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Without doubt, the most inefficient organization I have ever encountered. Speaking to seven (7) different representatives, I have gotten different answers to a problem from each of them. Unbelievable

Don't get the prepaid card! First they cancelled my card because of fraud alert without telling me and then when I tried to get my money out they want to charge me twenty dollars for every two hundred I take out of my own money! They tell me I should get a new card in 7 to 10 days and then they say another week ! Save yourself from trouble and don't deal with these people!

Left Hand Does Not Know What the Right Hand is Doing

I have had a fit just trying to accomplish a simple mission. I've been asked the same questions over and over. I was blocked from sending money. Why? I don't know and neither does Western Union. Poor customer service. I hope the CEO sees this. Don't call my home!!! I can't even read the two words below, so jumbled up you can't read it, for the second time!


The customer service rep in India had an unprofessional attitude with her bad accent. I don't understand how this company can employ people like that. WU needs some serious competition.


this company is a scam

None worse

with out question the worst experience I have ever had working with a company during the transaction and all follow up.. Taking money from my account & holding it for 10 days and not completing the transaction. No warning on there web sight stating they may not complete the transaction .. This company needs to go out of business.

Worse Service Ever

I have been on the phone with Western Union for the past FOUR HOURS!!! This has been the most HORRIBLE experience I have ever dealt with!!! I am a deploying Soldier in an emergency situation and I never thought I would have to deal with this!!!

Western Union, Trinidad location

On April 17 and April 24 2014, the Western Union location in Marabella (Bright Ideas), Trinidad, West indies was closed. There is no sign stating the business is closed and the head Office of Western Union located in Trinidad was not even aware. How can they continue to advertise a service and not deliver. Thumbs down.

my money

i ve made 4 transactions already and i have to do 1 more. please respond me is this the final transaction? i am selling one item from slovenia to california. will i get my money by travel agent surley? no one doesn t respond me why s that? i ve already spent 3200€

Always out of service

I live in a small town where there are only 3 locations with WU. Why is it that all of them are down for days and I can't pick up my money. Even the near by town had trouble with all their locations. All I can say is everyone needs to start using money gram. It's faster and more reliable and they check to make sure the person sending and picking up are the right people.

new owner of western unoin

I don't need western union to protect me for I don't send money to people I don't know. I demand to talk to the CEO of western union Making your customers mad is bringing action again western union. very mad customer


I want to know why you are putting everyone's transactions to conformation and then noone will answer the phones.... WHY, I am sick of sitting on hold.... You suck anymore

I;m not a business

WU has determined that I am a business and has blocked me from using their services in the future. I am not a business, just a man trying to send money to his family in the Philippines. I have sent funds for years and not I can not. Thanks WU

horrific service/crooks

Horrible service, disrespectful staff and they need better speaking associates. They took monies out of my account without my final approval, then have nerve to get an attitude because they telling me 7-10 business days for a refund, yet their mistake has me overdrawn and in a mess. I pray they go out of business in time as I am officially boycotting them. I'd restart pony express again before using them again.

It's too bad Western Union has to outsource their customer service outside the U.S. There has only been one instance in my previous 9 encounters where their customer service rep could be understood by me and knew what they were doing. There is always conflicting information from them and when they don't have the answer they normally hang up - the same if you ask for a supervisor. My preference is going to a grocery store to conduct WU business when I can - I can at least understand them and it takes no more than 5 minutes versus 35 if you're lucky. Too bad they don't have the reputation they used to have in the "old days".


Been send money from the internet/web for several years, as of last month I can't seem to get the transactions approved, when I try to get this resolved through their phone operators or speak with any one with intelligence they only keep reading from the same cards, sorry sir our system has a high security and we cant see why this is happening, well, get someone on the phone that can, or at least send this off to corperate to look into it. Very Sad customer support. Looking forward using LBC.


This company states they are a global company but only provide customer service within limited hours, this is inadequate especially when you make an error. This service tends to be required in emergency situations. Currently the only solution they have in place is for the customer to make an additional payment and bear 2 transaction costs. Not right! A service issue that can easily be resolve just look at credit cards organisations. I do not recommend this organisation.

Do not use this company

Horrible service, horrible customer service and horrible problem solving. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY

sad way to conduct bussines

Had my money order stolen. sent them 15$ for a piss poor photo Copy of the cashed money order. Filed a clame after receiving the copy my address was clearly changed the account number was whited out then scribbled out the pay to was changed to L. EAGL. E the endorsement on the back was scribbley lines none legible na and I recived a letter stateing my clame was denied due to lack of evidence. they would reopen my clame if I had a copy of the origional they have lost me as a customer.

western union is a very sorry company i am disabled i have been getting my money on there card for about a year now they have had my money on hold for 5 days an will not give it to me i get paid once a month my retirement an ss,i need that money i worked 30 years for the customer service dept is very nasty i dont want anything that does not belong to me rest assure my money will not be there next month

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