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triple A is a MONSTER!!! they take big $$$ for the memberships which always go up and they pay the tow truck companies absolutely nothing. This in turn creates poor customer service. triple A sucks and they are greedy!!!!!

I had used this office to purchase a Disney hotel/ticket package. On THREE separate phone calls, the agent handling my purchase guaranteed that we would get $200 in Disney Dollars with our package. After completing the purchase and checking the confirmation email, those $200 were no where to be found. The reason: "oh, I'm sorry...I must have been looking at the wrong package..those Disney dollars don't come with your package." Well, that wasn't going to fly with me. After many harassing phone calls asking to speak with a manager, they finally gave me the money that was supposed to be included with my package. Isn't a travel agent supposed to have some sort of checklist in front of them to make sure they are giving the customer the exact details of a travel package? Better training please!!!

I have been a member since 1991. My one and only beaf recurs on every road assistance call. After answering reasonable questions I'm ready to tell my problem BUT the AAA rep is ALWAYS more interested in completing their questioning checklist than listening to the customer -- which frustrates and angers most reasonable callers with a problem. Additionally, when I suggest a AAA auto service provider I know (and is usually closer to the scene) I get the brush off. When called back by the dispatcher they ALWAYS claim that they were not provided my request. The result is I always wait longer and sometimes the help arrives without the proper tools fix my problem. AAA call centers need training in how to listen to non-emergency clients and give a reason for disregarding customer requests.

My husband and I have been with the AAA for over 25 years and after receiving my renewal notice have decided to move to 21st Century. We have never had a claim, no tickets, no accidents and I drive less than 3,000 miles a year. I was told that because I drove 35 miles over the 3,000 miles they would increase my premium by $250!!! How utterly ridiculous. I drive 6 miles a day - prefect record. The greed of the AAA Club of So. California is disgusting. Well - they have lost two valued, exremely long term customers for auto and other insurance coverage. Shape up AAA and try treating your customers with respect and fairness. My McKernnan (CEO) you should be ashamed at how your company is now being run!!! What has happened to the well respected and distinguished name of Automible Club of Southern California??

I do know AAA contracts w/ Arise for work from home agents. I want to complain that if Arise is being honest that all the changes are being made per AAA it is pathetic - the agents are trying to provide a safe/ excellent svc to the AAA members but w/ the talk time allowed and the AAR % required - agents are losing interest w/ the lact of consideration for our concerns

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Horrible, rude customer service. Unethical - send predators to defraud young ,inexperienced car owners and stranded , desperate drivers. D rating with BBB. Do not waste your money joining . AAA will rip you off - they are a corrupt organization . Class action suit filed in LA against that chapter for battery scam in 2008. (defrauding people by claiming their perfectly good batteries need to be replaced by AAA ($120 refurbs-will not honor warranties on)New suit soon to be fed in FL against Aaa South.

Like the home owners... dropped the car insurance. I recently applied for a dicsount for educational field. I provided diploma (three in fact), copy of thesis, business cards, direct download of thesis advisors web page (Prof Physics @ Purdue University) and a list of publications (in physics) from a google search on the internet. Apparently this was not enough to convinve these folks that I have the applicable degree, even though it has long convinced folks that I have the degrees for the last 20 years. Anyway, I would like the thank AAA for being so intent on keeping the extra $135 dollars tthe discount would provide me. This woke me up from my complacency and I actually did a search on the internet to do some comparison shopping. By doing so, I actually went fro kmtrying to get a fuax discount I spent months chasing to getting an actual discount by going with another provider: Progressive... With that, I got a discount of over $400 dollars, and I didn't have to prove to a bunch og nitwits that I actually have a college degree.... I guess sometimes it pays to argue with people that have no idea what they are talking about.

May 30,2011 my son and i were getting on the 215 freeway south in the city of perris, ca he was going over 85 miles an hour entering the freeway and almost side swiped us entering the freeway license # 8w82839 and on the side armada i know these trucks are contracted out but I've seen this gentleman before . please respond to my complaint pleasantvivian@gmail.com thank you, Vivian D.Pleasant( transportation coordinator for disable american vets)

I would like to share the poor customer relations with the AAA club of the Carolinas. I reported to BBB as well I have been a member since 2004 and had Premier RV status owning a retired ambulance that I used for my personal vehicle. AAA of Alabama and AAA of Tennessee both had not problems with the vehicle since it was considered a RV but when I broke down after having the misfortune of moving to North Carolina I found out AAA was not willing to tow the vehicle. There is nothing on the site showing they can tow what they want when they want. I paid in excess of 150.00 for this memebership only to be left stranded on the side of the road by AAA who wouldn't even return my call when I asked to be reimbursed for the 70.00 tow bill to be towed 7/10ths of a mile. When I called they kept saying they could not confirm from AAA of Alabama (who I purchased the Premier RV) from that I had premier RV only that I had premier and I had to call AAA of Alabama and stay on the line for them to call AAA of the Carolinas to prove my status even with the card, etc they tried to say I purchased it after the fact. AAA of the Carolina's at that time told Alabama they wouldn't tow or reimburse me due to my vehicle not originally being a RV but a commercial vehicle but they didn't tell me that. I won't renew my membership with AAA at least not while I live here. Poor service and no contact. I had always depended on AAA and had excellent service in other states. I am making it a point of telling everyone I talk to of the poor service and to look at other options for roadside assistance

I, too, question the ethics of the Southern CA Auto Club. One lazy, stubborn, not quite the sharpest-pencil-in-the-pack, claims agent made all the difference. Auto Club settled quickly with dealership, with little or no investigation, in order to make their job easier and without giving support to their own client. With more investigation, the dealership would have had to honor the car warranty to fix the damage. Result--a strike against me with the DMV and increased premium for three years!

Horrible service - a simple address change turned into a nightmare and frankly I am questioning the ethics of Auto Club of Southern CA. Not only will they be losing my honmeowners policy but they are losing my auto policy on my 3 vehicles along with my RV - their loss for such poor quality service. I will also be writing a letter to the DOI expressing my complete dissatisfaction and questionable ethics with this company.

VERY POOR! How does U suck sound I called about 2/12/2011, asked AAA south to cancel my insurance as i had sold the cars. "No we can't do that, we need a written letter from you." Ok, ok, I'll send you an e-mail letter request, give me an address. "No we can't do that either, we must have you mail us a letter thru the post office. But,.. I had another car i sold,insured with State Farm, and i just called them and they cancelled my policy immediately, why must i use the post office with you? that's our policy sir...(you know the rest of the refusal to help conversation.) ok ok, damn it, what is the address for the letter? they gave it to me, I hand carried the letter to the post office that day. Today, march 2nd, I got a bill from autoclubsouth claiming I own $270 odd dollars. I called again. "why mr. collins"we never received a letter from you and your policy is in force. Do you have notes in my account file about my calls to you,(request cancellation); my requests about a rebate due me and how long it will take to get the money? yes sir, but.... and you know the rest of that ( i can't help you conversation too!) now what? "Sir, you can send us another letter.".(notice the absence of logic here?) "You can fax us a letter... " Well I had to go out and spend $2.00 to send you a fax, and have lost 15 or more days paying for insurance i didn't want, didn't need and AAA refused to honor my request to cancel in good faith,(from repeated phone calls) when state farm cancelled my policy immediately with no drama what ever. AAA south, i'll NOT forget your assinine policy and your lack of courtesy & customer service. Everyone I know will hear this story. If you think this a good business practice; a good way to treat your customers then keep screwing with people like me, and we'll all tell our stories to anyone who will listen. Very poor customer service and no problem solving help at all!

i requested a tow service, aaa auto club sent me an idiot company to have my car towed, and he destroyed my front end of the car towing it, the supervisors dale edrich,and annette hawkins, are very rude, they didnt have well manners, un proffesional, and unethical people. when i talked to them, they didnt put any effort in trying to resolve my issue, instead they hung up and let me talking when i wanted to resolove the situation, if this messages get to someone who is interested in what memebers have to say THEY DONT LISTEN, BE AWARE IF YOU GET YOUR CAR TOWED, AND LOOK FOR OTHER SERVICES, AAA AUTO CLUB IS HORRIBLE.. i never had people like them...im disapointed because they are happy to take my money, but they dont help me for what i payed them for.

aaa auto club has really bad costumer services, dale edrich, and annette hawkins the supervisors from long beach are horrible, they dont listen, are complete idiots,and they say they have been there 30 years, that surprises me, i feel bad for who they dealt with before me, as a memeber i pay auto club, and they treated me like i was a criminal because i commplained about their attitude and unproffesionalism. be aware of long beach auto club, they have the worst people there.. corporate office should fire imbesiles like them

I wanted to take this moment to express my gratitude for your outstanding employee Mr. Jeremy Broihier. I called approximately 2 weeks ago in regards to financing a used vehicle, although AAA was not able to help me at the time, Jeremy directed me to another funding source which turned out to be the best option, just as Jeremy had indicated. Because Jeremy directed me in the right direction to obtain financing, I took delivery of my vehicle on Friday, November 19, 2010. I called back today to inquire about an extended auto warranty. I had forgotten Jeremy’s direct phone number at home and took the chance and called the 800 number from my office today. I tried several times to get through, but the lines were busy and the automated voice mail system asked to leave a message. So I tried several more times to get through on the 800 number without success. The fourth time I tried, I finally was able to get through and thankfully, it was Jeremy. Jeremy remembered me from several weeks ago and he helped me choose the proper extended warranty for my vehicle today. Jeremy was so knowledgeable with every question I had, and the products AAA offered, I was flabbergasted. Jeremy Broihier is an extremely valuable asset to AAA. His knowledge and mannerisms on the phone was phenomenal. To receive this type of service, when it seems as if customer service is a thing of the past these days, is unheard of. This is my first membership with AAA and to this date, the service I have received from AAA is Five Stars all because of Jeremy’s genuine sincere attitude of wanting to help me with my questions and making decision’s that were right for me.

I would like to share the poor customer service and relations with the AAA in Ballantyne Corporate Park in Charlotte, NC. The Sales Dept and the Manager are very rude. The value of the cost of service is extraordinare.

I would like to thank Ms. Delia Amaro (Tampa, FL office) who exemplified good customer service to me on September 17th. She solved my complaint in a timely manner and professional manner. Should you have any questions you can reach me at 404-717-6360.

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