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false advertisement

I made a special trip to World Market in St. Matthews (Louisvilleky) on 7/17. I was looking for a shower curtain that was advertised in Sunday's Courier-Journal. The manager said " we have not unpacked the boxes". It should not be advertised if they didn't have it. The so-called manager was unprofessional and clueless. I won't shop there anymore!

hired and fired

I was interviewed at the Grapevine, Tx location for seasonal work part time. I received a offer letter, problem was i received it after the day i was suppose to show for orientation. So i contacted the store and they stayed they had no ideal how i got the letter and they would send out another. It has been over a month, about 6 phone calls and nothing from them. I think this was very unprofessional. They should feature them on Undercover Boss. But after seeing every review with only one star....i guess i should be happy not to be a part of this.

I was at the cost plus in elmwood picking a piece of furinature up and it seemed like the cashier was the only one in the store she called multiple times and finally I was helped and she had a long line which we had to stand in and again, she called but wasn't answered in a timely manner. I noticed an older Caucasian lady walk right by the long line of people and she told the cashier to make an announcement ( I'm guessing for another cashier) the whole store is a complete mess and there is no room to man over a biggie. I can go on and on about this cost plus location but that store is going under with or without my complaint

why write it. If not to your satisfaction it won't be printed....

Questionable marketing

I object to the new policy of putting birthdates into the computer every time a customer purchases alcohol. People in their 50's and 60's are not only carded (which is also a new practice), but then the store insists on inputting each individual's birthdate upon purchase. This is not what the law requires and is undoubtedly a marketing ploy to get information. I called customer service at World Market and got numerous recordings and then left a voice message. World Market also advertised a Thanksgiving platter at a discounted price (during a 3-hr. sale), then when we got to the store 20 minutes into the 3 hours, they had no more stock of the item--but offered something of lesser quality and not aesthetically pleasing. Very shoddy tactics and lessens my perception of World Market.

Bluffton SC store

The week-end manager was extreamly rude and hostile. He was unable to address a simple problem and displayed a total lack of professionalism and customer service. Even his own staff people were apologizing for his behavior. Corporate Offices might want to audit customer service at the Bluffton SC store.

Second round... I placed my order on 12/30/2011. I have my tracking number and noticed it will take 12 days to get to me from Virginia? Is it being delivered via pack mule? I ordered from 5 other companies on the same day and two of those were also from the east coast and as of 1/3/2012 ALL of my other orders have been delivered and I am still waiting on my order from World Market. Please forward this to corporate so something can be done about your shipping problems. The first time I ordered and then canceled the order before it was processed it took two weeks and constant calls and emails to be issued a refund. I do not expect them to be in business long with the way they treat their customers.

cost plus's credit card co - GE Capital sucks and overcharges interest!!! I had to wait 20 minutes and by the time I spoke to someone and gave all my personal info, they had to transfer me, only to wait again and give personal info again. I asked the rep why I had to give the personal info again and her response was "maam, do you want help or do you want to end the call". CAN YOU BELIVE THAT S__T!!! THEY DON'T CARE AND I CAN'T STAND COST PLUS FOR ALLOWING THAT TO THE CUSTOMERS WHO KEEP THEIR ASSES IN BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ordered online and they sent me the wrong item. Called back 3 times and was told it was in stock and they would get it mailed out. Still never recieved called and asked for a manager. Told they would take a message and have one call back. Took over 24 hrs and they left me a voicemail saying sorry. It's not in stock at the warehouse so I could just wait or get a refund and go pick it up at the store myself..over 200 miles away. Called back and waited on hold for over an hour for a manager who was extremely rude and unhelpful. Asked Connie the manager if they could call a store and have it mailed directly to me. She said that was NOT something they do. She said she would try to figure something out and call me back within 24 hrs. Been 48hrs and no call or credit. So..I paid for an item that they incorrectly pulled and mailed me. But they can't assist with getting the correct item. Will never shop at this site again.

I recently visited the store in montrose, Ohio and that store has gone down hill so much in the past few months. There are boxes covering almost every section in the store. The first time I went to get coffee, they were out. the shelves were bone dry. I asked the General manager( his name was Mike) when they were going to put more out. He rudely told me that it would be 3 weeks and there is nothing he can do to help me and walked away. I used to shop at this store all the time and I also know many people that used to love that store. Now, you walk in and no one knows whats going on, and the store is a mess! I was told that there has been new management, but I think they need to get the old manager back. If the store wasnt that bad, I wouldnt be using my time to write this. Please look into this problem. Thank you.

Horrible Horrible horrible! I ordered a piece of merchandise and it came late then they took my money out after it arrived when the funds weren't there. I called to complain about the matter and they have the worst customer service ever. They wouldn't take care of the overdraft fee or atleast give me a store credit, instead they proceeded to argue with me. I am never shopping at this business again and would be all to glad to see it go under.

the manager pumped me for information on screenwriting for a month and then lied about my application & said I wouldn't get any job for the christmas season - sean manager at the grove -- i have two kids in elementary school and he led me on about a seasonal sales job / got a job at a computer store & my friend says get a lawyer ---

Your male store manager in greenville sc sucks my wife and I will never shop there again

The merchandise in the store is okay..however racism still exists...I worked there for approximately 2 weeks, Isaac, the store Mgr in the Rockville store displayed poor employee relations skills!

They chargea premium charge for Overnight Shipping and it takes 4 days to get here and they won't give me a credit for the difference between overnight and 2-3 day delivery!!!!!!!!!!!

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