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Half-Size Shoes

Can Charlotte Russe company started making there shoes and half-size because i love there shoes so much but the 9 is too tight and the size 10 is way to big.

Horrible customer service

First time I had a problem with an even exchange. Even with tags and receipt I wasn't able to do an even exchange I (a 20yr old young woman) had to ask my mom to exchange it for me because I felt like there was no respect from the employees. Second problem was being charged twice. Even after I showed my bank statement they didn't want to refund me the money they stole from me. Horrible customer service I would not recommend shopping there.

Thieving Manager

The Charlotte rousse in Miami Florida dolphin mall has terrible customer service. The woman at the register and the manager stole three dollars and denied that they still had it and claimed to have given it back. They are terrible and i wouldn't recommend this Charlotte rousse to anyone. It is terrible when a manager cannot step in and do the right thing. This store is under bad management and needs a new manager as soon as possible.

horrible customer service false return policy

If you're shopping online read your return to store policy on your packing slip ...it is not accurate! They wouldn't even do an even exchange the uneducated, rude associate told us to send it back!! I called to complain, but got a call center not Charlotte Russe!! Will never allow my children to shop here in store or online again!!! Will be sending a letter to corporate office as well! Shop only at Forever 21 for your teenage girls, they actually stand by their return policy and always make sure you're aware of it when purchasing in the store!!! Hmmmm maybe they actually train their associates!!

poor quality

Bought my daughter a pair of boots and within two months they ripped. Contacted customer service to be told that if it had happened within their 30 day return policy, and had not been worn we could return them. I guess they don't stand behind their products as I am sure the boots would not have ripped had my daughter not worn them. Will not be shopping there anymore.

Rude manager

I love shopping at Charlotte Russe! I've worked in a known retail store in the mall before and know how it is when it comes to customers, loss and prevention and that all employees should always be on guard and watch their store for stealing but recently this manager and employees makes it so obvious and have attitudes towards customers who they think may be stealing. I've seen others and myself feel uncomfortable and targeted when I'm minding my own business just to shop and get out. I mean, there are good customers with good intention and won't steal, too! I hope this gets to HQ of Charlotte Russe but I doubt it.

hi I would like to know why charlotte russe store 61 cutting off people hours .when they hiring more people .


I just attended a store employee meeting about customer service, loss prevention ect. and I was really annoyed through out the entire meeting. Managers complain everyday about how much merchandise is lost, yet there is nothing being done about it. I suggest that bringing cameras into the store or even a simple security guard to do a walk through of the store every once in a while would help a ton, and all that was said was that it was absurd to do that and that it would be too costly and that was a dumb idea, but that response is completely stupid because the money saved from all the theft would be able to purchase the cameras and mall security guards will do that for free. I personally think that corporate needs to consider this because honestly I am sick and tired of being yelled at for theft when clearly there can be something done. Does corporate not understand that theft is such a huge problem and that their losing tons and tons of money everyday! How stupid!

dont deserve a rating

I went to purchase some items at the Chesterfield store in Chesterfield Mo. I gave the manager my gift card to swipe. She swiped it and told me it was invalid. She looked at the card and asked for my i.d. Then she start asking where did yhe card come from, that was out of order. When i called.customer service they told me the $$$ amount that was on the card. So i returned to the store and the her to key the card in instead of swiping it, it worked. But as a manager you should.have.known what to do. Im a black female, so u know how that made me feel. I didnt make the purchase at that store. I went to West County Mall and didnt have a problem at all. So thumbs up to the employees that helped me. Thanks!!!! Never will go back to the Chesterfield location.

no gift cards available?

Warwick RI store has NO gift cards..for two weeks now! Don't you want the business?

Return policy

The return policy sucks and the sandals are poor quality. Maybe if they plan on keeping the customers they have, they might want to change some things. Lots of people complaining on here.

Poor service

Shopping at VRC store in Eugene, OR...disappointing. With the exception of 1 employee in the dressing room area who was helpful. The others were bordering on rude and were huddled together in some private social conversation in the middle of the store. I appreciate professional service but whichever one is in charge shouldn't be. I will be directing my teenager and our $$ elsewhere.


I have to say I work at the location in Vernon hills il an reading these comments is very hard an unsettling. We're a great company an for me, my manager is on top of everything. The store is always stoppable an we have had great complements on the store an us as employees. Contact the regional managers an file your complaints, an I'm sorry you all had to go through that all but I know we only want to help an serve our customers.

Dirty Store

Someone should take a trip and visit your store in Boynton Beach, FL in the Boynton Beach Mall. I stopped in there today and could not stay more than 5 minutes due to the dirty musty smell. The carpets are so stained and visibly soiled that I can not believe a manager has not stepped up and demanded a store face lift. Ugh what a mess. Pay attention to detail please.

Pathetic excuse of a company

This is one of the saddest and greediest experiences in shopping I've ever had. I honestly think I get better customer service buying fake bags on canal st in NYC jumping into vans and going in hidden rooms. The customer service is a joke, they are careless, lazy and slow, the products they make are absolute garbage and they will not back their products in any way by exchanging any wrong or damaged items. When you try to tell them there was a problem on their Facebook page they ignore it and don't post it. Can't wait to see this company crash and burn thanks to their greed and the animals that run it!



Clothes are of cheap material & not well-made. If the items rip after you buy them and when you first put them on, they do not give you refund. They do not believe in warranty that the goods have to at least withstand a few wears. Customer service is outsourced to IMOTRAC (I am not sure of spelling) in Colorado. Neither executives in corporate office or customer service ever call back..

The customer service is here is unreliable, rude, and lazy. I just talked to a women on the phone to help with my shipping order that was over one hundred dollars and she had did not once check or get help with the supervisor because this problem was out of her hands. I am never ordering anything from this place again.

charlotte russe is not good

i ordered a shoe and they sent me someone else's order ,now they want me to pay for the shoe because when i ordered the shoe it was on sale now its not, i should not have to pay for the shoe because they messed up my order.

My daughter and I were at the Chapel Hills Mall Charlotte Russe today. This store had hired a male and had given him responsibility to be back in the dressing room area with the gals....opening rooms and having access to the area while they were undressing and dressing. Does this concern any other mothers?

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