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After 20 years + being a customer of BB&T I am now in the market for a bank who cares - definitely not them.

BB&T is the worst bank to attain services from. They do not follow their own corporate policies. Moreover, they use discriminatory practices to customers. They falsely accused a person for attacking a person. Dowd didn't even bother to hear the person's side of the story. The person was not even guilty. They closed her account and prohibited the person from returning. This is just wrong. The person tried to sue but they bought the lawyer off.

steal money from working people

BB&t is the worst bank i have ever dealt with. they do whatever it takes to charge overdraft fees on working people. during a ice and snow storm i tried to deposit money my the bank was closed ad i was not going to run to find one. 800 number told me to put in atm(cash) and it would be available. i ended up with 300 overdraft fees. all i have gotten is the round from bank 24. this isnt the first time! i will never go back. they should be fined for this kind of practice or run out of business.

The Worst Bank Ever!!!

Please don't' ever choose BB&T to be your bank. They have been a nightmare from management to the teller.

do not bank

This experience with BBT has been the worse ever. I ADVISE everyone DO NOT BANK with them!


I have been with this bank for a few years and in that time they charge the most fees I have ever seen. Once they let a charge go though when I did not have the full amount available and in return they tried to charge me over $115.00 for their mistake. I have since switched to better bank and would advise you to do the same

Telephone charged

Yesterday, I called to Corporate Office to open a complaint and they charged me $2 for the call "THIEFS"

Overdraft Fee charged

This experience with BB&T Bank has been horrible. It is the worst Bank service received in my live. Always again the client. The incompetence service I had received was in different services. I am a senior person. The online system to make electronic payments doesn't work according to "Online Banking Agreements...." INCOMPETENTE BANK.....

If you are going to rip a company a new one, at least appear intelligent and learn how to spell and use proper grammar, okay? No, not an employee, not even major account holder; just tired of reading messages from people who don't even understand how banks work and can't even spell...

Disgusting Service

I have had a bank account in the State of Florida for 18 years, 17 with Bank America, and now BBT, since they took over my Bank America Branch, The Service at BBT has been deplorable. Now, when I deposit my payroll checks, (they have cleared in two days for 17 years) now BBT takes 9-10 days to clear the checks......absolutely unacceptable!!!!! Holding on to my hard earned money for 9-10 days is robbery, and the persons making these decisions should be fired immediately....as though it were not difficult enough with the collapse of our economy.

bbt deposits

The ATM time is one hr fast in hazel ky. The cut off time is 6 pm..so if you make a deposit at 5:35 the ATM says it is 6:35 so if you are trying to cover automatic payments it is going to give you an overdraft fee which is WRONG...bbt is ripping people off just so they can get an overdraft fee..I made my deposit before the cut off time and because their clock is set an hour fast they bounced a pymt I had coming out which was not a pending transaction..it should've been covered but it wasn't cause bbt is a bunch of crooks who like to take money from people who are struggling..I will be closing my accounts and going somewhere that doesn't steal from the poor..bbt has fees for every little thing... no free checking...have to pay a fee for you to bank with them...no wonder they have to close the hazel branch no one wants to bank with crooks and I gave it one star rating cause it wouldn't let me give it a negative sign

They Stink

These are the worst people in the world, they care not about you or your money, I can teach an ape to do better work than the people who work at this bank. I'm out of here. If I was able to give them a negative rating they would have received it.

Moving all my accounts here

My Father had liens on My Grandmothers property from 1994 & 95 from two banks that merged with other banks. Wells Fargo took over two months and would not release lien though they didn't have paperwork. BB&T's Felicia, resolved in 72 hours & faxed me the payment information which had never been logged by the old bank with the court. I'm moving ALL my personal and business accounts. The local branch in Hudson FL is WONDERFUL. way to go BBT. sorry to see so many discrguntled folks. (p.s leaving Suntrust, they've progressed over the last 10 years from great to horrible like WF. )

bunch of crooks

I have a business account with BBandT. I own a pizza shop in Oviedo FL and I use BBT because they are acroos the street. I requested check images from my local branch so I could submit them to my accountant. They did not let me know how long it would take or even how much it would cost. It took over a month to get all the check images and then about a week later they hit my account for 1900 dollars with no notice no reciept or explanation of charges. NOTHING! I am outraged and regret ever banking with these crooks. I am trying to get some resolution out of it however they have me jumping through hoops and do not seem like they want to help me or give me any of the money back.


BB&T, you really need to teach your associates how bankruptcy works. Signing reaffirmation agreements after bankruptcy is beneficial on the part of the lender. It gives security and allows the lender to collect the deficiency if the debtors ever stop paying and the vehicle has to be repossessed. So why is it so difficult to have one sent over to an attorney's office?! Every single time I try to get a reaffirmation agreement on behalf of our clients from BB&T, I get the runaround and lots of attitude to go with it. If I were a lender, I would happily supply a reaffirmation agreement to anyone that requested, because that would offer me some security that I could collect my money whether or not the payments stop coming. This is the attitude you should teach to your employees. Also, please give you're employees a raise or something, because they are all miserable.

BB = Bad Bank

I was a Bank Atlantic customer before BB&T took over. Bank Atlantic customer service was mediocre at best. BB&T customer service is non-existent. They have had since October to get it right and it got worse. I have opened an account with another bank and have moved all my funds except my IRA. I made the request to move the IRA on March 6 and BB&T is still holding my funds. I can get no answers locally as to what is taking so long. Hoping for some results, I called the corporate office today. Don't even think about dpomg business with this terrible bank!!!


This is the worst bank to do business with. I cannot even get a supervisor's name or number to contact because I am dissatisifed with the customer service. The lady told me flat out, the customers cannot speak with the supervisor. And that if I have a complaint I have to write a letter. This is ridculous!!! I think they should be turned in asap for there poor business skills. Does anyone know who to contact to report this. I feel a customer should be able to speak with a supervisor if they are unhappy at what is going on!! FYI- Do NOT bank with BBT...All they care about is taking your money not the customers!

not mine

I have been having trouble with my home equety line for over six years they have had leins on nine other propertes plus my property this was to have been fixed six years ago but not yet I guess if they are not sure of what they are doing they just put a lein on everthing that has had your name on it at one time or another this is becoming a lot trouble for me and everone one seems to just pass the buck and no one is willing to help somehow this has tured out that Im the one who is going to be screwed over there incompetence

Stuarts Draft Branch

Went to help a disabled elderly person check on changes to their accounts. The employ was very rude to this person. She acted as if the money was hers and had total control of it. Do not know how the others are when dealing with people. This one does not know how to work with the public.


I have been with BB&T for a very long time. I called bb&t to have my debit card put on hold because I missed placed it and it's been a mess every since. BB&T has the worse customer service for a bank I have came in contact with. Terrible just terrible! 01/30/13

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