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Waited all day for a delivery. They never showed and never called. We rescheduled and they were two hours late. When we tried to talk to Armond the manager, he was on the phone and then an hour later he was in a meeting. We're promised a $50 store credit. I'm not confident that they will honor that. No apology was ever offered, just excuses.

first of all i will never buy from ashleys again and they lied and cheated me out of money. they conviced us to by their insurance and when we got a defective footboard we called the insurance and they refused to pay stating that a chiwuawa dog ate the edge of the bed. when i myself was the one who touched the board because it looked weird and the wood fell apart in my hand. they told me that it was their policy not to give a writtendenial just verbal. makes me think what do you have to hide. i will report them to the better business bereau. Allen Goldman you should be ashamed of your self. defrauding people of their hard earned money.

My problem with Ashley furniture is the SAME as all the others. DEFECTIVE FURNITURE, poor quality and NO service. HORRIBLE STORE MANAGERS who are beyond RUDE!!!!!! Once they have your money, you're screwed. We were NOT told that there are NO refunds...even when the furniture is defective. I will be reporting them to the BBB (as everyone has), but it doesn't seem to make any difference. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER do business with Ashley furniture You will be SORRY.



John Jersey Good luck with quality, I purchased thousands of dollars from Ashley's and less then a year and a half with only myself living in home and no one sleeping on sofa my navigator sofa cushion on the right side sits you at a tilt and is breaking down to my surprise not covered under there warranty. DON'T SHOP AT ASHLEY'S THEY DO NOT STAND BEHIND THERE PRODUCT. ALSO THE MECHANISM TO RECLINE AND FOLD SOFA TAKES GODZILLA TO MOVE TO COME OUT ON THIS THEY CHARGE 45.00. The other day in the store looking for 6 THEATER CHAIRS I WAS TOLD IT WAS COVERED FOR 2 YEARS ON PADING AND 5 YEARS ON MECHANISM THIS IS UNTRUE, EVEN THOUGH I BOUGHT EXTENDED WARRENTY. BUY FROM WALKER OR ANYONE ELSE..John jesey

Bought a rug from Ashley Furniture, delivered with a hole in it. Returned, redelivered completely different rug. Paid 5700.00 CASH for bedroom set. Promised it would be delivered within 3 weeks. This was 9 weeks ago. No phone calls were returned when ask, no apologies. Just plain poor customer service. Finally received nightstands and chest but no bed. Was told after 3rd phone call I made to them it would be another 30 days before getting bed. I mean seriously, I paid cash in full. We have 4 rental homes to fully furnish. Guess who's NOT getting our business.

I had been looking at a chair in your Elkton MD store and I figured I see what the sale was on President's day. It stated 30 - 70 % off. The price of the chair before the Sale was $449.98 When I went in the the sale the price had been JACKED UP TO $798.98. So in other words they were trying to sell the chair I had been looking at for even more than the original price. THAT IS NOT A SALE!

I wish there were a star lower than 1. Do not ever order furniture from Ashley. I ordered bedroom furniture November 5, 2011. It was supposed to be in in 4 weeks which of course did not happen. Every week was another excuse. Finally, December 28, I called and told them to cancel the order altogether. Customer Service told me the dresser and chest was in, but not the bed rails. I told them to deliver that furniture and bring the bed rails when they came in, without charge. When the chest and dresser were delivered, several drawers were broken. I was told replacement pieces had to be ordered and they would be in touch. OF COURSE, they never were. Eventually in mid January the bed rail came in and was delivered and put together but trying to get the broken pieces taken care of was another story. We finally went back to the store two weeks ago and sat there with the manager of the store and she claims to have ordered what was needed. I was told two weeks it would be in. I called last Friday and guess what, nothing had been ordered. The manager now claims that she was just advised that she could not order parts until a technician comes out and looks at what needs to be done and that she did not know this until today. What kind of way is this to run a business. The manager of the store is not allowed to order parts!!!!!!!!! Who is supposed to, Santa Clause. The left hand blames the right hand, the right hand blames the left hand, the store blames delivery, customer services comes in but I cannot figure out how because they do nothing, corporate wants no parts of anything because all stores are independently owned. Please if you value your stress level never, never, never order furniture from an Ashley location. I told the manager today that I would pay for the bed and the mirror but nothing else. She told me that if we tried to do that it would go against our credit. Threatening to call the Better Business Bureau or any other organization means nothing. I can only hope that as with the other individuals who have left such "glowing" comments, future customers read this and take their business elsewhere.

One of your technicians came to our house to check our mattress and said that the box spring and and mattress were defective. We went to the store and chose a different mattress and box spring and then paid the difference. We were scheduled for delivery and that was even messed up, it was pickup on tuesday and delivery on saturday. Then they refused to deliver because they said there were stains on the mattress and there weren't there. They believe the delivery guys and called us liars.

I bought a recliner for my boyfriend for xmas and my girlfriend bought one for her boyfriend on the same day. We were promised we would receive them before xmas, we were told they guaranteed them....I purchased them on December 6th, delivery was scheduled for December 19th...on the 18th we received a phone call at 8:55 that they were delayed and they could have them there on the 20th. Guess what, again on the 20th...nothing! My girlfriend called and they said they had one of the chairs but they had no idea which one..she said she couldn't tell! I called again and was told that we could come to the store and pick out another one so I did go to the store because this was the only gift that I had to give to him and it was also to be from his daughter...they did not care that they were disappointing a little girl- they printed a picture out and told me I could give him that and they again promised that it would be here on the 27th...surprised, NO- again we received a phone call at 9:07pm and was told that I could come get the floor model now and my chair was not going to be delivered! I asked for the floor model the day I went in to pick out another chair and was told NO because their sale wasn't over and I couldn't have it. I practically begged that guy to give it to me so I would have something to give to him! I can pick up a floor model, a used chair that I paid for a brand new one and I can pick it up, which I paid for delivery charge and also figure out how I'm going to get it home! I am disappointed and angry that I was treated that way. I will tell everyone I know not to buy anything from this store and how I was treated...It is the 27th and I will be making another trip to the store today and the manager will be hearing from me....

WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT EVER GET FURNITURE FROM ASHLEY NIGHTMARE!!!!!! Tomorrow is the anniversary of still not having my chest! They delivered the furniture cheaped and damaged it, and has taken over a month to re-deliver a new chest and i live literally 5 minutes away from the wherehouse, they have been out twice, once to have a guy patch my bran new furniture and the 2nd time they bought the wrong piece and left me waiting all day!!!!!!!!!!!! Never will i do business with them again!!!!!!!!!!!!

I purchased a couch from Ashley on Octtober 8th 2011. The delivery date was supposed to be the following Wednesday. On that Monday the company called me and told me that the delivery date would have to be changed becuase they were too busy. They arrived on Sat the 15th of Oct to deliver the couch. Needless to say the couch would not fit through my door. Ashley said that there would not be any problem fitting the couch through the door before the delivery was made. They told me the couch would have to be taken apart and delivered another day. AND.... they were going to charge me another $150.00 to put it together. Ashley GARUNTEED the couch would fit. Long story short the couch was delivered the following week and was put together. A week later my wife had been getting bites on her body. BEDBUG bites. The couch was infested with BEDBUGS. I cleaned the couch and the entire house after this incident and am not sure if the problem has been solved yet. It seems like this coompany does not care about anything or anyone they are just concerned about getting your money. NEVER again will I do business with this place.

I bought a couch July 17. 2011 it was delivered one week later. I noticed that one arm rest was not like the other it was clumsy? I called and they delivered another one two weeks later. I used the replacement for two weeks and the arm rest is very soft in the middle. I called and reported this problem they sent out a repair person he said nothing can be done as it is normal wear. he stated that because of the way it is constructed it is going to get soft in the middle and not to worry because it is built on wood and that the wood will prevent it from falling. I am shocked that this company is even in business I was told when I called to report this by one of the persons taking my call back that they would respond back in maybe two days or more but if they did not call back then I was to call them? I made a big mistake buying from these folks. I plan to picket this store if I do not get satisfaction? I bought this couch in Henderson Nevada.

This corporation is the worst to do business with. WARNING!!! DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!! I ordered a bed and they delivered the wrong one. Chair and loveseat I ordered was delivered with damage and legs that weren't straight. Their repair person "fixed" the rips by restretching the fabric even more so that the rip would just go under the bottom of the chair where it wouldn't be seen. They put shims in the front legs to "Fix" them and when I mentioned they had not fixed the rear legs, the response was "nobody else complained". The "leather" fabric has a horrible chemical smell that did not fade away after 3 weeks. It was so bad that my family member, who has asthema, had to sleep in a friend's house. When I asked to return for store credit, they said they don't do returns. This was not a sale item by the way, I paid full price for everything. They are the worst furniture store to do business with and I am reporting them to better business bureau. I will pursue a legal claim for health and safety dangerous products.

I bought a living room set when I received it the bottom was torn so were in between cushion I have been trying for two years to get some kinda result from Serranos furniture n there warehouse supervisor who says the too have been trying with out any out come am so mad and fustrated and angry I worked hard to purchase a nice set n recieved junk.all I can say Is I don't know who is cooperate office but someone needs to listen to all this negative results shame on you Ashley Furniture we are not rich people that can just throw money away

I spent $4,000 at Ashley's Home Furniture Store in Springfield, MO. Within 5 months of purchase the chaise lounge had a long board at the bottom side of the chaise to break. We called the store and they said they would send a repair tech to fix the furniture. The tech came and took the chaise back to Springfield to be repaired. The evening of return one arm pulled away from the chaise. I had ask for a replaced chaise after the first incident and was told that they did not replace furniture that could be fixed. The day after the first repair when they arm failed, I called to receive a replacement chaise but was told the same story again. They would pick the chaise up again for repair. I refuse this. I contacted my credit card company (48months interest free) to only be returned down. Ashley gave the CC Company their attempts to "quote" satisfy the customer and wrote a letter to them that said the customer was misusing the chaise. "The arms of the chaise were not to be used to get out of the Chaise". The sofa after one year looked as if it were fifteen years old. I had to buy a new sofa and chair to replace the sofa and chaise after 15 months. I am still paying payments for the worst furniture in the world. My rating should be "-5 stars".

Oh my goodness, Got chewed out from Claudia (so-called manager) in Altamonte Springs Florida !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought so much furniture furniture there in the past, will never make that mistake again! They cancelled my order and never called or send a letter to let me know. They tried to keep the money thinking I would forget about it ! Claudia said although I came in to the store and handed them personally the money that the money would go back to the state of Florida and sit there until I claimed it. How would I have even known that? She called me a liar and said I knew about the cancellation months ago. I actually just found out about this the day I went to the store. Jackie that works at the desk is always on the phone on a private phone call and acts like you're bothering her when you walk up to the desk. She has done this several times to me. Please leave family business at home and tend to Ashley's business! Jackie gives you the look like why are you asking me questions about buying furniture and why are you asking me about your bill! She is scary! She learned from Claudia!

If I could give 0 stars, I would..We bought an entertainment center from Ashley Furniture in Boca Raton florida June 23rd. First delivery was June 24th and the item was damaged in two places. Item was taken back and another delivery date was set up. The same exact damaged piece was delivered again. Believe it or not this same exact damaged piece was delivered to us TWO MORE TIMES!!. A total of four so far. I am expecting the hopefully final delivery tonight. If it;s not right tonight, I am getting a refund. These people need to get their act together. They have delivered the same piece damaged in the same two places four times and tonight will be delivery number five. This is unacceptable. When we requested our $99 delivery fee to compensate for this, we were told we could only have half of it. I would NEVER shop here again, and would tell anyone I know to beware.

It is disappointing that a "reputable" furniture manufacturer cannot get it together. I have an ottoman that needs to be repaired but cannot get any information of the fabric type, replacement cost, etc. All of the numbers from the bottom of the unit are useless as the customer service people "have no record" of any of it. In this age of social media, we should all post facebook, twitter, etc, advisements to stay clear of this company. Perhaps the "mass" aversion for pushcasing their products will make them wake up!

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