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Have 405 netbooks which are garbage and their support equally garbage. They have issues with their wireless cards all coming up with red x's and even with warranties they make you pay for the shipping. Smooth move garbage company.

I purchased an Acer LCD monitor in July of 2011 and used it maybe 5 times by August 8th of 2011 and now it is not functioning properly. The monitor blanks out and has colored lines scrolling up and down the screen along with constant flashes of color. Acer said they do not refund or replace these items. I am highly upset. I have not had this monitor for a month and I have to accept that it will not work properly. The cost was approximately $200 and it is totally wrong that I can not get a refund. Nothing has been spilled on it and it has not been dropped. So dissapointed in Acer and will never purchase an Acer product again.

yes i bought and acer at wallmart, pd 4 hundred 30 dollars , just bought in may only lasted 3 mo, i called the support line and told them what was going on, it had one year waranty , well they tried to fix it over the phone, called back many times hung up on, i wanted to send it back,no that wasnt the case, pu the battery out of it reboot, push button for 45 sec, yeah that fixed the problem,,,, not, when acer wouldnt stand behind there own product, sold at wallmart, i took it back to wallmart , i have a son with disabilty and this is the only way to contact him . i told wallmart evrything, thank god for a manger joe, he made sure he helped me now i own a dell, would never have another acer, because of poor quailty, poor service, thank you for taking the time to read this , kathy

You know I have purchased many acer computers and I (was) a very dedicated customer, however the last purchase approx $1500 for an all in one computer has changed that. Six months in the machine dies. It is under warranty yet I have to spend $30.00 to ship it to Acer Depot. Get it back they had to replace the motherboard, the case, and the processor (keep in mind it is only 6 months old). I get it back it takes me 2 days to put my software back on and set it up and the fan blades inside the unit start making noise. Upon further inspection mic and web cam don't work factory forgot to plug things in after replacing the motherboard can you believe that. It's like gm forgetting to put tires on a new car. I would expect poor service from some Mickey Mouse company but Acer? They have no customer support contact in the US at all. Plan on talking to someone in India or the Philippines or anywhere other than the US. Perhaps Mr.Jim Wong (Most Recent CEO) needs to get in touch with the fact that customer service is the #1 priority for consumers. Acer truly needs to get out of the stone Age!

I give Acer 1 star only because I can't give them 5 negative stars!!! I bought an Aspire laptop and have had nothing but trouble with it since I first turned it on. Acer has virtually NO customer service what-so-ever and their Tech Support is less than worthless - their answer for EVERYTHING is run Recovery!!! Who cares that I have wasted days of my personal time screwing with this piece of garbage - it's not like MY TIME IS WORTH ANYTHING!!! (That's sarcasm, in case you missed it). I would stop doing business with EVERY computer company on the planet (as I have done concerning desktops, I now exclusively build my own), unfortunately it is almost impossible to custom build a laptop! In the past I have dealt only with HP and I thought their service was worthless, but Acer makes HP look great! This HAS TO BE the WORST computer company in the world!!!

Two years ago we bought an Acer 8930 which at that time was the "cadillac" of Acer laptops and cost us $1999. It was a bluray with a 19 inch HD screen and a ton of other top of the line bells and whistles. Well after one year the mother board blew out and needed to be replaced. It was replaced under warranty. This beauty ran great for about another 8 months and then the mother board went again but this time it is not covered under their warranty. I am extremely pissed about buying what was supposed to be their BEST top of the line laptop only to have it turn out to be a total piece of CRAP!!!! I should have bought the $399 cheap Acer and that would have probably last years beyond this. Now I have a $2000 paper weight!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to contact Acer America corporate headquarters via email and phone calls to see what they ARE going to do about this ... I will post their actions related to this expensive lemon of an Acer ... Chances are I will NEVER buy Acer again as long as I live

They don't honor their warranty. It doesn't cover the LCD! So only half the machine is covered any way. My screen cracked, ON IT'S OWN! I did nothing to this machine. It wasn't bumpped, dropped, sat on, or anything else done to it. Nobody but me has touched it. It has been protected by a padded carrying case. The machine an acer asprire one is less than 3 months old. It was given to me a month after my friend bought for me for a gift. I had it 3 weeks when this happened. I put it to bed the night before, it was perfect, the next morning I open it up the screen has black splotches on it. Basically the want a $99 to fix it I pay shipping one way. That's ove HALF of what the machine cost. I'm going to make one last attempt to contact some one in america to see if they'll do the right thing. I can get it fixed locally for less than what they charge, buying their own product from a third party. This is the worst company I've ever dealt with. As you can tell by reading the other reviews, I'm not alone in my thinking.

Hi everybody. I'm an enthusiast of Dell/Alienware currently working as a Technician for Acer. Personally and technically I don't find anything wrong w/ Acer computers. Build quality comes inferior to Dell w/ few models of Acer[please do consider comparing your asset w/ the price tags of a Mac or Dell with similar specs before complaining on build quality]. When I handle 40 customers a day, 39 of them a perfectly happy w/ the service provided. Acer has a very good warranty policy. For the information of the customer [Jane Rittue]:- According to the Standard/Limited warranty the customer has to pay for the one way shipping during the service facility repair process. Return shipping is covered under the warranty by Acer. In all cases of repeat repairs and Higher warranties free shipping is provided. NB: Dells covers both way shipping all times and that is the major difference. When it comes to a benchmark of price to performance ratio it calls for a Royal salute to Acer. I wish Acer customers could avail free shipping under Standard warranty just like Dell but there is a limit as to what can be provided for the warranty cost. When it comes to Irate customers 90% of them are those who blame Acer for Microsoft OS/3rd party Application errors which is HW independent or wise guys considering a $800 Acer notebook as expensive and comparing them w/ Macbooks worth twice the money.

I purchased an Acer Aspire laptop August 2010 to use when away from home. I have always used Dell home computers, but liked the larger screen and the size/design of the keyboard on the Acer when compared to other laptops on the market. I began to use it fulltime instead of my Dell desktop in December. Since then it has been a total headache . . . it has two nonworking USB ports, it completely shuts down multiple times when keyboard is in use (e-mail), and I cannot get a wireless mouse to work with it. Had an IT professional check it out and he could not figure out why the USB ports do not work; he was able to get the wireless mouse to work, but after four days it quit working, and I couldn't get it to work again. I have conversed via e-mail multiple times with Acer Tech Support and done what they instructed me to do. Most recently I engaged in a Live Chat with Tech Support (in India) and they told me to call Level 2 escalation. I did that today (reached someone in USA) and was told the same thing by all . . . the computer has to be shipped (at my expense) to Temple, Texas, and should be there for approximately 14 days. I refuse to ship it anywhere at my expense!! I have already spent enough $$$ and aggravation time on this obviously defective product as it is. This company needs to reassess its warranty policy and authorize more local repair vendors throughout the USA. I would ship it directly to the desk of the President/CEO, but according to online business reports, it seems they change executives in charge of the company as often as I change underwear. I will never buy or recommend this company's products to anyone. I'm switching back to Dell!!!!!

I am giving Acer a poor rating because after purchasing an aspire one netbook, I finally had to do a system recovery after owning the netbook for just over one year. In that one year, I found, to my dismay, that the Windows COA sticker was placed directly under the CPU, and due to the heat during use, the number for my Windows installation had worn away. Acer's customer support's only answer for me was to pay for a reinstallation disc. Again, I had already reinstalled windows from the partition, and it wasn't supposed to ask for my COA again. This wasn't the case. The Techs were rude, and unwilling to help. Next time, I will buy a product from a company that actually cares about their customers and their customer service.

They have horrible customer service. I purchased an Acer Aspire One netbook in September of 2010, the system kept failing and showing a blue screen stating Windows had failed and it was doing a memory dump. It continued to do this until I tried restoring the netbook to factory settings. Restoring the netbook did not work so I upgraded my OS from Windows 7 Starter to Windows 7 Home Premium. The upgrade did not work either. When I called Acer they said it was probably either my hard drive or my memory. They wanted me to pay for shipping to send their defective product back for repairs. I asked to speak to the supervisor and he was unable to help me with the shipping. I work 2 jobs and go to school so I do not have extra money to pay for shipping a company their garbage back. I only purchased the netbook to use while my 4 year old laptop was taking too long being cleaned because by the warrenty company that fixes my laptop because they dropped it and had to repair the damamge. I ended up calling Acer Corporate to get them to cover my shipping to them and my shipping back. The corporate office understood exactly what I was fussing about and covered my shipping both ways. Their technical support sucks, they did not know that a netbook does not have a CD-ROM drive and they did not know how I was able to restore the netbook to factory settings since I did not have boot discs and did not have a CD-ROM. You can best believe that Acer is not getting my money ever again. I work far too hard for my money to throw it away on a company that not only sends our work to India, but also does not want to back their product. If I am told even one time that I need to pay for anything whatsoever when this netbood gets sent in for repairs than I will be taking Acer to court and sueing them. Considering that my netbook is in a waterproof, TAA approved, ultra padded, and hard shell carrying case everytime I move it and I never have food nor liquids of any kind near it I know there is no water damamage and they are welcome to attempt to call my bluff, but I have no problem calling an attorneys if Acer steps even one toe nail out of line. Most people are sick of companies not honoring their word and doing what they know to be correct so you can imamgine who would win in a legal fight. Acer needs to tread carefully since they have a real live one on their hands now. I even went back and read my warrenty and it makes no mention of shipping cost at all.

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I am giving Acer a poor rating due to the companys' poor customer service. Their phone service NEVER understands the numbers and letters you are reading into it. My laptop is 1month old now But I already send it to the repair center in TX. Cause of the mouse pad freeze on me. I haven't dont anything to it. ARRGGG. I don't want the laptop anymore lol.

Acer is poor quality computers. I had gotten mine for my birthday last January and had to send it in for repairs due to overheating(even with a cool pad). It took 6 1/2 months for me to get it back. And I had to send it in a second time, and that took 1 1/2 months. Very unsatisfied. Plus, when I got it back the second time, it was scratched. When I had it , it was unscratched with a cover on it. So I know it wasnt my fault. If you can avoud buying acer, do it. Dell is worth paying the extra few hundered.

wish i could give you a 0 but after reading the above i doubt that you would care. i have an acer laptop. i was told by my internet provider to contact acer because i NDIwas having problems.i called 888-414-3780 but i think i reached INDIA,anyway after a very long conversation and trying to understand the techs broken english i was told i have a hacker. this is my first computer so i freaked out and was willing to do what was needed. acer wanted 299.00 to fix my hacker problem. to make a long story short i decided to call my internet provider again for advice. at that time i was told that my problem was as simple as losing my wireless connection and they apologized for any inconvenience.they also assured me that i do not have a hacker. acer is the most dishonest company i have ever had the misfortune to deal with. thank God i followed my gut instints or they would have gotten 299.00 out of me for nothing. LIARS AND THIEVES!

i sent my computer out with a cracked screen and a messed up webcam cause the led ink got inside it. anyway i sent it out to temple texas to get it repaired and i just got it bck a min ago the screen is still cracked the webcam i believe is still messed up and now the whole system has crashed. i am so pissed off at the moment i am 13 and have a mind of a 20yo dnt piss me off any more then i am. which means fix my damn computer gimmie a new hard drive or gimmie a BRAND NEW COMPUTER!!!!!!!

acer has not called me back on a telephone call i placed yeasterday wow they want us to buy there products and all but do not follow thur with there customer service calls wow ! not good at all for them. mich

There are not enough negative stars to give this company and computer! First of all, to have to pay tech support to answer a question is absolutely ludacris! My company's help desk put VPN on my home desktop so I can work remotely. They encountered an error message that only ACER can handle. My company's help desk put the files needed on my desktop so ACER can install them. When I called ACER, they said there would be a charge and then they couldn't even perform the operation because the FCC would shut them down. It is as simple as changing a setting on my computer but they're not allowed to do it. I called ACER Corporate and they won't put me through to any tech support other than the one that said they can't help me and they were EXTREMELY RUDE!! Now I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place and can't work from home until this is fixed.


I purchased 4 Acer Aspire 533 netbook computers for my computer repair company. The only reason I chose Acer was because we rarely see them in the shop for repair. I beleive now that most units experience failures soon after being purchased and the customer will send them in on warranty, any systems that survive the repair process die before they ever see a local repar shop. 3 of the netbooks I put into the field. They are used hard 12 hours a day 6 days a week. Dust, heat, cold, vibrations, not abuse but heavy use. Those 3 units have survived 4 months so far with no problems what so ever. The other netbook was assigned to the office. I unpack this computer and setup the business programs on it. After less than 12 hours of use the keyboard failed. Several keys stopped responding and the function button was permantly activated. I called Acer customer service to have the unit repaired on warranty. After being hung up on twice and struggling for more than 3 hours through the language barrier I finally got shipping setup via FedEx to a repair center in Temple, Tx. I called them after a week and they told me that they would need to replace the keyboard. This is a rather simple task to complete, we do it at the computer shop daily. After being gone for over 2 weeks the laptop arrives from the repair center via FedEx. I open the package very carefully, paying careful attention since this is a brand new computer thats barely even been used. After removing the unit from the box I notice a deep 5" scratch going across the back of the other wise perfect screen. I then open the laptop and several pieces of broken plastic fall out of the keyboard. After careful inspection under a magnifying glass I discovered that the technicians had broke 3 of the 5 plastic tabs that secure the top of the keyboard. the keyboard was twisted and forced into place causing the new keyboard to be more problematic than the original one. the plastic trim around the keyboard is scard and scratched from the technicians carelessly prying the keyboard up. The monitor is loose from the base of the laptop and creaks when it is moved. I examined the box and it was in perfect condition inside and out. If this wasnt bad enough, as I sit there feeling totally hopeless, I notice that the technicians have drawn doodles in the dust of the monitor. I called customer service and camly asked what I should do. They told me to send it back to the original repair facility for repair. I decided that the unit may come back with even more damage. so $350 for a severaly damaged computer that was only used for less than 12 hours. Thats not a very good deal. It was dumb for Acer to treat us this way. We directly influence what kinds of computers our customers buy well over 60 times per week. Many of are recommendations are for Acers. That stops now. I wonder if Acer thinks not fixing the unit correctly was worth losing thousands worth of sales?

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