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living in kendall area, working in seafood company, I bring my friends from costa rica , they order mahimahi dish, and Mahimahi it was not mahimahi....!!!

Pumpkin Raviloi

Bring back told recipe for pumpkin ravioli!! I have been waiting for this all fall and it's not nearly as good. I will not be back until they do. Stop changing things that aren't broken.

Consistently Good

We love Bonefish Grill in Vero Beach, FL. The food is consistently good, servers are helpful and whether its 2 or 8 diners we've always had great service and great food.

Independence OH no veggie

In continuing on the experience from last night... Couscous was offered as the seasonal vegetable? Couscous is a grain last I checked. Also when I asked about a gluten free choice you were allowed to substitute the couscous with "only a $1 up charge" oh thanks for discriminating against gluten free people who can't eat grains as their vegetable! What?..

Bonefish Biloxi, Ms.

What happened to the food quality? Terrible! Servers were eating off of a plate in plain view and our food was undercooked and cold! I will never go back! Uggh!!

After our experience last night at Bonefish Grill, We are having to hire an attorney. My tongue is burnt beyond belief from one of the sauces. I had my husband and bartender touch the sauce and it burnt them both. You will be contacted.

Worst experience ever

Visited the South Tampa location for dinner and it was the worst experience and completely ruined our celebration. It is really unfortunate since this is my son's favorite restaurant. Please contact me if you would like to discuss further.

I love Bonefish Grill - never disappoints until I was offered couscous as the "seasonal vegetable". Really? Couscous? "Couscous is not a vegetable" I said to my waiter. He replied "I know. It's corporate. Tell them". I said that I would. Please offer a vegetable if a entrée comes with a seasonal vegetable. Thank you.

coconut pie

Bring back the coconut pie. It should never have been taken off the menu.

Why isn't your coconut pie on the menu anymore? BEST pie ever!!

Keep out large Groups

I have called twice to make a reservation to celebrate a birthday at Bonefish in Brentwood, mo. Each time they have told me they will not take a reservation for that many. The first time was during the holidays so I may be able to understand that. Why would you not want to know you have a large party coming into dine that night. After reading some of the reviews I don't think it would have been happy anyway. I guess I should be glad.

my first and last time

The food was horrible and the portion of food was too small and there manager is not concern about the customers need.. I got sick in the middle of eating the food notify a manger someone said he would get back with me and two days later haven't heard from him yet, I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone....... terrible terrible terrible.


Lancaster PA: Long unexplained waiting time, poorly prepared food, unusable handicapped bathroom stall.

favorite restaurant

I am visiting the villages, Florida and I have eaten in the bonefish restaurant twice and it was absolutely perfect and the most delicious food. My compliment to the chef. I loved it.

food changes

Bang-bang tocos - They have been ruined by downsizing to a bite size in a crispy shell. Forget the way they use to be - soft shell with more than 3 shrimp Coconut pie - took it off menu. Was best pie. Management - If something works - leave alone or expect to loose business.

Bone Fish Grill Getting worse and Worse

WEnt out to Dinner with my 6 year old and wife is is was by far the worst food I have ever had !! I have been going to Bone Fish for 6 years and I am so upset on how bad the food and service has gotten. This chain should take a closer look at improving rather then handing out Bang Bang shrimp free cards! They should close and let a another chain have the business. NOT GOOD!!!!

too spicy

The other day we went to Bonefish. We like the food there, so I thought that I would try the"new," menu item. Fettucine either with chicken, shrimp or salmon. I tried the chicken and it was too spicy plus that was not fettucine that I was eating, it was long thick Pennsylvania Dutch noodles. Fettucine is long and thin strands of pasta. Don't deceive the customers, they won't come back. Serve what you mean. I still would go to the restaurant. The fish meals are great. Just change the "new," to the real thing as to what people expect.

Terrible manager

Bone fish located in Lehigh Valley Pa has excellent food but the new manager put in place is unprofessional and treats his employees with no respect. It was clear when we observed the manager who was reading magazines on a Saturday night that none of the employees like him nor did it seem he liked his managerial position. If numbers are down in this establishment I would look at the manager.

Stopping in to pick up some dinner and relax

I'm not sure what happened to our beloved Novi Bone Fish Grill but it has become painful to stop for food or drinks much less a carry out. Who is running this ship it seems to have lost it's captain. Two years ago everything changed it was well run Everyone was friendly all the "arrows" pointed in th same direction "customer care / service, good food. Now.... Wait maybe the bartender will ask you if you would like a cocktail and I mean maybe. Good luck with that carry out .

New House Salad w/ Salmon

We are fulltime residents of Naples, FL and eat at Bonefish several times a month, Tonight's group was 9 people, and 4 of us ordered the "new" house salad with grilled salmon. While the meal was well prepared and artfully presented, it is a sad replacement for the previous salad with grilled salmon. PLEASE bring back the "OLD" version!

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