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class action suite

Absolutely no customer service

I am a Captain of a Volunteer fire department and my husband has been trying to have someone call him back about a engine that is on a pump that pumps water from our tanker. Can't seem to get a response. need a response soon.

Employee Conduct

These are the types of people working for this company. I will NEVER support his product. See facebook posts from Jon Stenger out of Bluff, Missouri posted on 7/16 @ 3:35 pm. He is calling people the "N" word all over Facebook and having no Regard for anyone....for no reason at all. I will NEVER support a business that hires people like that to represent them. You will never see a dollar of my hard earned Money...EVER! I usually let things slide..but he has disgraced your company and himself in such a way...I had to speak up. I hope you entertain the idea of ethics training for your employees. I am embarrassed for you.


ordering parts

What was a simple order process turned in to a nightmare. I researched a part number, called it in; then I was corrected by Briggs employee to the right part number. Bought it, recieved it and it was wrong. After several phone calls I still have not been able to get a RMA or the right part. Out of my money and frustrated. So sad.

20kW home generator

I spent nearly $9,000.00 on a Piece of garbage. Installed less than a year, multiple different parts failures. Customer service is a joke. Field rep won't return phone calls. really? Whoever is calling "Oscar" out should look in a mirror. This company deserves to go under.



Corporate Office Contact

For business purposes I called the Corporate Office in Milwaukee and B & S is one of those companies that require you have a name to be contacted to or the search stops there. Of course no one at the local levels DC's have a name. Nightmare of a sales guy. the old term: "whose on first". Personally I have used there products probably 50+ yrs, yes I was a kid mowing lawns for spending money.

not good

Well let's see my mom bought one of there mowers and had 1 good summer out of it. She went to mow the next summer, oh boy nothing but problems. She took the mower in and nothing was under warranty. It had to do with the carb & other things. The carbs in these mowers are built week & wrong & not covered under warranty. They know this is a prob too!! You get the littlest bit of dirt/sand in them & they're shot. Had it back for a month, had to go back in for another problem, not covered either. Go figure! Had it back a week & had to take it back, WOW REALLY! The pull with no choke dilly oh is a joke. They know this too. It gets heated & doesn't want to work. Now back at home again I was mowing & took a brake it wouldn't start. I had to wait 20 mins then it started. I stopped for a min & tried to start it, it wouldn't AGAIN! ummmmm 20 mins later it did. Went into Home Depot & they said it's a malfunction of all the mowers. Again they know this & again nothing covered under WARRANTY. I wouldn't buy there products. Oh & Home Depot says they get several in a week for the carbs & automatic pull choke.

company does not stand behind product

I have been using this company for years. The first time I have a problem they are no where to be found. The manufacturer of the ride on ( Poulan) offered money to help fix the engine dspite having no liability for the engine itself. Briggs on the other hand is out right lying saying that there was insufficient oil which is an outright lie. I have witnesses which I gave to them but they still deny my claim. There is a reason people spend more for a Honda. I always thought spending more for a Honda was a waste but not anymore. I will tell everyone I know about the terrible service I received and how thy do not stand by there product when you need them most.

fairlane 20"

In 1970 I purchased a Fairlane 20" mower for $29.99 and in 2013 my mower still starts on the first try..It is the only mover I have ever owned..the ease of buying new parts and following the manual has keep my mower in top-notch condition for 43 years. ACE hardware sells all of the mowers replacement parts and that is a plus also. If this keeps up I see another 43 years in the future!!

Generator problems

Purchased a 20kw Briggs and Stratton generator. The generator had multiple problems- damaged electrical board, oil leak, fouled spark plugs and moisture in oil- all within three months after it was installed. Terrible service to get it repaired. DO NOT PURCHASE A BRIGGS & STRATTON GENERATOR.

I am disappointed to read the several product performance comments on this site. I have a 5 year old Craftsman tractor with a 31P777 B&S engine. A local B&S dealer just replaced the head gasket for the third time! Even the dealers claim that the engines are not as well manufactured, nor do the engines have the necessary torque specs. I have a Wheelhorse tractor with B&S engine, 30 years old, that does not burn oil yet and has never been disassembled for repairs. Sad commentary.

I decided to purchase a Toro mower from Home Depot with a Briggs and Stratton engine as opposed to a Honda product, which I typically bought in the past. After 2 months of limited use, between May and June of 2012, the carburetor starting leaking fuel. You can only imagine my surprise to learn that repair for this was not covered under the Briggs and Stratton Warranty since there is no way to prove damage was not caused by using contaminated or stale fuel. This was a 2 month old carburetor. Do we really think this was due to fuel contamination purchased from a provider in May or faulty workmanship?

2001 scotts tractor faithfully maintaine oil and filter and air filter 3 yrs on it crank let go took out the block.2005troy bilt 18.5 hp briggs same service rod thru the side of the block.reg grass mowing nothing heavy duty,real junk.I remember when they were great,Shame.

The Weedeater lawn mower and edger is the worst piece of equipment I have ever brought and will NEVER buy one again. I brought a lawn mower and used it two (2) times. When I started to use it the third (3) time, it started smoking. I took it to a Briggs and Stratton dealer and they said it was not under warranty and charged me to fix it. I tried to use it a week ago and it messed up again. The weed eater I brought never worked. It would charge up and I could use it for maybe five minutes. Can't get anything from the dealer.

I've bought 2 B&S 22hp engines in the last 5 years. I agree with Oscar all their engines are crap. In newer machinery. I have a 22 inch mower that's B&S that's 15 years old. That mower I swear will never die. But don't waste your money on today's products, unless you like to blow money and all your precious time fixing and rebuilding the engine. I check the oil everyday before use. Theres no reason the engine should fail with limited use. I change the oil on a regular basis. I trurly believe the once great American companies are only now out for themselves and by doing so, will be a thing of the past like all manufacturing jobs in America. And just like my 1st engine it sucked a screw end sheared off inside the air intake. Making my cylinder blow up. Thanks B&S for your dependable as you call it rngines

I purchased a TROY BUILT SUPER BRONCO TILLER in 2002 with a BS 5ph Intek engine. While the engine has performed well with no breakdowns I have had a chronic problem with water getting into the fuel if the tiller is rained on. I dont regularly leave it outdoors, but do occasionally since my under roof storage is 100 yards from my garden. In each case, the remedy was taking the bowl off the carb and letting the water drain out of the tank. I looked carefully and was baffled on how the water could get in the tank. I recently removed the tank to replace the fuel line which had sprung a small leak. With the tank off I found the problem. Several, perhaps a dozen small hairline cracks in the plastic fuel tank. Water was obviously leaking into the tank at the site of the cracks.... Even tho several years old, I am disappointed in my "self destruct" plastic fuel tank provided to me by Troy Built and BS. I will order another tank because I have to. But when I need another engine, I am going to Harbor Freight and buy one of the Chinese models. They have a metal gas tank and cost a third of BS equivalent. Both engines should be considered disposable anyway. I am not likely to buy any more equipment powered by BS.

BandS stands for bullshit and that is what I think of their product. I had a snapper lwn mower and the engine was bad from day one. The dealer said it waws normal to hase metal in oil when changing oil.When I contacted BS they said I didnt change air cleaner. I changed filter 3 time a day and oil 6 times a day.The first snapper I had lasted 25 years but they make better engines in years past. CEO Todd Taske makes 750.000 and year with incentive of 1.000.000 a year. They assambley the engines here but I think they get the part from China.

Bought a nice electric start lawnmower; used it four times stopped out of no where. I am a mechanic and checked the oil was in there had it transported to a local dealer who was more than rude and informed me there wasnt any oil in the engine which I knew better. Contacted customer service which took forever to get a service rep out finally got tired of waiting for an answer lawnmower was in shop end of sept it is now dec 14 was told last week was not covered under warranty only had the lawnmower less than 40 days was paying 40 week from a friend to cut my grass while waiting for a response; yeah not covered under warranty low on oil really? I'm a mechanic and even checked it before it was transported and checked and the oil did not spill in transport the customer service told me not to contact the dealer due to the way he was talking and handling things than customer service told me it wasnt covered and guess who just called the dealership today me to be informed it wasnt worth buying a motor and my lawnmower is in pieces and I could come pick it up!!!!!! Thanks for the great service and I regret all items I have in my garage from this company now I'm out of the money for the lawnmower; the money to pay for the yard while waiting for a decision to pick up my lawnmower in peices worth absolutely nothing....merry christmas to me do not buy their products....after 4 uses and the lie of no oil in engine I am stuck with parts coming back home...Thanks to all!!!!!!! I am looking for the CEO address to write a nice letter and I will find it and do it.........

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