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Do Something

For all of you writing in to complain: Stop shopping there. No money mongrel (especially at the expense of the economy - our people, our nation) is going to stop (oppressive actions, unfair wages, lack of concern for the consumer and environment, etc., etc., etc.) until all of us boycott... remember?

termination of employee

i recently read about you firing an employee because they called the police because a dog was left in the car and it was extremely hot outside. i think this act was uncalled for and only supports my decision not to shop at your stores here in the states. your still a bunch of money hungry executives and sam walton would turn over in his grave..... you still take advantage of the working poor

Dog in Car

Animal cruelty is against the LAW. Your employee did the RIGHT thing by calling the police,But what does Walmart do..... FIRE THE EMPLOYEE!!!! How can a company this large be so stupid!! I guess the old man Walmart, if he was still alive would fix this mistake! This company is no longer a place I will spend my money at.

Fired for saving a dog?! REALLY? and paula deen

I just read that a Kemptville Walmart employee got FIRED for calling the police to save a puppy locked in a locked car!! In the HEAT!! Please say this isn't so!!!! Ridiculous!!!! Wal mart has now done two things that are PAST ridiculous.......the first was taking Paula Deens products off your shelves and refusing to sell them and now this!!! I'll NEVER shop at Wal-mart again. Hope your a big enough company to do with less customers.

Paula Deen

I want to thank you for deciding for me what I can and can't buy in your stores. Paula Deen is a good woman who has done a lot of good things for all types of Americans. She is not a Racist. She is a hard working American woman. Oh wait a minute you only care about the Chinese worker and their products. On my way back from Florida I drove to Savannah to have lunch in her restaurant and shop in her store there, glad I did cause I won't be shopping for her items at your stores anymore. Not just because you took then off your shelves but because I won't WALK THROUGH YOUR DOORS EVER AGAIN>>>>.

Your manager in Canada fired your employee for saving a dogs life and being rude to a CUSTOMER. Please you do not run a business like this .She did the right thing and your fire her.SHAME ON YOU. I hope she sues you for wrongful termination. This goes to show you .You have idiots as manager in Canada as well as the US. If your hiring people like this to manager your stores. Then are seriously flawed in your thinking. This is one of the many reason I dislike your store. Some great business model you have. But do you care .I think the only thing you care about is making money for your CEO and stock holders. I hope everyone that comes to this page reads this. From the look at this page no one likes the way you do business.

Fired for helping dog

Dogs die every day in the summer due to idiot owners who leave them in hot cars to die a slow and horrible death. One of your associates did the RIGHT thing and spoke out. AND WM showed it had neither a heart or a head and fired here. http://shine.yahoo.com/pets/walmart-employee-warns-customer-dog-locked-car-loses-194900460.html

Vacant shelves

I go to Walmart at I30 and Beltline Rd. in Garland, Texas once a week and spend over $100 each time. I NEVER get to buy everything I need because the selves are not stocked and they say they have ordered the things but it's not in. I have been trying to buy Cheekers Snow Plum rouge for 4 weeks and I finally asked someone yesterday if it had been discontinued and she said they have 3 on order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously that's not enough. You know with computers this should NOT be a problem. Special Kitty litter is the same way. It's a vacant shelf 80% of the time. They say it's "on order". There was 1 can of Glory Corn on the shelf Wednesday. PLEASE rend and restock better than this.

false advertizing and harassment

Lawton OK store on 67th.....add matching items and getting followed all over store and checked walking out like a thief.... really ? Got in touch with my attorney .....absolutley ridiculous !!! Glad several new stores like Aldi will open within a few weeks

Piqua, Ohio Walmart

Rating less then ZERO I call out there and ask for the auto dept. mind you not the service center,so the phone rings 20 times no ans. so I call back the lady at service desk says auto dept. is closed. I said I don't want the service center she said ok we have no one back there but I will try and find someone for you. so a guy finally answers, he put me on hold and was gone forever, guess what? The phone disconnects. I call back and was told no one is working back there because they are closed, I said the whole store is closed no the service dept. I said I want auto not service. Sorry nobody is working there,(you all had open interviews Tuesday) I explain I was talking to a guy there and got disconnected and he was checking on something for me, Finally the guy comes on and says no we don't sell Fiberglass repair kits here. I said it says online its sold in Piqua stores. He said we don't sell whats on line. Geez It said in Piqua store. I said you all need to get the web page right and workers in the store. Hello Welcome to Walmart the worst store in Piqua .

New signs in Wal-mart

You have taken away my right to protect myself, my family or just a honest person in wal-mart stores. I noticed signage that prohibit firearns in the stores, even with a CCW permit. If a person is being stabbed, has a tool from the store being used to beat on someone, the right to protect is gone by you. I for one will think twice before spending money in a place that takes away my God given right to protect. You can look on facebook for this information being sent out to all.


Buy our stores and quit building stores by us Ufcw


Please stop advertising how you bring the best produce to us the customer. Its a lie you bring the cheapest Mexican produce you can find. My family and others are spreading the word about how Wal Mart won't use local growers but buys its product from Mexico then lies to us!

Walmarts assocaiation with a crooked bank

One has to wonder why a family oriented discount company like Walmart has for so long associated itself or partnered with a crooked undesirable financial institution such as Woodforest National Bank. A bank that is notorious for ripping off it's customers and has a massive employee turnover rate due to it's greedy nature? I would think and would like to believe that Wal-Mart, my all-time favorite store to shop, would prefer to have a bank in good standing, i.e. a reputation for honest, fair and ethical business practices. I am one of many customers who would like to see Walmart kick Woodforest out their door for good and join with a good ole American bank that stands by its' ethical business values that is so important in these times. Wake up Wal-Mart!!!! Get rid of Woodforest National Bank!!!!

Your Pharmacy Prices

Today I attempted to fill a prescription at Walmart and was charged $46.00 for the same eyedrops I paid $23.00 at Costco. This is outrageous and extremely suspicious. I demanded a refund and I will be writing to the NJ Dept of Consumer Affairs. shame on you!!!!

Paula Deen

I have shopped Wal-Mart for the last time this week. I am very disappointed that your have allowed and now become a part of a media driven smear campaign with their social and political interests. I thought you were above this. You don't know this woman's heart and it's not your place to judge. This is not about my support for Paula Deen. This is about your caving to something that isn't even news worthy. You were bullied and you gave in. I can't trust your judgment any longer and am therefore withdrawing my support of walmart. By the way, through all the negative publicity that Walmart has gone through over the years, I stood behind you and continued to support you but I can't now. Of all companies that continually comes under scrutiny of the media when it suits their special interests, you should have stood tall and you didn't. Therefore, I no longer care if you crumble under the media's watch. It's not too late. You can stand up to the bullies and tell them to report stories and events that will truly make a difference in the America we love, but something tells me you won't. How sad!

job application lost?

I have applied at your store #120 in Humboldt, Tn. several times this week and they say they cannot find my application. So, if anyone there at the Corporate office could contact store #120 and please let them know my application has been received it would be greatly appreciated. I have applied for an AP Associate position and would like to work for your store in Humboldt, Tn. Please feel free to contact me about this matter at my email address. Thank you for your time and patients in this important matter.

Paula Deen

You people at Walmart must think you are better than everyone else. You got rid of Paula Deen for something that happened 32 years ago? When her life was in danger?! Wow! How pathetic. This is just another in a long list of reasons why I haven't shopped at Walmart and never will. You getting rid of Paula is your loss not hers.

Taking the low ground

You have been losing sight of the right way to do business since old Mr. Sam died. Now you seem to have no moral compass at all. You serve greed and you aren't even doing that well. To drop Paula Deen, for something she said 30 years ago, is to admit you have no grasp on the realities of life. Do you know anyone who hasn't changed with the passage of 30 whole years...? I don't. And from your perspective, HOW much money has Ms. Deen made you over the years..? You should be SO ashamed!

Paula Dean

You Walmart are a hyocrite. You can't tell me that no one in your organization has never said something that they regreted. Anyone of us growing up in the 60's was likely to say the phrase "eenie meanie minie moe catch the "n" by the toe and we all called the Brazil Nut the "n" toe. Yes we grew up and became more aware that this was not right and we changed. But for you to dis Paula and take her products off your shelves tells me I have to reason to dirty myself by entering so much as a Walmart parking lot. I will shop for Paula's products from her directly.

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