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I bought brown slippers in Kohls Simply Vera Wang although very comfortable I soon noticed that I had to wash my floors every day, my white carpet just cleaned had brown spots and the bottom of feet actually are brown. This product was made in China but if you are selling something with your name attached you should be sure the product is Quality Controlled I cannot imagine selling this product with Vera Wang's name on it.

I purchase a Serta mattress set in 2009 because Vera Wang's name is on it...and it seem like a great set..until i try sleeping on it..after two months my back problems got worse at the end of 6months..i was complaining to the store i purchased the set. I call all the Serta rep's and the told me "there was nothing they could do about comfort"...the store owner came out and agree to take the top mattress back then he gave me a floor model that was like bricks to sleep on..the mattress that Vera Wang has her name on..i found you can't sit on the foot of the bed or it will flip up in the AIR AND OFF THE BED...DANGER..YES...nothing about this bed has work for me and i will tell and write about it everytime i get a chance...Serta never has made it right after all the letters and calls..im stuck with a set thats no good for anyone and no one would of gone through what i did to correct this problem...i went in and paid $1,300.00 and can't sleep on this bed..Ms Vera Wang need to take her name off this product, I buy her clothes etc...but can't sleep at night...go figure..got to tell somebody..

I bought a faux leather Vera Wang purse for close to $75 at Kohl about a year ago. In just a few months, the vinyl outside turned sticky. I tried wiping it clean with mild soap, but no use. Seems like the vinyl is just having some sort of chemical reaction to the air. Kohls won't stand behind it either. I tried, but they wouldn't exchange it or return my money.

Purchased Vera Wang Eyewear and the emblem on frame has fallen off and I have emailed and left messages for customer service with no response as my eyecare provider no other ones carry spare emblems/parts. Very disappointed in the lack of customer service from Vera Wang when I have purchased many clothing items and a hand bag in addition to this eyewear. If this is how you stand behind your products I will probably be hesitant to purchase in the future and will tell everyone I know. Jodi Miller 704-897-1154

I bought the Simply Vera Wang Purple with the croc print and it tore up a month after using it.. sooo cheap!!! What can I do, I really love it but needs to be stonger on the straps!!!

I've been looking for purse straps for my Vera Wang purse that I bought last Christmas. Within a month the straps were cracking, especially around the O rings. To me it was a very expensive purchase that I normally wouldn't spend on myself. VERY Disappointed!!

I bought Simply Vera bath and hand towels in a sage green (VW-3058-SAGE) which fit my bathroom decor beautifully until they were laundered. After 6 months, they are now a dull gold and look horrible. I'll never buy Vera again. Go back to the drawing boards.

A mnuite saved is a minute earned, and this saved hours!

I was sreiosuly at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.

I purchased a Vera Wang Brown almost straw material with a leather strap . I have taken it to several sewers and no one can fix it. The whole bottom came un sewed and luckily the lining stay together as I was in a airport in California when it happened. It is Rn 73277 on the blue tag. I have had it about 9 months and only used it once and it fell apart had got it for my trip. I feel when you pay that much money for a purse and also the Vera Wang name it should last for more than one time. I just noticed that 3 other people are having the same issue with the purse shredding at the bottom. What can be done? Terrible craftsmanship! Word of mouth on this wont be good and I know alot of people. Please help! Julie Little 989-879-1476 416 W. Whitefeather Rd. Pinconning Mi 48650

The straps on my Simply Vere Vera Wang purse were falling apart. I took the purse to Kohl's, where I purchased it. Kohl's customer service was able to bring up the SKU number off my charge account. I took the purse and the number to my Kohl's store, they were able to find what I paid for it and gave me a store credit. I am very pleased except that I really liked the purse.

I also bought a Simply Vera Wang Handbag, RN#73277 at Christmas time and the straps are also ripping by each of the hooks. I'm so disappointed in this purse. I thought a Vera Wang would be better quality, even if it was sold at Kohl's.

I was given a Simply Vera Wang Handbag, RN#73277 for Christmas 2010. It was bought at Kolhs. I LOVED it until the handles started to rip by each of the loops where it attaches to the bag its self. The rips are almost completely through, if I use it for another month, at the most, the straps will be broken, making my favorite handbag garbage! Mind you I just got it not even two months ago. This has been the cheapest made "designer" hand bag I have ever owned! I want a refund or a better handbag. I have tried to take the bag back to Kolhs, because of the rips, they will not except it.

Dear Ms. Wang, I am so happy you chose Kohl's to feature Simply Vera collections. I wish I had enough cash to buy something every week. I am searching for another pair of SIMPLY VERA GELATO MARY JANE BALLET FLATS (Size 11.) I realize it has been years since that was originally sold a Kohl's, but that shoe is part of my uniform as the Star Concierge at the Rialto Square Theatre in Joliet, Illinois. I have spent hours on the internet trying to find another pair. Do you know of any inventory and which store might still have a pair in my size? Please forward comments to Ms. Ginny Prihoda, 1629 Cadillac Circle, Romeoville, IL 60446; 815.609.8418/direct; 815.609.8419/fax; 630.363.6842/mobile; gprihoda@aol.com Thank you for your kindness.

bought a purple simply vera bag about a year ago and I love it but the metal fastener that clips to a loop on the handle broke can I get a replacement part? thanks

My daughter recently bought me a Simply Vera Vera Wang cloth handbag. The bag is black with a leather strap, silver hardware and a clip on the right side of the bag that attaches to the hardware on the strap. The leather strap is wearing out terribly. The magnite inside the bag slipped down inside the zipper part of the inner side pocket, to close it I have to put my hand inside the bag to work the magnite up to the correct position to close. Also, the top of the bag is made to look very soft but the way the bag closes it is slowly making small rips. I took the bag back to Kohl's in Center Township, PA and they could not help me. The rn # is 73277. I am very dissapointed. Never Again !!!

I also have a problem with the lining in a pocketbook, which shredded at the seam. The number inside the pocketbook apparently means nothing, and Kohl's told me there was nothing they could do about it. Did you guys ever get any help with your issues? Their products say Vera Wang or Simply Vera all over them, so that should not be questionned if it is theirs or not....yet, no help.

My sister recently brought a wallet from Kohl's department store in Greensboro,NC ,The brand was yours ( Vera Wang ),a very soft black leather wallet with 3 zippers on it , One on top and two small ones on front ),total price 29.00,i love it and would like to order one like it,can you help me,the only number i can find is RN# 73277, please help if you can,thanks so much. brensfoxden@aol.com

I purchased a simply Vera -Vera Wang a shoulder hang bag.it was a brown cloth bag with a leather strap. - the edges on the strap are wearing out fast the purse is about a year old. the blue tag number iside the purse is rn73277. what can be done about the purse. thank you Sandra Woznicki

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