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no one know anything price was one number then double redline pricing -fake deals and worse offers


Charter's collection phone calls are harassing. They start calling at 8 in the morning and go until 9. It's 2:00 and I have already received three calls from Charter. I call them twice. How crazy is this!!!

extreamly expensive

charter is extremely expensive, they over charger for what you get, and they do not work with you on payment plans. the CS people are very poor quality.


I had okay service before moving to Charter. I finally moved my internet and phone service. There is not a day since hook up I have not had service issues. Terrible terrible service and no one makes it right.

very unprofessional

this has to be the worse customer service that I have ever experienced. It was almost like I had to fight to become a charter customer. I have regrets when it started to become a huge hassle to get them to come I should have realized at that point I should not have chosen charter

stupid programming

why do you take Utah Jazz games off for stupid things Bresnan & Optimum would at least show the Jazz games on an alternate channel why can't you. It would not cost you any thing. The Utah Jazz has a lot of FANS in Montana

Charter has become a horribe

They have really gone down the tubes. used to be good, now they are as bad as ATT. cancelling service.


like charter but hate that we have to pay so much just so charter can pay for all their TV air time!!!! Less commercials please, we are not stupid, we do know those commercials cost a lot and you need less of them and better prices!! Stop all the (most ) commercials!!!!

Customer Service

Whenever I call Charter Customer Service I want to to talk with a person.I have to answer all kinds of questions and after waiting a long time I finally get a real person.Give me this option right away and not 15 minutes later.

Channel Lineup/ Changes

Changing the lineup of chanels and adding more Spanish chanels has me thinking of dropping you, and advising my friends to do the same. I do not know what you were thinking. Who ever is in charge of programing should look for new work. This is America not Mexico.

New Customer

New customer, cant get install at my schedule, this company is a joke

First Amendment

Charter blocks anything of mine, coming or going, that contains a large amount of email addresses, whether in the Body or as an Attachment. They tell me to send an 'Unblock Me' email to Charter.com, but after almost two years they will not respond. Not even a phone call or email trying to help me. Now I can even download my Mailing List from ixwebhosting Server. They consider all the above as Spam. How Stupid can they get? These are not Emails, They are addresses.

Pedistal in RV access

I went to the local office and asked if the pedistal could be moved about three feet so that it would be on the property line so that I would have full access to park my RV, they told me that tyhey would have someone from construction come and check it out, as of todate they have not called. that has been almost three weeks.

customer service

terrible service

Tech support

We want to commend tech no. 3352 out of Chatham ny office. He was able to trouble shoot and resolve our tech issues. He displayed a very intelligent and professional approach. This is a rating for tech not office.

daughter of Charter TV customer

You have the worst customer service I have ever come across. I have had technicians not show up, customer service people set up appointment a week after they promise. The change from analogue to digital has been a horrendous experience. As of Aug. 26th, the day Charter TV went digital my mother (bedridden senior) has had no TV reception. I picked up the new boxes, had them installed and they worked for one and a half days. I have made numerous calls and been promised a technician would come out and then to be told the date was a week from the date promised. I am talking or at least trying to talk with people who are in a different location than the local office. Most are difficult to understand because they speak broken English. I am ready to cancel Charter as my TV provider and go with satellite TV instead. You should have foreseen the need for more technicians when switching over from one system to the next.

You guys suck your supervisors working for you suck! Your staff needs to learn your protocols and customer service. You as a corporation are scamming your clients! I will be canceling my services with you as a whole and I will also advise all my friends and family whom I've recommended (who in fact regret every decision they made in switching to charter). I am embarrassed for you as a company. Be happy I eve vaccinated gave you one star!

Unacceptable service

I have been waiting for a refund for a month and half and when I call I am told they are too busy, maybe next month when service requests slow down. If I am late paying I get charged $8. Charter should pay me $8 for every month they are too busy to refund my money.


We are moving into a new home...one of approximately 40 in a new area. Charter is 1 1/2 miles from us per the 800 number customer service. They told us to go to the local office in Maryville, IL to request service be extended to the area. We were shut down immediately. They said they have no interest in expanding their coverage area to us...and said they had no interest in surveying to determine accessibility or future interest. Not only are they a monopoly in our area, but are arrogant about it.

I hate charter!

Terrible internet service!! The wifi is always out and I can never get a hold of anyone in customer service!!!!! Every number for charter is busy or it disconnects. Way to go charter!

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