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Not even worth that

I was at a Chevron store in Phoenix at 35th avenue and Camelback. There was a gentleman who ran out of the store with unpaid merchandise. The clerk chased after him with a baseball bat. He proceeded to hit a car that wasn't even involved with the incident. You need to pay attention to who you hire. That clerk didn't even care if his life would've been in danger.

This company is unprofessional. Everyone should stop going to there gas stations

milwaukie oregon

I started going to chevron because the other store I was going to kept trying to charge a deposit on my juice drink after switching and telling mutipule cashiers why I switched about a month later they start trying to charge me and when I informed the manger he said he thinks I am over reacting and if it happens again that he will just pay me back but the issue is not the 5 cents it the 80 every two week I spend then they try and cheat me out of a nickle if this is not adressed I will just have to find another place to get my gas. This location is on the corner of linwood and king rd

I want to contribute

I love the mickeys gas station on westcliff rd 76543 Killeen tx. The service is friendly and they get me out the way quick and respectfully. I put in an application hoping to get a job there. The team is great keep it up.

Unpleasant experience on Christmas Eve

While shopping at Chevron located at 1345 south Pioneer Road (1700west) in Salt Lake City, Utah on Christmas Eve. I witnessed a very upset attend there show much disrespect to a delivery driver who was there on behalf of her benefit. She screamed things like "Merry f***king Christmas to you". Along with other things I will leave out. After calling the store to file a complaint I found out the attend was actually the store manager by the name of Candice. I was shocked and I felt really bad for the delivery driver, as he just continued what he was there to do. I will never shop there again. She isn't much of a positive example for Chevron.

Get Real

I agree with Reasonable Customer. Consumers need to grow up and realize that corporations are not mommies. Chevron gas stations are franchises and it is in the owners' best interests to provide good service. If you are not satisfied for whatever reason, go elsewhere. But don't expect Chevron headquarters to hold you by the hand. Their main job is to run a real company that brings product that you need to market, and that's plenty.

These review are supid!

I don't buy half of these reviews on here. Like someone said earlier. Many of these have NOTHING to do with Chevron Corp. Gas stations are owned by individuals. Complain to the owner, not Chevron.

I have been a customer and card holder for years. My bank account was hit 2 times for $1300.00. I contacted the 1 -800 number and for 15 minutes I attemped to get through their automated watch dog system to talk to a real person. I was given a fax number to send my back statement to. The fax number was wrong and I had to call back and spend anothe 15 mins getting a live person. I was given a differnt fax number and I verfied via computer the fax went through. I had not heard anything back but did receive my online statement.....which showed a huge balace due??!! Once again I called and had to wait 15 minutes until i got a live person. I asked for an accounting superviser. Tony informed me that a check had been sent for $1300.00 and the intial payment was crdedit back to my account as if NO payment had been made for over 30 days. What a mess! I am ready to cancel may card! I asked Tony if there is a direct line I can call if I do not receive my check and the answer is NO. Aweful customer service!

Corporate responsibility? Really...you company has hired individuals that don't even help their patrons. I had an attempted car jacking on Friday May 24th. Right at your location by the front of your establishment located at 2501 N Sr-7, Hollywood, FL. They did nothing. They didnt even check to see if I was ok or call the police. I am a nurse and if someone drops I am obligated to help. After seeing how the employees are, I will never stop at your unsafe establishment again. I will also past this message to friends, my co-workers and my husband's military squadron. This event happened right in front of a security camera which the employee wouldn't give access to the police. The stole my world, my wedding ring, my purse which had my medical licenses, passport my whole identity. Your company helps the community then make your stations safe, hire employees that will help or call for help.

Rude Clerk

I went into the Chevron (801 N. Bristol Street, Santa Ana, CA 92703) by my home on Thursday morning, April 25, 2013 at 5:10 to fill up my car. I tried to use by atm card at the pump but I was not working. I proceed to go inside once there clerk tells me in a sarcastic tone that “the pump is not accepting cards”. I then told him if I can just pay there at the counter he said, "No! I had to tell me wife to move the car to the next pump. I do not find it acceptable to be disrespectful to your customers,. The clerk is overhead and I am income|. I will not be going to any Chevron Stations again. I will also let other people know how rude and unkind my experience there was. Prior to today my spouse and I both filled up there weekly?. The average cost to fill each car is $60,. Additionally, I buy a carton of cigarettes there weekly at a cost of $50 before tax'. The annual fuel revenue they are losing because of this incident is approximately $6,240 and grocery revenue of $2,600 for a grand total of $8,840. I do hope a company as big a Chevron will invest in better customer service training.

No Phone Listing

I needed to contact your location at 2915 Highland Rd, Baton Rouge, LA. There is no local or 800 number listed. I usually don't have any issues with this location; however, I wanted to speak with someone regarding a purchase. It is not major enough to cause them issues with HQ. I just really wish that I can obtain a phone number for this location and at the very least have it listed with the white and yellow pages as well as with online search engines. Thank You.

Gas Stations are owns by INDIVIDUALS, not by the corporation

All of you that are complaining about Chevron gas stations clearly do not know how the oil industry works. Gas stations are not corporately owned, they are franchised, so Chevron cannot do anything about the works, etc. You need to contact the gas station owners.

Went to the Chevron Gas Station located on Hickey Boulecard by the Crown Colony Townhomes off the freeway. I had raised a concerned about the lotto tickets were in an area where the customers swipes their debit card where anyone standing nearby the lotto section can compromise passwords being viewed within the close distance. Identity thefts has been a problem with people stealing passwords. I raised this question twice why is the lotto in an area where customers swipes their debit/credit cards? The workers including the store manager shrugged it off as not important and that it was the owner of the gas station that arranged to have lotto section exactly near where customers swipes debit cards. Instead of hearing concerns about identity thefts the workers viewed my issue as a complaint rather than a concern. Where is the integrity and dignity of protecting consumers.

I just went to your gas station on Bear Valley and Dunia in Victorville Ca. I asked why I could not use the the debit box outside she said its only for credit wrong I have been going to that station for 7 years and in the last 7 years the workers there are rude as can be the box outside is so scartched up you cant see. The lady in front was rude and to busy putting lip gloss good customer service Chevron. Last year I went in and the lady on the counter was really rude to an older gentleman cant remember if it was the same person. Chevron you need to send your employees to customer service school. Wont go back.

after using my debit card at the pump to fill up the recipt paper in the pump was out.when I went inside to get a recipt I still could not get one because the attendent spoke only spanish and did not know what I was saying.

Now to bringing up the trade again. How could DA ever know, or anonye including the doctors, that Shaqs injury wasnt healing until realizing so by him coming back, playing and faltering? You berate DA like hes supposed to be some sort of seer and can see into the future. He makes decisions based on what he sees and is told. The assumption was that Shaq would come back and based on that, and his level of superior play with the team when he started, DA made a move that he had to because once again (your almighty God-like, do no wrong, Ubuntu loving center Perk the magnificent refused an offer and we needed bench help after MD was significantly injured and never was able to return all season, so we had no back up to PP. Question did Perk ever dominate Shaq? I think not. Will you please get over the trade and stop talking about it in every post you write? Your one track mind is seriously obscuring some quality posts (like your 2nd post respecting Shaq this season) you make but then you step in it again, and again, and again. Maybe you can get some post-trade counseling or go to hoops rehab and get weaned off of all the trade comments? The trade was in February and I believe well be hearing about it until next February, and beyond. So in the meantime, how about you get us some stats and facts to back up your claims instead of just opinions, which we are all certainly entitled to. Go Cs.the end.

On 15 Aug went to your Center St station here in Tacoma and put in my credit card and waited for the pump to set its' numbers before pumping gas, it stopped on 10 cents, which means before I even picked up the nozzle to place in my gas tank it showed that I owed 10 cents, I then went into the store and told the clerk Miranda and she offered to repay me but had to fill out paperwork, I was already running late for work, I asked for the manager and all she said was "he is in the back room", I filled my tank and no one came out to check on my situation, will NEVER go to Chevron again and will tell family and friends not to go there.

Pls I will be glad to have the phone number of email address of any of the public affairs guys in the chevron head office in the US

I generally put my gas here West Covina Ca, at Chevron ,corner of Glendora n Cameron. today was the 3rd time I was charged the credit card price when I paid with cash . Every time I address the issue with the person they always say its the machine . IT DOSENT MATTER JUST GET THE PROBLEM FIXED. While I was there the gentleman behind me said the same thing happen to him. Then I started talking to a lady she said this happen to her a few weeks ago. So who knows how long they been over charging The 1st time for me was back in May. Disappointed customer. 07/14/12

Yesterday on a mMnday i went to chevron and paid to fill my entire tank at a total of 50 DOLLARS!.. and when i get into my car to start it it wouldn't start!.. i was scared and annoyed. and for some reason my alarm was just blairing so loud i couldn't even think what to do. bfor anyone from chevron came to see what the problem was i was already being help by random strangers. I know it isn't their job to help me fix my car, but as soon as a chevron employee came out, it was NOT a matter of concern but only the fact that they were LOOSING MONEY b/cus i was still parked by the gas nozzle and he forceably tried to push my car (to the closest parking spot to make room for ppl to put gas) bfor i gave him any sort of permission and he assumed i was a dumb female that knew nothing about cars so he asked "did you try to put your key in the ignition" duh Dumb A%#!.. I TOLD HIM IT WONT GO INTO NEUTRAL FOR ME TO PUSH IT.. which he didn't believe until he FORCED HIMSELF into my car and tried to put it in neutral himself..which didnt work obviously! and said i need to tow it. i said now leave me alone. I FELT HARRASED just because my couldnt get out of the way of their precious gas nozzle! i was not going to pay $$100 to get towed home.. so i said he can wait until a family member/friend comes to fix it. chevron is about taking your money and MAKING SURE you LEAVE!.. no customer care.!! I HAVE NEVER HAD ANYONE FORCE THEMSELVES INTO MY CAR .AND HOPE IT DOESNT HAPPEN AGAIN

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