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I tape telephone canoultstions over a land line using a Telos One hybrid. I want to be able to have two lines with 7kHz audio response (when available at the opposite end of the line). One VOIP account with two numbers would do this if the ATA has two RJ-11

Bought this for my parents to elpomy on their computer so we could use skype. I was concerned it would be a convoluted installation or it wouldn’t work with Skype, which some commentators sounded off about for past products. It functions surprisingly well and I was even able to talk my ma through with the steps I reckoned she needed to do and it worked!

I was at store number 10886 this morning at 9:30am. As I pulledinto the drive up speaker a young lady told me she would be right back. After waiting 7 min I finely asked if anyone was there. I then got a reply "what do you want". Not a word about waiting so long. I gave my order and it was obvious that she was not listening to me. When I pulled up to the first window the young girl was having a conversation with someone in the car in front of me. I handed her my payment and when she handed me my change I got the feeling I was interrupting her and she was not happy. Still not even a thank you or have a good day like normal. I pulled to the next window and the person there looked like a manager, black shirt. Again, she handed me my order I did NOT get a Thank You or have a good day. Not only are prices higher at this location but the employees are not up to McDonalds standards. I had a problem at this location in the past. I also drive all over Michigan and stop at McDonalds for coffee every day and store 10886 has to be one of the worst stores. I realize this store is not a company store but I also realize corporate wants good franshize stores. Please don't send me any free certificates give them to people that really need them. I will continue to stop at McDonalds for coffee every day but just not store but10886. Thank You.

Hi guys how you all doing today, the reason I contacting to you all is.because we hear that waldetbook filed for bankruptcy and selling everything away, we live in Tampa fl and we wondering if you can donated to us all the Nortel phones that you been using in you offices Nortel phones but dont worried about the system we do have the system but we need the telephones so please dont throwing them away please please can you delivery to us please please please we need them please have a heart please we all begging you with all ours hearts and souls please, please make us happy with your blessings God will blessing back we believed my personal address for you can sent it is ANGEL NOEL TRINIDAD 11350 CALGARY CIRCLE TAMPA FLORIDA 33624 PLEASE GUYS WE NEED YOU PLEASE THANKS SOOOOOOO MUCH.

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