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Racism in the work place..

Hello, I have a friend who works at your Tualatin location and ever since he has been hired has experienced so much racism it's sickening. Even the managers of your restaurant treat him like he is stupid.. This employee has revived a pin which means outstanding work by the district manager, he is one of the hardest workers there. And your management of that location is trying to weed him out. I am disgusted and pissed off unless something is done I will be telling people about the horrible treatment of your hard working employees. Thank you.

most horrible food ever

peachtreecity parkway cares nothing about the customer. not only do they make every order i have placed wrong but a simple refund isnt enough after waiting 30min they over fry the replacement chick. sandwich they sent us with old and cold fries. in short i will never give you corporation my money ever again.also the most rude people i have every dealt with and my wife is a server so i know what iam talking about

I visited your centralia wa store the girl at the counter greeted me as soon as i entered she had a great smile she was very present helpful knowledgeable answered all my questions and seemed to know what she was talking about she got my food ready for me very quickly and even made sure i got fresh hot fries i think her name was laundry but it was spelt with a z i know that because of her i will be coming back to that store to eat again.

Yesterday morning I stopped at your store located off the I-17 (Cottonwood AZ exist). It took over five minutes for the counter person to address me. Mind you I was the first in line. She was busy servicing an order for someone else. While she was pleasant the store was extremely unresponsive in servicing the needs of the guest. I noted 8 employees in the store with only one taking orders when two cash registers were available. The manager of this store was not on "top of her game" I saw what looked to be the manager in a back room while another employee was busy mopping. Mopping is important but servicing customers should be a priority How many employees does it take to cook a couple of burgers? I believe you need to remind your managers that custoemr service, monitorring traffic and putting the needs of the cutomer is priority. When I left he store the line was nop up to 12 with still only one order taker, Forced to go across te street to McDinakds. Hoping you can use this email to hold the management accountable to promt customer service. Ted Guy


My family and I were greeted with a Happy face and welcome as we walked into your Otay Lakes location Chula Vista, CA restaurant. Art Aquino, the shift manager, went above and beyond to ensure guests were having a pleasant experience. He hopped behind the counter to ring orders and assured waiting customers that they would be helped shortly. When things slowed down he circulated through the dining area. We were asked if we needed more dressing and we heard him clear another customers table. His smile is infectious among everyone. His service impeccable. Clearly he leads by example because the rest of his staff was smiling and seemed to have pride in their work too. Such a refreshing experience at a fast food restaurant.

No one answers the phone at store #3957, 1360 e. yosemite ave, manteca, ca I do not want to drive there to ask a simple question!! I'm going to McDonalds.

On July 17, 2011, I ordered a combo Grilled Chicken sandwich Fries, etc @ the McCaran Las Vegas Airport. When I got on the Airplane, there was no meat on the sandwich, just BREAD!!!I placed 5 calls to Customer service every other day for a week, before the Manager, FRED, of the Airport location returned my call. I have spoken with FRED three times since then, on each occasion he stated that he would contact corporate to accomadate me. I spoke with Fred again today 9/13/11 almost 2 months after this incident to obtain a stauts report regarding this issue. Today Fred Stated that Corporate had sent gift certificates/coupons to the P O Box 310501 B'ham on two occasions. Needless to say, I have yet to see or receive any type of gift certificates or coupons. I don't believe Wendys' has sent anything to the POBox. I have provided Fred with a street address and email so Wendys' can make this right. If they would mail me something in a plan envelope, why I ask, has it not been received in the P O Box? All other mail is delivery to the Post Office Box daily. The Customer Service is a joke, I left message and they never called back within 24 hours like they said, I had to call and call and call until I actually spoke to a live person. This ordeal has been a nightmare.

We just arrived home from the wendys in Clermont Florida, which by the way is dirty inside. We were told the crispy wrap we ordered were not ready, asked to wait in parking lot for 4-5 minutes until ready. The girl brought our food out 9 minutes later and apogjzed for the wait. We thought ok, no problem until we got home and saw that we were missing the item we waited for. I called the wendys and was told we could could come and get it or a refund for the wrap. We have dined there many times in the past but NEVER will return to that wendys again. 407-341-5999 is my number if you'd like to call me. Someone should visit this location from corporate, doesn't meet your standards. Thank you, Sally mccarty

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