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HORRIBLE Customer Service

I called Charter in regards of my bill and Scot the representative did not let me speak, he kept interrupting me and wanted to transfer me to the disconnect department, which I did not ask for. This was the worst experience I ever had.

Digital switch

I have filed 3 cases with Charter trying to get an account executive to contact me to facilitate our 48 condos setting up individual accounts to get digital service......no one calls.....pathetic!!!!!!!!


charter is the worst !

Charter stinks ....

I've been without Internet and TV for 2 weeks. They keep saying they are sending a supervisor and lineman yet no one shows up out of 11 appts only 4 ppl have shown up ... No service at all. Yet they call and have the gall to want money? What's wrong with this picture? They just think they get money for no service? This is the worst company why don't we have a choice between 2 cable companies. Other states do!!! I'm done with Charter.

Charters service stinks

Charter sent out someone tonight only because corporate made them. I've been without service for 2 weeks.. Great it Worked for 2 .5 hours after the guy left and guess what. I'm out again and the office can't fix it!!! This is absolutely ridiculous. Why can't they donut brightness FIRST TIME!!! Not in several visits over two weeks and then frustrate me by not showing up for 75% of the scheduled visits.

charter mobile

I have been working two weeks trying to get windows live to send messages. I have put in all the mobile setting and it still doesn't work. Human access for help is impossible

The WORST customer service ever

I would highly recommend that you never do business with Charter. The amount of time I have spent talking to people in different cities who give different answers to the same question, and the inability to get problems that they created fixed is beyond belief.


Charter communication is a big rip off they take your payment then lose it and tell you it was not paid. they turn of your service and keep billing you for the service that you no longer have. have talked to so many people on this and found out the left hand dose not know what the right hand dose. Now my next step is to call the Police and make a report for theft for Charter and Carters CEO for the money that they took for me.

Horrible service

Horrible service; unannounced visits: no show to scheduled appointments; they think they're doing you a favor by talking to you; they hang up on you; impatient agents; lack of training; disrespect senior citizens; on and on and on. Need to talk to the president and chairman of the company. What is going on with you? Look at the one star reviews you're getting. I give you a minus on your service.

Lack of morals/ethics

Received a follow up call from corporate after a submitting a BBB complaint. Corporate referred my complaint to a person who had not educated herself in my complaint, attempted to blame technicians Ar representatives..I refused to participate in the scapegoatism. I attempted to explain it was the system and I had requested an audit of my account. The lack of PR skills is amazing...since she said " trust me" for the third time, I hung up.I refuse to be frustrated on my only day off with ignorance.

Fiscal Manager

We have been trying for 2 years to have this service installed in our house and this Company will not work with us. The service is in our area but across the street. We live 1200 feet off the road and we are willing to run the wire from our house to the street and these people will not even talk to us. I cannot understand in this time of very tight fiscal constraints that a company is just not willing to work with you to acquire their service.

Beyond frustrating...

I've been missing 144 channels for six weeks now (plus I have no access to On Demand services). Burned 4 days waiting around for 4 different techs to come by (only 3 showed up and 2 of the 3 were subcontractors, not Charter employees) only to have them tell me that they don't know what the problem is. No follow up from Charter and each time I called to try and keep the ball rolling they wanted to start from the beginning and try resetting from their end (for the 7th time). This is just ridiculous.

Billing Errors

After a long term discussion with a sales rep, I decided to switch my telephone to Charter fro Frontier. My business already was an Internet customer. Today I received the first full billing and it was 33% higher than discussed with the sales rep. When calling the billing dept. was told that's what you signed for and we can cut some services to lower the bill. What a bait and switch. It's similar to what they do on the residential side when they advertise on TV a price that's at least 20% lower than existing customers. It's too bad that as a customer our options are limited.

Worst Company ever dealt with

I would not recommend this lousy Company to anyone. There is no communication, have written letters and no response, technicians I have dealt with didn't know what they are doing, Office workers were rude. How can a company like this be in business? I have lived in Illinois and Florida and have had satellite and cable and never have I dealt with such a dysfunctional Company as Charter that offers terrible customer service and doesn't even care. I wrote this of our experience this year and they don't even take the time to respond. If you get ads in the mail for them, quickly tear it up and put it in the trash.


they suck they would no tlet me pay my bill 3 days late

Senior discount

I understand that charter has deal for people on housing and entitlement programs maybe you can get on one of those low prices

Sorry Service

Charter has called my house five times this morning and do not leave message. I called yesterday about getting time to pay my bill on 24th and they said no go. They can not extend time to pay bill anymore. This is a new rule that they have not let no one know about. This means that my service including phone will be turned off Saturday. I have tired to tell them that I will pay my pass due amount on 23rd but no go rules have changed, so guess will get 10 phones calls every day until SATURDAY and then no service. One way people on Monthly income get treated

For the Corp

One major question for the Charter Corporate office why don't you guys ever answer us when we call if you guys have Techs and workers that is making Charter look bad cause of poor service or rude customer service workers then you should listen and answer us.


Well you know what's really funny is about 6 months ago when I had everything hooked up 2 HD Boxes 3 Regular boxes, The one Tech guy had hooked up to my TV it shorted out blew a breaker in the house and melted the HDMI Cable and the Input on my TV & you know what they said it was caused from a bad ground from our Electric Company so for 6 months they had me in a Damage Claim & finally they said it was denied do to a Bad Ground and it wasn't the Techs fault or faulty equipment the funny thing is I talked to someone through Dish Network that said her Friend had the same issue with charter where they blew his TV up a 60" exact same thing happened to mine you know what they said it was do to a bad ground from there Electric company so Charter likes to point Fingers at everyone its so funny.

Face the Truth

every time I post something Charter will not submit it for the recent Review I know what you mean I had a HD box that only works off components will not work off the HDMI cable I have called the 1-800# so finally I took it back to the local store and replaced it.

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