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If I could this creditor a 0 I would. TRied to contact multiple times was continually put on hold for over an hour. Never did get to speak to anyone .

No company worse

This bank, over a years time, kept issuing my credit card to fraudulent people who claimed to be me, sending the cards overnight and charging my account $39 each time. I spoke to numerous people who would claim it would never happen again. After a year, I finally cancelled the account entirely and paid my final bill. They now have the audacity to report a slow payment credit history to the credit bureau. NEVER did I ever pay an interest charge for being late. Forget trying to contact corporate office in Delaware. Thinking of suing them.HORRIBLE COMPANY1

it would not be good for our investors

If I could give them no stars I would... Have paid my credit cards, most of the time on time. My bad. But when I called to transfer balances between Barclay cards they tell me that is against the RULES. As well the customer service MGR. said "it would not be good for our investors". Now tell me how that is good customer service. You are 2nd rate if you are not an investor.

They are great at lying to and ripping off customers.

Lousy customer service. Lie to customers. Loan shark interest rates. They advertise low interest rates then when you call to get them they tell you they do not exist. Supervisor Simone ID TPBCAL and rep Chris ID TPBCIT do not seem to know what they are talking about since they both give different information. If you do not mind getting robbed blind and lied to they are a great bank to deal with.


I was asked by US Airways as a first class passenger weekly to join this new promotion of there's with Barclay card services. As i soon learned it was all a lie and scam, by Barclays USA, so i informed US Airways to my future flights and stop my frequent flyers account. Being mislead by Barclays is one thing but to be lied too is the last draw. I now will no longer fly US Airways or invest in Barclays.

Abusive Company

A Barclay employee restricted my entry to an Airplane in Atlanta until I completed a Credit Card application. For 6 years I suffered at the hand of erroneous charges, then just before transferring the account to Chase they entered $2000 of charges to an account for which I had no knowledge. Now Chase cannot remove the charges and Barclay refuses to respond to the complaint.

Bad business

Something so simple to get me credit and this place thought I was going to take all of them to the bank for a merely 800.00 bucks and I could have paid them off in four to six months.Besides these people are like car dealers,they are everywhere.

Barclays is the worst!!

After spending over an hour trying to speak with someone just to get a correct address to send my card application to, i never did get the right information. I called Barclays long distance, not using a toll free number hoping to speak with a local person and still got the outsourced service!! They lost my first application which had my social security number on it and now i'm trying to get a physical address so i can fedex my form. Such incompetence is unbelievable!! I'm just greedy for the free 40,000 miles i guess .... never had such a bad experience with any credit card company ever!!!

Intrest rate

Hi i'v had this card for 2 years now and 1 time i was 1 day late and payed it right away when i found out. after that they changed my rate all the way to 29% , now i keep calling evey 3 month because i pay my bill double and on time and they keep saying it will be reviewed and keep telling me sorry but this is the best we can offer. I said am i a bad customer and they said no you have been very good on my payments so i said then why won't you help me . They keep say sorry and this is all they can do and they will keep revieing it. this sucks i'm going to cut up the card and never us it again then they won't have me as a customer at all. I guess they just don't care.Just want to take peoples money because they can. I'm going to contact the BBB to tell them what there doing.

They suck

went on a carnival cruise applied for the card to get some free goodies on the ship. came home 2200 on the card from the cruise that we paid off in full. They said we were a day late and there was a late fee of 35 plus interest on the late fee. we called them they said they would waive the late fee as a courtesy so there would be no interest charge and the account was 0. 4 months later they keep sending me bills for $56 and you can only speak to people in the south pacific!!! each time we called they said the would correct it agagin and we had a zero balance. They called again toay said I had 2 accounts one with a zero balance and another showing $56 ARGH!!!

This has been the worst experience ever. Please check your credit reports...barclay bank has incorrectly placed indicators on my report because i made early payments.. sounds crazy...i just checked my report and now i must find a customer service representative....that will assist me in having this removed...help!

They suck, could not log onto the website to view my account. After over an hour and a half of messing around with a "technical" employee I finally asked for a supervisor and waited over 5 minutes for one, was told I would have to wait longer. I asked for the busy supervisor to please call me and was told it would take 24-48 hours for one to contact me, was asked for my phone number so I said it was the one on file and said for her to read it back to me. Was told they could not give out any info even after I told her everything about me. I then told her to have a supervisor contact me at the number on file and in the meantime I would call corporate. Sure hope they can be reached and maybe understand my problem. When I pay this bill I am shredding my card...

I filed for a balance transfer to be sent to my account. They needed the card number and the P.O. box for the bank for some reason (most banks transfer directly to your account). They then transferred the amount and my bank supposedly received it. I called Barclay and told them i don't see the amount in my account, they tell me to check with my bank. So i did this back and forth with my bank and Barclay a couple times because no one can find this money or see it. So my bank advised me to open a case with Barclay and have them track it on they're end, which i did. So about 20 days later and still not receiving this amount and now needing this for a balance transfer, i still don't have it. Meanwhile this is posted to my account. This affects my total credit available which i now need a little more credit and ask for a line increase to compensate for the lost amount. They not only declined my increase but dropped my credit line on the spot. They basically screwed me with my first balance transfer and then i was hoping to used the checks they sent me for a second transfer but to include the lost amount, they screwed me there as well. A Total insult by this company and i recommend you stay away. Not all the people answering the phones are professional or knowledgeable either. You hear nothing but noise in the background as if they're located in the middle of a swap-meet. Over all, very unprofessional and disrespectful. This company discriminates when possible so have excellent credit and owe no one. I will simply return the original balance transfer or cancel it when ever it appears. Pay off what little that is owed and close my account with Barclay. They do not value me as a Customer or Appreciate my Business. So this company is not deserving of Business. Thank You Reading and i hope this may be of some help you. Robert darktr0per@aol.com

This is probably a waste of time to write this, but perhaps someone will benifit from it so here goes. Some time ago I applied for a USAir Master Card with the promise of a number of airmiles being given when I paid the annual fee and used the card. I did all of that and when the miles were applied they were far less then what was promised. Their fine print says that they have the right to do that. So I closed the account. I fly a lot so again on a USAir trip, the card was offered with a substantial number of miles (40,000) and I again applied for and received the card. I paid the annual fee and used the card. However, my second payment which would have paid the card in full, was applied to the original closed account! So as a result, they had me listed as overdue on my payment! I called customer service and most of the complaints here about them being hard to understand are true from my experience. In any case they DID acknowledge that they made a mistake and will correct it. However it is going to take them from 5-7 Business days to do so!!! I consider that outragious. Now here is the part that could really help a lot of you. Go to your local state court house and ask for papers to file a small claims court case. It is very easy to do - basicaly you fill out the paper with your complaint against the bank and ask for the maximum amount of money that your small claims court allows and then pay a small fee to file it with the court. You have to send the papers (serve them) to the bank. You can do that by doing a search for their servicing agent on line. Just mail it by certified mail to the agent for the bank. In most if not all small claims cases Lawyers can not be used and the bank will have to send someone, probably from a local office, to respond to the Judge when your case is called. You just explain to the Judge what happened and then the bank responds. If you really have a case against the bank (don't bother to do this unless you do) you will likely win a judgement against the bank. However in my experience long before you go to the hearing you will receive a call from the bank and will have a chance to settle this on your terms before this case goes to a hearing. THIS CAN REALLY WORK FOR YOU! I know because I have taken BOA and Chase to small claims and have won my case/s and received what I asked for. If you want to know more, go on-line and search for "small claims case in (your state). Fill in your state and you should find all the info you need.

Anybody have any luck getting to corporate office?

I filed for a Barclays Bank credit line to purchase an Apple computer. I have all the credit cards I need . but I wanted 12-18 months no interest on a Barclays credit line. I have American Express gold Car, Discover card,Bank of America credit card,Capital one credit card, Best buy line of credit $1800. These scumbags refused to give me a line of credit for some bullshit system that they use to qualify clients. They have damaged my credit profile. with false information. I have a score of over 700. These stupid scumbags consider this not sufficient.They also lied about having to much debt vs. credit. which is total bullshit. I intent to make a formal complaint to Florida Attorney General Office. For discrimination against self employed single women. All the reasons they have for refusing me credit are lies. If you are a woman DO NOT USE BARCLAYS BANK OR CREDIT. THEY ;DISCRIMINATE AGAINIST WORKING MIDDLE CLASS WOMEN AND SELF EMPLOYED SINGLE WOMEN.

I'm incensed. I just received an automated "we're dropping you" letter owing to "extended inactivity and information received from an independent credit reporting agency (Transunion)." What is so insane about this is that I've had this USAirways Card since 2010 and have completed paid any charges on time. I also have NO negative information issued to Transunion during that entire time or for seven years BEFORE acquiring the card (actually just checking w/Transunion). My ONLY fault seems to be that I am an "inactive user." Yet alas, as a senior citizen living on fixed-income social security, I've lived "smartly" by avoiding to fall into the kind of "deficit spending" that has put this nation and a good percentage of the planet at severe economic risk. I take severe issue w/Barclay's and USAirway's policy in this manner, and actually CHALLENGE them to honor versus dishonor their reliable, responsible customers!

DO NOT get this card for your business. DO NOT NOT NOT! ANY problem and you are given over to the Customer service in the Phillipeans ..and somebody with a rock for a brain! THEY DONT HAVE A CLUE what you are talking about! and to get a USA customer service they say...sorry mam..dial our number again and again until you get (maybe) an US rep. Otherwise you just waste time and phone minutes. I was on for over 30 just trying to explain the problem of a dispute! After THREE complete tries the woman STILL wanted me to explain it again...WTH!! Find a card with an AMERICAN customer service behind it. I am closting this account for just that reason. Until these banks get it that we AMERICANS want to work WITH AMERICANS they can get all their business from the people they hire for their customer service! Pretty sure that will stop this problem.

Twice now I've made a payment of $3,000.00 and $4,000.00 which was taken out of my bank account immediately applied to my US Airway acc the next day and then put on a 7 to 10 day hold during whichI cold not use the card. They claim it is a large payment so they want to make sure it will clear. IT"S OUT OF MY BANK ACCOUNT. I use to pay off this card at least once a months in full to the tune of $10,000 to $20,000 a month and now 3 to 4 thosand is a large payment? Customer (dis)service is usless. To top it all off, US Airways is possibly the worst airline I have ever flown. I plan on using up my mile through partner airlines and then giving Barclay the heave ho.

Can I give "0" star to this stupid bank managements who create there ridiculers rules? I applied because they sent to me pre-approval! But than I received letter saying they want to have proof of my citizenship. HA-HA...I have 12 credit cards right now,no one bank ever asked me to proof my residency or sitizenship. My credit score is the highest-850, they do have all my info including SS# to check and confirm everything!! Can they getup their asses and check all this info before sending this letter and have future customers refuse to have deal with this absolutely idiotic bank. After I read all "good reviews" I understand, that I got lucky not being part of this mess!!!!!!!!!

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