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No no no

I worked at this store and now nothing is right Chip's guacamole and even the chicken at night. The only reason I go back is for the people

Rude service Cobb parkway atlanta ga

Rude service, staff too playful when Trey is manager on duty!

I absolutely love chipotle but a nearby chipotle is always out of carnita meat and its my favorite meat so I always have to do something different. Kind of upsetting :/

Dont go to Chitople if you're hungry

If you're hungry don't go to Chitpole because if you do you'll be $10.83 lighter and still hungry.

I wanna open up a chipotle in my home town.

The food is great but you need more stores In Clermont Florida

Eagan, MN / Cliff Rd -SAD

Not impressed today! I ordered a Sofritas--the person heating the wraps could not understand Sofritas or Burrito, then the person wrapping the Sofritas dropped it--and here's the kicker..she asked if I wanted a different one. LOL Good reason NOT to raise the minimum wage at this place.

Me and my friends will not be eating at chipolte until your company apologizes to NYPD. Once we here or see something we will return.

Food Poisoning

Yesterday I ate at the Chipotle on Plank Rd. in Fredericksburg, Va. Four hours later I became violently ill with food poisoning and was up the entire night with horrid vomiting and diarrhea. I will never eat at another Chipotle again.

Carry out bags

So, according to your take out bags, no one should have to pay for food, not work and sit around all day and love everyone. With this pathetic communist attitude, I will let you know that I will NEVER eat at any of your establishments. Oh, I hate that you hate the 2nd amendment also.

Rude Employees

Metro Center employees in Phoenix are the rudest people there are, ordered on line but it said the food wouldn't be ready for over one hour. We call to see if we could pick it up sooner and the lady who answered the phone said no. So now we are waiting for the order. I will see that everyone I know hears about this, she told us we could not speak with the manager. Told us to call corporate because they don't care????

Wheeling, IL. Restaurant

The restaurant at 1572 Lake Cook Road in Wheeling Il is disgusting. The cook was stirring lettuce with his bare hands and coughing into his hands, Don't go there

Undercooked Brown Rice

Why is the brown rice undercooked in the Chipotle Restaurant location in Sugarland, Texas 77469. Address 19832 Southwest freeway. I eat out of there several times monthly. I have to bring it home and cook it the oven so that the rice is fluffy. I have expressed my view many time about the hardness of the rice. It's seedy and undigestable.


I have also liked chipotle until today. I went to the chipotle on Pulaski Hwy in Baltimore, Maryland and first of all the kids meal have changed. When I purchased one a couple of weeks ago I was given rice and beans in a small cup. The steak was not done and then they only gave me a cup of steak on a bowl. WOW!!!!! I couldn't believe it. HERRIBLE. Ask the manager for some more meat and he put abut 5 pieces more on my bowl.


Today 8/10/2014 we ate at the Grove City, Ohio Stringtown Road location - the place was GROSS at best, the tables were dirty, the floor hadn't been cleaned in weeks, the parking lot and entrance was DIRTY- the inside was dirty, the outside was dirty. Customers were eating at tables with dried food on them......it was unbelievable how BAD and DIRTY. I invite the executives of Chipotle to dine at this location and see how proud they are of their "leadership" in keeping their restaurants a place where people should spend their money. I will be calling the health department to share my experience at this location - a garbage can is cleaner than this DUMP!!!!

i love chipotle

I love chipotle. The quality and effort that goes into the food is by far better than most standard restaurants. Its healty and vegetarian friendly. Steve cares about his customers

Going down the toilet

Chipotle in Mansfield Massachusetts is going down the toilet. Portions have shrunk by at least 20%...Lousy customer service...dirty bathrooms...filthy floors and tables in dining area! DISGUSTED!


The chipotle I go to sucks. I bought three burritos for me and my sisters and the lady there was being extra stingy, she barley put meat like come on lady we pay $10 dollars for this and you can't put meat. When I told her she put extra meet and the meat was undercooked. Like uhhh bye

Chipotle in Grand junction, CO

I f you have dogs (even a Service Dog ) do not eat at the chipotle in Grand Junction, CO, on I 6 & I 50, even on the totally open patio. They do not allow them anywhere

Burnt chicken

My daughter, granddaughter and I went to Chipotles in Lancaster, Ohio yesterday. I was very disappointed. The chicken was burnt and the green peppers were burnt also. The young woman behind the counter tried to make it right by giving me a new burrito bowl. I appreciate her efforts but the chicken and peppers came out of the same dishes as the first bowl. So I ended up with more burnt food. The music was so loud we had to yell our orders to the server. The manager finally turned it down.

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