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Hey, good to find somneoe who agrees with me. GMTA.

It is never taken in effect that cars and small vicheles ride to close or when passing stay right beside you for miles. It is not always the truck drivers fault, I know for a fact one fatality accident in 2008 was the result of a man commiting suicide and walked out in front of a truck at night. This is what is wrong with this country we live in, everyone has to pass the blame and sue everyone. Maybe if the federal government would pass a law that everyone with a class F license had to take a class about driving around 18-wheelers there would be fewer accidents, or I don't know quit letting JB HUNT, PRIME, and all the other big companies put an inexperienced rookie on the road who's CDL has not even had a chance for the ink to dry. People need to stop and think before lawyers and law firms were allowed to advertise on the television things ran smoother, they didn't have our tax dollars wasted tying up a court room over crap like hot coffee.

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