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You guys suck your supervisors working for you suck! Your staff needs to learn your protocols and customer service. You as a corporation are scamming your clients! I will be canceling my services with you as a whole and I will also advise all my friends and family whom I've recommended (who in fact regret every decision they made in switching to charter). I am embarrassed for you as a company. Be happy I eve vaccinated gave you one star!

Unacceptable service

I have been waiting for a refund for a month and half and when I call I am told they are too busy, maybe next month when service requests slow down. If I am late paying I get charged $8. Charter should pay me $8 for every month they are too busy to refund my money.


We are moving into a new home...one of approximately 40 in a new area. Charter is 1 1/2 miles from us per the 800 number customer service. They told us to go to the local office in Maryville, IL to request service be extended to the area. We were shut down immediately. They said they have no interest in expanding their coverage area to us...and said they had no interest in surveying to determine accessibility or future interest. Not only are they a monopoly in our area, but are arrogant about it.

I hate charter!

Terrible internet service!! The wifi is always out and I can never get a hold of anyone in customer service!!!!! Every number for charter is busy or it disconnects. Way to go charter!

wenatchee charter

I see I am not the only one who feels this company is sorely lacking in customer service. I was told the boxes for HD were free for a year then got a bill charging me 6.99 each-when I went to the Wenatchee office the young woman there said-oh, you were too late-NOT WHAT THEY TOLD ME and she said just bring the boxes back and we will cancel-sounds good to me...don't need them-they don't need me.

They are starting to act like the rest of the companies and start changing the prices once they get you as a customer. Now they charge for hook up when it used to be free. The channels they offer for tv are horrible unless you buy the top channel packages. The cheapest is the price of one of the other 250 packages. Horrible customer service .....the argue with you and tell you that everyone else is terrible...they push the internet...while the internet is not the only service people want they want good tv also.


I just paid my internet bill to a tec got a paent slip with name on on it two days later my internet was turn off i called them they said i see where you made a payment but it was caught off at the poin so you have to pay 30 plus a reconnect fee i told them to forget it have not had imternet since it sucks

Horrible customer service

Cable was disconnected after paying past due balance 2 weeks ago disconnected cable because of new bill cycle was never told by rep that cable would be disconnected in next 2 weeks without payment while paying past due balance spoke to supervisor and manager still no assistance only thing they said they will do is train the person I spoke with now I have to find a different cable company or else I'm forced to pay twice in one month

terrible company

Poor customer service. I have had nothing but problems. Have had over 20 different techs to my house over 10 hours on the phone in just a year time. And my problems are still here don't fix tomorrow. It is legal time...... would never refer them to anyone. The worst company to deal with by far. Just as bad as amen mo.............I would give no stars if it would let me

terrible company

This is the worse company I have ever dealt with. They have tried to fix my problem 4 times in last month--missed multiple appointments--only offered me $20 for inconvenience. I am looking for another cable company!!!!


Charter is the most incompetent organization I have ever seen operate. Between the government and Charter I do not know which one is more inefficient. I have had their service in my business for about a month and have had nothing but problem after problem. When you call customer service you will wait a minimum of 1 hour. They are pathetic!

How to lose customers

Charter will tell you anything they think you want to here. In Western NC, support center in Asheville gives you one line but the Franchise office in Marion will give you something else. Thus far I have had three confirmed install windows and the Tech missed all 3. The latest one the agent told me to hold while he looked into it and I wound up with an ear full of dead air.


there service stinks. i would recommend direct tv. i think i might go back

HORRIBLE Customer Service

I called Charter in regards of my bill and Scot the representative did not let me speak, he kept interrupting me and wanted to transfer me to the disconnect department, which I did not ask for. This was the worst experience I ever had.

Digital switch

I have filed 3 cases with Charter trying to get an account executive to contact me to facilitate our 48 condos setting up individual accounts to get digital service......no one calls.....pathetic!!!!!!!!


charter is the worst !

Charter stinks ....

I've been without Internet and TV for 2 weeks. They keep saying they are sending a supervisor and lineman yet no one shows up out of 11 appts only 4 ppl have shown up ... No service at all. Yet they call and have the gall to want money? What's wrong with this picture? They just think they get money for no service? This is the worst company why don't we have a choice between 2 cable companies. Other states do!!! I'm done with Charter.

Charters service stinks

Charter sent out someone tonight only because corporate made them. I've been without service for 2 weeks.. Great it Worked for 2 .5 hours after the guy left and guess what. I'm out again and the office can't fix it!!! This is absolutely ridiculous. Why can't they donut brightness FIRST TIME!!! Not in several visits over two weeks and then frustrate me by not showing up for 75% of the scheduled visits.

charter mobile

I have been working two weeks trying to get windows live to send messages. I have put in all the mobile setting and it still doesn't work. Human access for help is impossible

The WORST customer service ever

I would highly recommend that you never do business with Charter. The amount of time I have spent talking to people in different cities who give different answers to the same question, and the inability to get problems that they created fixed is beyond belief.

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