers.....

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