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I give acer 1 star and five cardboard cookies I bought acer aspire about april this year went to start it up the other day error message no image found guess what no restore partition found either tried to use the restore disk that I made would not reinstall from that I have tried several windows 7 disk and still no luck acer tech support said that I would have to purchase a set of factory recovery disk in order to get it going why should I have to when I purchased them with the computer but was never in the box so where do you people get off at trying to charge people for something that is rightfully theirs to begin with but never received havent you all heard that there is a law that protects people like me and Im being about it for now but Im not going to be for long I am putting all over the internet how you people are doing me and I hope that there are thousands more that are having the same problem or have had the same problem out of you people and us band together and get what belongs to us thank you for nothing

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bought an acer Aspire 1430 for home. the machine will not navigate away from the home page. Acer told me the problem is with my internet provider.......They could not link up to the machine even though remote is turned on. This is a new machine still under warranty. Support(Acer)wants to sell me a 150 dollar year long fix. I think the machine should work,right out of the box. I would rate this product and support service less than "poor" if I could. VERY disappointing!

I have had my computer one week and one day I have had several problems with it losing the Internet Explorer connection altough my modem shows it working, this morning I had a black, blank screen, had a trash bin and the start button showing other than that it was blank, black, so I restarted it and it came back to life. I feel this is unacceptable, and I will either return it to the company I bought it from, and/or contact the BBB, I am sick of being ripped off by computer companies, it was the same with another company earlier this year.ACER TAKE NOTE, THE BBB WILL BE HEARING FROM ME

Once your Acer product is out of warranty they won't let you access any of their email and their chat support is a sham, all I want to do is send in my monitor for PAID repair. Thanks for the number. I'm calling corporate on Monday and giving them a piece of my mind.

Poor is not the word for Acer. Customer (we don't care ) lack of service. Purchased Acer Table in Dec. have had to send back twice, now for the 3rd time and I get to pay all three times. I have got to where I saved the box they sent it back in. Not just one problem but mutli. Company will NOT replace, only repair. Never ever buy a product from this sorry company.

Acer should not have any stars cause they are nothing but pieces of crap. Ive had my computer for about 4 months and have treated it with nothing but good and now its telling me it wont start without a boot disk WTF

I bought an Aspire one 6wks ago.I was on vacation took it with me,I was playing a game opt out of the game then it wouldn,t let me shut it down so I shut it down manually.When I went to turn it on next day windows had completley crashed telling me there was no bootable device and to put in disk.Well that can,t be done no disk bay. I called support told them I wanted my money back that something only 6 wks old shouldn,t have done that .I was told I,d have to pay 139.oo to have a repair tech come to my house to reinstall windows,I told her she was nutsAlso asked about factorey warranty ,Told me it was the software at fault not the computer.How dumb is that,the software for windows came with it I didn,t install it. I don,t know how this company is still in business with the customer service they have,but I,m going to fight them because they are going to give me my money back one way or another.

Bought an Acer 1 Aspire Netbook in April. A week ago the fan started humming. I called customer service, got someone in India (although when they called back, the number said it was from Massachusetts), who barely spoke English, so the call took twice as long, and all he did was read from a script. He told me that I would have to send the computer to Texas. That would have cost money to ship, plus materials, PLUS he told me to back up all my data, as the technicians would reset the hard drive. When I asked why the hard drive would have to be reset for a fan problem, he didn't answer my question, but read from the script again. (I later learned from someone in Texas that a back up is always suggested, just in case, but the reset doesn't always happen). Then said it would take 7-10 business days. Instead, I took the computer to my repair guy, who fixed it in less than an hour. The problem was a piece of paper IN THE FAN FROM THE FACTORY. I called Texas, and asked for reimbursement. No deal. I then asked for someone who might have the authority to issue a reimbursement. They wouldn't tell me who that was. They did say the information was public and on the Acer website. So I said, "The information is public, but you can't just tell me who that is?" She said No, I'd have to find it myself. I sent executives emails, but I don't expect much. I will never buy an Acer product again.

Rotten customer service so far. I thought maybe calling/contacting Head Ofc might be good but having read the preceeding comments, it just would be wasted time. And so it is... HP here I come. If someone from ACER wants to respond, please do so smmdb@yahoo.com

I was an ardent Acer supporter but now I too am a victim of Acer’s poor quality and awful customer service. Since Acer clearly doesn’t care what they do to their customer’s, maybe we should start telling the places that sell them. If, say, a Best Buy were to pull the product because of this type of behavior then maybe Acer would get the message. I think I will post a note to BBB and let them know at least and maybe send a note to Best Buy as well letting them know that they are accomplices to this by selling these products. I think if we all take our anger and productively use it to let them know the consumer populace will not take this lying down. Send your letters! Call your local TV stations consumer reporters. Let’s get the word out there so others are not victims as well.

I started having problems with my desk top going into sleep or hiberation mode and not being able to wake it up. The only way of waking it up is to unplug the pc and then it would come alive When I called in the agent I spoke with said it sounded like a virus and that it would cost $80.00 to get rid of it. I said ok but I already has a AVG Virus and it has shown nothing. To make this straight I have called them 3 times and it still does the same thing. I will never buy a Acer computer again as they do not give a damn about anyone.and I'll do my best to keep anyone getting one. It is under warranty and they will not send an replacement.

I bought their top of the range model paying the earth for it and - yep - you guessed it! Spent money on a new battery as it wasn't charging and lo and behold it still won't. Customer is crap here in UK so will call US but I now hold no hope after reading these comments. I am a pensioner so cannot afford to repair or replace so what a waste of $15000!!!!!!!!!! Thinking of taking them to court

I bought an Acer laptop computer at Walmart for my granddaughter on 4/17/12. Two days ago (four months after purchase) the computer won't boot up. I called Acer customer service. A person that couldn't speak very good English told me that in order for them to fix, I would need to purchase a $199.95 warranty. When I ask about the one year manufacture's warranty. he double talked in an incoherent memorized spill and repeated the same thing for every question I ask. When I told him that I wasn't buying something I had already purchased, he departed the conversation by saying that if I didn't purchase, he couldn't help. After reading all the negative remarks, I believe a class action lawsuit is one solution. In the meantime, believe these reports and buy a good computer, not with this company, please.

I bought a factory refurbished Acer S3 from TigerDirect to save some money because it was advertised as refurbished back to new equipment standards by Acer. Once I started using the internet, the unit wouldn't deliver e-mail until I restored it. Then, the unit wouldn't download drivers for my printer. When I talked to Acer, they wanted to sell me a service contract which I rejected because I shouldn't have to pay to get a new unit to perform basic computer functions. Acer said it was the software, which i reject because Acer has a responsibilty to deliver a integral unit where the hardware and software perform seamlessly. I wasn't trying to do anything exotic, just normal e-mail and file downloads. I reurned the unit after wasting many hours and telephone calls to get the issue resolved. I purchased a new unit and hope it performs properly, but Acer Support Service is the worst I've ever experienced.

Oh how I wish I had read this before purchasing. Just sent my laptop back that was purchased 12/24/2012, the operating system went out and the computer started getting very hot. Called the company, they paid to have it shipped to their safety people. What a joke. They said it has evidence of spillage and I would have to pay $199- to have it repaired. Are they so dumb that they think I would honestly send a computer back that I had spilt something in? Needless to say I will never purchase an ACER again ever. Gonna stick with my Sony brand forever. Oh and if you ever have to deal with Dave don't think you will get any satisfaction from him. I am gonna write a letter based on the info above. Probably will do some twittering and facebooking and write a letter to Wal-Mart and also to my local newspaper. I wouldn't have given any stars but that wasn't a choice. ;(

We purchased our ace aspire around Christmas last year and it went out before the warranty did, so I send it back. They sent it back and said they replaced a bunch of stuff in it. I don't know if they did, but about 2 weeks after it was returned it started acting up again. Now I have to push the button and pray it works. It's a crap-shoot. If the big shots at Acer Emachines and HP give any accountability for their products,now would be a good time. During a recession is a bad time to cheat people. I feel like you company is irresponsible and if their is a class action lawsuit against you, I wanna be a part of it. I am tired of seeing your kind of business dealings. I called the company and ask if they would check it out and they said it was no longer under warrenty and the towel head I spoke with couldn't even speak good english. Good God people, quit subing out to foreigners who could care less if the problem gets fixed, this is America.

Man now I dont feel alone any more. Getting the same response. Acer wants 199.00 to fix, once again like so many above. you spilled liquid on it. BULL FNNN SHIT !! I say every one do a spam compaign on them and lets over load their systems. If I only knew how. lol I am writing letters tho to upper chair people tho. dont know what good will do. Still will make me feel somewhat better. and if knew how to send one every day to every one on the ceo list. would do that too. I just cant believe how they are. We bought ours in Oct 2011 and is now may 2012 , it has been down since march. Sent it to them once already. If I would have3 known then what I know now . Sure as Heck would not have bought an ASSER! The screens and programs were messing up before my keyboard died. I dont think they even tried to turn it on to see what was going on. OH lets just say they spilled liquid on it. Then charge almost what the computer cost. Then they will just say forget it and go buy another one !!!! ( buyers are so gullible) I am so MAD and ANGRY RIGHT NOW.

i just purchase an acer coputer ,it not working all ready ,called tech support ,they told me i need to send it back, but i will have to pay, i think we need to get in touch of the bbb i don't have that kind of money to waste i onyly had the computer 3mo. mad as hell djohnson

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