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they are not honest on warranty repair and they have very poor customer service

while prices are cheap

so is their customer service they are subversive and trained to lie. my fellows name is David what a complete snow job! T his company lacks all morals and integrity

Bought an Acer computer, JUNK! has had booting problems not long after I bought it. The repair center tried to fix it 5 times and would replace it. Now warranty is over, they wont honor anything with the same problems.

Acer A500 Tablet

I purchaced 7 acer tablets modal A500 Iconia.as xmas gifts for my grandchildren 2011.As of 5/2013 5 of them quit working,it seems the mother board went bad.I would not recommend this product to anyone.I called for tech support when the 1st one stopped working,but was told because it was 2 months out of warrentee they could not help me.

No customer concern

Only Microsoft can compare to the lack of customer care and commitment. Try finding a phone number or email address to express concerns to them on their website. It doesn't exist. I wanted to compare two monitors that were being sold by microcenter on their website. It was that new that the product was still on the shelf of a leading seller and yet they had taken all data off of their website of it. Imagine my chagrin when I tried to email, chat, or call them to ask and found no contact info available. If they don't want to answer my questions, I don't need to buy their product.


I purchased my Acer computer thru HSN and sent it in for repair last January for a frying sound when I turn on the computer, they sent it back with exactly the same problem, I called corporate and the told me to send it back and they paid for the shipping and it was finally repaired. Just sent it in in April 2013 with numerous issues they claim to have replaced the speaker, hard drive and battery. Less than 30 days later have to send it back for new problems. I'm so sick of this computer, it's defective and a piece of junk. It is such an inconvenience to keep removing my personal documents, etc. to keep sending it back for repairs! Will NEVER purchase another Acer computer!!! I wish I could rate it a -10.

Aspire 7560 sb416

I have made the mistake of buying an Acer computer. I am self employed and cannot get this piece of garbage fixed locally. Instead I have to send it to Acer in Texas. I will have to be out of business for about 2+ weeks. Do not ever ever ever buy an Acer product. This was built on a Windows 7 platform, and now I am getting messages saying that Acer products have a known compatibility problem with windows 7. I am told to seek a repair on line, and can you imagine, there is none. All of this has happened after I sent the computer back to Acer once after the hard drive fried 2 months after buying the computer. It is virus protected and not abused, it is a piece of junk, and will likely become a Frisbee to the garbage pile. Acer you should be out of business selling junk like this.

Poor Service

I bought a acer tablet not even a year ago, First off it came with a defective charger. Then 6 months later the screen spiders. I spoke to Support and they said Acer doesnt cover Broken Screens under warranty They say it would cost me $199 + tax to replace the screen. What is a warranty for? And why is Acer the only company that wont cover broken screens. I know for a fact Apple And Sony covers there customers screen. I've always bought from acer and same with the rest of my family. I will take my business else were and will let friends and family know about the poor service Acer offers.

I have 2 acer's lap tops. Both have severe troubles. Both started have trouble at the same time. Acer did send out a patch in time to save one. But as for the other, It will not even start up. All it dose is , setup is starting service.

Acer, and other brands, might have a problem with its wireless chip. It fails about every 15 minutes. You have to reconnect. My carrier knew about it. I'm fearful that I've bought a lemon and the reviews of Acer suggest they have no concerns about pleasing customers.

Acer Services

Like some of the letters I have seen here, I too have suffered at the hands of lax Acer attitude in India. My laptop battery failed during warranty period. The failure was accepted by the local Serive Center. Since September 2012, I have been exchanging e-mails, but no replacement has been forthcoming. I am extremely frustrated with the guarantee and follow ups. I wish I had not procured acer laptop in first place

Battery will not charge

I recently purchased an Acer One Lapto for my Daughter for X-mas the battery will not hold a charge and the laptop will only power up with the battery dissconnected. I called Tech support and spoke to a Technician that speaks very little English and did not understand what the problem was. I finally was able to get him to understand my problem and he sent me a replacement battery. The replacement battery does not hold a charge and he laptop will not power up with the battery in place. Now I have to send the laptop in at my Expense to see if they can fix it. So basically I have to pay for Acers faulty product. This is the first and very last Acer product I will ever buy and I will make sure to let everyone I know not to Buy an Acer product.


I have had my laptop for just over a year and it has had to been serviced twice the last time was for a hard drive which cost me over $200 dollars and is still not working right. Plus you can not get a hold of support I tried several times and they keep saying I cannot get support help. What kind of company is this. I would advise anyone not to buy acer computers or anything else.

Don't buy ASUS

This is got to the the worst company I have ever spoken to. The staff is clueless. I call the corporate off and the operater and she could not give me titles because all she has is a list of names and extensions. I can't even get to a manager. This company has this worst all around service.

Will Never Purchase Another Acer Product!

I am a PC Technician, and reseller, and have generally been pleased with the Acer PC's I've purchased for my customers. Until now. I have had an new Acer delivered to a customer that had Audio/Video issues out of the box. It has now been back to repair THREE times, and it STILL has the same issues. Acer support REFUSES to replace the new unit, and they just keep telling me to send it back, and they will repair it. My customer has given up on this, and I was forced to spend my own money to replace the laptop with a different brand. I have given Acer three opportunities to resolve this issue, and they have not acted in good faith. So be it! I will never purchase another Acer product for my customers or myself.


Acer is the worst company I have ever had the misfortune of doing business with. As a member of the military I feel very used and mistreated. A minor software issue became a "liqid spill and keyboard replacement" when the issue was with the software. Are these people that lame. My keyboard was working fine when I sent it. This is a tactic to get paid for issues not covered under warranty. I am taking this company to court. Beware, Acer is an unethical company!

This is one crappy computer, usb ports stop working,camera not found is an issue, multiple system crashes. Do not by this computer!!!!! waste of money!!!!

I have an Acer tablet and it has worked great. I had an older netbook as well. I like their products and support has been very helpful.

I just spend a full day working with Acer over the phone while they worked on my computer to fix a trojan horse/ virus problem. They initially agreed to fix two computers remotely for $200. After the first computer was fixed, they wanted another $100 to fix the second computer that they had agreed to fix along with the first computer for $200. After around an hour of discussing this problem with one of their managers in India, there was no resolution and he told me to contact Acer next week. He finished the conversation by hanging up on me without resolution of the problem (his name is Vednik). They have terrible customer support. If you are looking for a company that backs their product, forget about Acer. There are certainly better computer manufacturers out there that train their employees in customer service. MY ADVICE IS TO STAY AWAY FROM ACER AND LOOK FOR QUALITY AND CUSTOMER SUPPORT ELSEWHERE. THEY SURE DO NOT OFFER EITHER.

ACER SUCKS. The phone support diagnosed my computer as working fine because it booted up when I turned it on !!!! Smart guy Kumar GWSI 1717 ! - almost 1 hour of continual refusal by him to provide just the address for the repair place to have warranty work done or to let me speak to a supervisor. This computer has been in and out of computer techs hands ever since we bought it under one year ago . It has recurrent technical malfunctions/ spontaneously shutting down, inability to turn on with battery in and "missing operating systems", messages that state there is a driver problem yet ACER is busy pointing the finger at just about any other possibility. They are confidant - not even seeing the computer-it is all a software problem that can be fixed by a new disk purchase. Apparently our computer techs over the past several months of having it on their bench know nothing yet Acer tech - Kumar-can diagnose it by just turning it on on my end. Pull Your Head Out Man !!!! ACER DOES NOT STAND BY THIER PRODUCT. This is a professional 1800.oo dollar computer that is unreliable and I would NEVER recommend their products to anyone. The billable work hours lost in the office and at home are now significantly more than the cost of the machine. Would love to take them to court.

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