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nj Eatontown Chipotle. this place is awful the meat is not organic. they give so little of the other stuff. it is loaded with salt. you have to buy 10 drinks to get over it. they give so little food. too busy worrying about who has double meat. over charge for items not present. chicken is all skin and fat. service stinks. we tried the last 3 times. never again. this place stinks and is dirty no one cleans the tables or floors.

food poisoning in ohio on tiedeman

I got food poisoning from carnitas and it made my uterus contract and guess what did they do anything about it even after medical records? Nope. They brush it off. I was in labor for a week. Had my son by emergency c section he had to be resuscitated and now has health problems. Dont give these heartless people your money!

cannot get order right

every time I order from chipotle over the phone in Martinez, CA. they cannot get it right if is so frustrating I get a salad with no salsa and 2 dressings black beans, chicken I get everything but what I order tried to be patient but done eating there


2/20/14 @ 20:10 Chipotle on Plank Road in Fredericksburg, Va.....debris everywhere.....lots a cross contamination.... a Health Inspector's dream!

complaint on manager

I went to chipotle February 2 2014 . I asked the manager could he prepare me a well cooked steak because I do not eat red meat . The steak prepared was red and not fully cooked and he refused to prepare a well cooked steak for me. He said that would be lowering chipotles standards and I felt insulted. They used to serve fully cooked steaks so I'm not understanding how its lowering chipotles standards. I also don't understand why he would refuse because other chipotles never refuse. I just left I refuse to bloody food

Chipotle in Havard Park

The chipotle in havard park is terrible, customer service is terrible. The people on the line all have snobby attitudes. Everytime I go in there there out of food and when I ask to speak to a manager he's never present. Itbonly be like 3 or 4 people in there. This chipotle needs to be boarded up its terrible.


Chipotle in woodlawn, MD has the worst customer service. I could not understand two of the girls serving and one got an attitude when I asked her a question about the beans. Another girls hair was heavily matted from her weave and it looked very unkept for a food server. I called the manager to complain and couldn't understand one word he said!!!!!!!

ShoopDiamond on IG

I absolutely love a Chipotle. I am a vegetarian so I always get the bowls. I do feel like there should be some kind of broth on the side made up with ingredients that are added to the barbacoa meat so that it can be added to the bowl just to give it more flavor, or add veggie crumbles to the meat options. Chipotle should also deliver...then that would be more convenient for some of us who can't always drive there.

Unpleasant time

I go to Different chipotles for every now and then the time I want to a new one when my boyfriend and I guess in my defective or a interracial couple The people on the line was a little snobby and the cashier was very rude. They didn't wrap my burrito tight enough sooner I came back I asked them if they can we rolled it they all look at me like I was crazy and called the manager he in the building to Brito up for me we also uncomfortable there that he decided let's go so I love to the front and ask for back to go and the lady just give me this stupid look and has a bag like THERE YOU GO. Last time I'm ever going back to the chipotle in particular but overall it was just probably not a good day for them

not enough people helping

I experienced the worse service at the Chipotle in Toluca Lake CA. I went around 11 am all the people ahead of me were Chipotle employees. There was only one person preparing the food and one cashier who was busy helping out take out orders. My food just sat on the counter while the peoples behind me orders were getting backed up also. Who were complaining how the employees should come a half hour before to eat instead at eating at the peak of lunch time hours. The line was just backing up as they sat and ate. It was very unprofessional

no contact

Never answer the phone


I think you guys are great. I live in Colorado and I have also lived in California and I have never had a problem at any of the many Chipotle places I have been too. I had to write a good review after so many bad ones when I have never had any of these exp. Chipotle gets very busy at times but you still get served in a timely manner and if you go during dinner or lunch what do expect they are popular and are going to be busy. As far as they treat their employees I am not sure I know that HQ has programs to make things better and constantly visiting stores to make sure things are going well. Of course if they don't know there is a problem they can't fix it. I just think you guys are great.


My general manager favorites the one person in the store who continues to harass and say things to pregnant woman like "I hope you die in a car accident on your way to work." Thanks for being a reliable job.... NOT


Found a hair in my food tonight and that will be the last time I eat at any chipotle.

Shut this place down

My first experience here was horrible. The lady at the register rang us up and handle cash Then grabs chips to put in a bag for us and did not put gloves on after touching cash! That is very unsanitary. We noticed she did this the whole time in line. We asked her to put gloves on and get us a new one. Poorly trained. 2 weeks later we were giving this place a second chance. It took 30 min to get food because they ran out of rice. They told your customers they will give their meal for free, but many people left. 1132 s Clinton chicago loop

larva inside of sald??

store located 11962 lee hwy fairfax va 22030 i just found in my steak salad bowl, there was something moving!!! it was LARVA!!! WHITE LITTLE WORM!! are you kidding me?? inside of you`re food? are you guys cleaning enough?? omg!!! what if is there inside of my body??maneger said do you want refund or some coupons? you want to come over? heck no do you think i want to eat there again? i hope you guys clean more take more pay attention!

I worked at chipotle for 3 weeks I was nice,respectful, and got along with most o the crew but one crew member has a horrible attitude and when I complained the manager lied and said I had an attitude and fired me. I couldn't believe a manager would lie and then play favorites.

Un fair brakes and bad managment

My boyfriend works at the Oakland CA chipotle and that way the management work if horrible and not legal, we have given them more than two applications to set up for direct deposit the first time they said that it had been misplaced and now I don't know what there excuse is going to be. But I don't understand what someone has to do to get one simple thing done. They make u take your lunch within one hour and a half after you shift starts ILEGAL I guess this something we need to take with the equal labor department.

speed freaks

Unsafe practices by not giving employees legal breaks here in MA. Called to get a letter of termination for my husband so he could file for unemployment, will now have to put this in writing to document. How is it a corporation has no HR department? How is it a manager does not know how to write a note saying this employee no longer works here? This place is truly unprofessional. They are only nice to employees when trying to seduce them into their slave labor practices.

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