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Commercials on TV

Why do you insist on creating commericals that show kids disrespecting authority? First it was the kid having a temper tantrum, now it's the kid that thinks why can't he have what he wants at the stock up sale since his mom is buying things she needs ar the stock up sale. I'm sorry but this is teaching the wrong messages to our children. Putting things in their heads that shouldn't be put there.

Commercials on TV

Why do you insist on creating commericals that show kids disrespecting authority? First it was the kid having a temper tantrum, now it's the kid that thinks why can't he have what he wants at the stock up sale since his mom is buying things she needs ar the stock up sale. I'm sorry but this is teaching the wrong messages to our children. Putting things in their heads that shouldn't be put there.

meat dept

Got some imitation crap salad first time was great second time it had shrimp in it . It not listed on the sticker big no no for those who are allergic.


I'd really love to email the corporate and / or the regional hq with a complaint, but it'd be filtered by a third party, in Spokane, WA. I know this because I used to live in Spokane and did a service call at this location. West Communications does all the vetted talking points for Albertson's. I have a few concerns I'd like to bring up to higher ups in ALBERTSON'S, not West Communications.

Your Prices

Your prices are way out of wack. 100% or more increase on everything. I refuse to buy things that are way over prices further the products is smaller and there are less cookies in the box.? Talk about taking advantage of a bad situation re the Depression we find ourselves in. We just go to save a lot or Dollar Tree as I refuse to pay these prices and as far as I am concerned you are just shooting yourself in the foot as no one will pay these prices. When I go into your store it is empty. Do you get it?

Watch the ''USE BY" dates

For months I've tried to get the mgr.at the Albertson's on Hillhurst Ave. in Los Angeles to stop selling milk past the "use by" dates. I've spoken to him three times with only temporary improvement. Yesterday, after I found a whole shelf of expired milk, I reported them to the LA Dept. Of Health who is going to inspect them in the next 5 days. They will probably clean up their act for a while but past experience tells me they will sell rotten dairy products as soon as they are out of the spotlight. So, WATCH THOSE "USE BY" DATES.


Husband who is a vey careful driver & always looks both ways before backing, driving Toyota Avalon, starts backing out...hears a noise. We get out to discover 10-15 carts being corralled by an Albertson's employee. Albertsons refuses to pay for damages of over $600.00 to repair bumper. Guess who will never shop @ Albertsons again and who will also tell everybody we know


Love shopping at Albertson, but why in Louisiana there is no doubling coupons systems.


I Just at the deli at 3145 S alma school rd chandler az as there to get some deli meat a rep was on the phone for a few minutes never turned around so I waited just the get her name and it was Joy for a name like she surely is pissing off your customers please address the matter so the next time im in I don't have to deal with her in the deli if so ill drive the distance to go elsewhere with my money. thanks

Seahawks Fan

I live in silverdale Washington and I am not a seattle Seahawks fan but I would like to understand how all seattle Seahawks fans when wearing their jersey they receive a 10 percent discount on their total purchase on game day but I do not. I am curious if this is a standard at albertsons or if this one store does this only and really is it right legally to do this

To the CEO

He should go to Boss under cover To see how people work on holidays , And regular day with no help because they try to make Labor or Long hrs on the daily basis

All your Distric managers

All your district managers With start Carlos in district 6 south of California A person with no class ,professionalism no respect No dignity and how to be a good leader He is some one he like to humiliate his employees from coast to Coast Is great store directors Can do better job then that person in charge U think he need train one more time or go to class Take a course for 6 months and maybe People will considerate about him Right now no body like him The moral in horrible the motivation the worst But ones again For that class of leaders that Albertsons Has Check Gelson grocery market and They have more training for everyone Thank you


I love Albertsons!!! Every Albertson's that I have came across has been extremley clean, and organized. The employees are always friendly, and professional! I also love the fact that Albertsons is cutting prices! Way to go Albertsons! I can always depend on walking into the produce department, any time of the year or day, and have a full selection of fresh produce. Albertsons doesnt sacrifice quality to cut edges. Albertsons is my families choice of store. Keep up the good work Albertsons!


I was just told that Albertson is forcing there people to work on Christmas day wow you people at Albertsons corporate office really really are awful the happiest day of the year and you force people to work it shame on you I and all my friends and family will never shop at Albertsons in Seattle wa ever again

Former Customer

My spouse and I agree that Albertson's has one of t he most offensive tv ads currently on the air. The 'brat' child character thinking about creating temper tantrum because he can't ride in the cart be cause his mom is shopping at the stock-up sale is really upsetting. The ad is not cute. It demonstrates accepting unacceptable behavior from children because it's supposed to be cute. If Albertson's promotes this kind of social acceptance then we will no longer shop there.

Poor Commercial Choice

I live in Port Orchard, WA, and I have to agree with Nancy Dawkins this is a very poor commercial with the little boy threatening to throw a temper tantrum. This commercial is in very poor taste. When it comes on we mute the commercial, therefore I feel this commercial should be removed from TV.

Poor Commercial Choice

In Tri-Cities, WA, we are seeing an Albertson's commercial with a little boy who says, "get ready for a major tantrum in isles nine!' Kids are seeing this commercial and being influenced by it. Mother's do not appreciate your choice. I am a retired teacher and very aware of what this commercial will do. We will see 'major tantrums' in the classroom. Albertson's made a very irresponsible choice. Shame on you! PULL THAT AD! GET IT OUT OF OUR HOMES NOW!

bad store

I'm a regular customer at Albertsons in fortworth tx on johntwhite and I will never go there again because the people are rude in the meat and seafood dept. It is also always nasty and a lot of flys because they can not keep it clean. Will never go there again...


I am tired of going into the closest Albertsons located at 298 E. Live Oak Ave. Arcadia, CA, and being overcharged on sale items. Today it was romaine lettuce. Big sign in front of lettuce "$1.49." Second time this week I was charged $1.69. Not a big deal you say...well it is to me. I brought it to the cashier's attention who called for a price check. Sure enough...$1.49 BUT the person in produce was going to change the price to $1.69. I asked about the policy that you get the item free or some amount of money off and was told they don't do that anymore. Time to shop some other store!!!

Excellent Service

I visited your store in Grand Prairie Tx @214 Carrier. Ora, Eric and Zach in the meat department were excellent in their customer service. They were polite, funny, professional and prompt. I work for a fortune 500 corporation and I wish I experienced service like this on a regular basis. Your guys are a great example of excellence at work.

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