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impossible to cancel

They make it impossible to cancel just so they can keep taking your money. Also, the corporate phone number above doesn't work. No one ever answers.

Don't waste your money

Lousy customer service


A great place to waste away your earnings.

I recently just signed up for a one year membership i have not been a member for a week and already looking to cancel. I was scheduled for my one hour training section and when i showed up at my training section after taken a hour of leave from work i happened to find out that the trainer that i was scheduled to see had left 2 hours prior to my arrival. No one even call me to cancel or at least to let me know know that such person left. SMH

customer service/ Management

Th e management of Columbia Heights are all ways making errors on paying member accounts who looks after him or over his shoulder? The front desks is too comfortable with there job and really treats the members as if what they do is a favor we pay for these services people!!

The worst customer service ever. After signing up and paying for a class that the time was changed and I was unable to attend they would not give me a refund although I was told by the trainer that my money would be refunded.

On October 10 during open season at my job I signed a contract with Mr. Brendon Hill from the Washington Sports Club (WSC), under the understanding that I will get a trial basis and I will be able to use the facility for 3 weeks without no obligation, I also asked him it if was ok for my daughter to come with me and he said that will be fine and if after 15 days I didn’t wish to join all I needed to do was to send him a cancellation letter. I specifically recall asking Mr. Hill about the cancellation terms of the contract and he told me emphatically that there would be no problem cancelling as long as I gave them 15 days written notice. I found that even with the trial membership we did not used the club so I decided to write and cancel the membership. . I send the letter on October 26, 2011 to Mr. Hill and I thought that was the end of it. Four month has transpired since then, I never got a formal membership letter or membership card or confirmation that I had a membership with the WSC. On February 6, I was checking one of my pay stubs and notice deductions of $79.95 to the WSC I started to investigate and found out that 6 deductions were made out of my paycheck. What galls me is the realization that I was lied to so convincingly, and that verbal commitments are worthless, I vividly remember asking Mr. Hill about not being charge for a membership and he assured me that if I gave them the 15 days notice that the membership will be cancel. When I contact the corporate office of the WSC to request a refund their final answer was that they were not able to offer a refund but a cancellation of the policy effective 2/1/12. They claimed they did not receive the cancellation letter at their corporate office. Perhaps is was my error, not to follow up on the cancellation letter I sent them, and also my error not to check all my pay stubs, however since I never got a formal membership information I assumed the letter was received and that the trial/membership was cancel. To sum it up, they claimed not have a copy of the letter of cancellation, but had a contract of the letter I signed during open season under false pretenses. Today there has been a trail of back and forth e-mail between me and Ms. Daphne Deraveniere at their corporate sales office and the end result was still the same they will not refund the money that they basically got for no services rendered to me.

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