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I purchsed Vera Wang sheets because of the thread count. In less than a year the are shredding like someone took a knife to them. Shame on you Vera, way too many complaints on this site.

I bought a pair of Vera Wang studded sandals from Kohl's (Style & Color: SVIMIADUNE). Luckily I got them on clearance, because after two hours of wear one of the cone studs had come off, and after a couple outings in the, the buckle (of the same shoe) broke in half. They were originally priced $60!! I am so glad I got them on clearance, because they were definitely not worth the original price. I am also kind of disappointed, because being that they are branded Vera Wang I thought they'd be of better quality, but it seems as if she just puts her name on something and does not care if the product is cheap. I guess all they care about is selling their customers cheaply made products at a high price for more profit. So sad and disappointing.

I just found some of her things ,and wanted to say I love them. It is nice to find something pretty and comfortable. Thank you for thinking of all women not just young women.I will be looking forward to more things in the future,and will be passing the word about how nice they are.

I bought a Vera Wang purse at Kohls for over $80 about 2 months ago. The thing is already falling apart. You hear the name Vera Wang and automatically think her products will be quality products that are worth spending more than a few bucks on. Instead you get subpar items that are not representative of what her name is made out to be through her other lines. The purse looks good but is made of cheap materials that fall apart quickly, I'm very dissapointed and do not plan on ever purchasing anything Vera Wang again. Her name no longer stands for quality and high end, if anything Vera Wang is subpar and cheap.

I purchased two pairs of Vera Wang pajamas back in February. The first time I washed in cold water, gentle cycle and dried on low as instructions indicated. Both pairs shrunk. Somehow I stretched them a bit while still damp and was able to wear again. When I have washed again I have hung to dry. Despite handling with care both pairs are already worn out after about 6 months of wearing. I bought this supposedly high quality brand after I had lost my job and only my husband was working. I was hoping her brand held quality seriously. Not so!! I have been so upset with the shoddy way they are made. Piping on sleeves and hems is fraying. I will never repeat this mistake. Wish I had gone to Belk, Sears, Penney's or somewhere that would stand behind their products. I want to call customer service, but it doesn't look like anyone has had much success with that. Shame on you Vera. I tell everyone I know, don't buy Vera Wang products.

Bought 551.00 of Vera's products at Kohls. The zippers on my purse and pants actually broke. No wear OR tear about it......can anyone at Vera help ix this complaint because Kohls acted like they are tired of taking Vera calls please help!

Wow I've never been this upset about a product to write about it till now! I have bought purses from the Simply Vera Collection at Kohls only to have them all fall apart after a month. Bought 3 pairs of sunglasses in 2 months only to lose pieces while wearing them. ...guess I'm a glutton for punishment.

Treated myself to the Simply Vera Vera Wang Frame Pleated Satchel from Kohl's. I am a hard-working mom that always puts my family first. When I saw this bag, I worked things around so that I could purchase it. Unfortunately, the bag did not hold up for even 2 months! The leather around the "O" ring that connects the strap the bag just fell off. Kohl's will not return my money either. No question they could see that I did not abuse the bag but they said that 2 months is too long for them to provide a refund. Vera, if this is the quality you are providing to the hard working people who shop at Kohl's don't bother.

I purchased a Vera Wang embellished tank from Kohl's this past weekend. I went to wear it today and when I removed the tag noticed the stitching was botched on one side (underarm area) and then on the inside of the tank there is a sticker with a red arrow on it pointing to wear the material was ripped and sewn back together. I am going to call Kohl's to see if there is anything they can do. I live in Canada so I can't just run to the store and return it. If the material was ripped and sewn back together, why would it even get sent from the factory to be sold???

I am requesting that the company make clothing one size larger. I love her style but cannot fit into it. The style is very flattering for a larger woman as well as for petite women. Thanks

ok, i love vera wang she is my favorite fashion designer,but it is not fair for these people who bought vera wangs designs and every thing and you should at least do something or vera wang will probaly go from famous to omg who does she think she is, [iam just saying].Any way i was woundering can i have a autographed photo or postor of vera wang.

I purchased the Vera Wang Organza Fit & Flare Bluch Pink dress for my wedding.The dress was so fabulous I couldn't have picked a better designer. When my hubby and I was doing photo shoot on our honeymoon I recieved so many compliments people were stopping in awe..... The dress looked so awesome on me I felt Vera made just for Talaya. Thanks Vera for the good work that you do.

Purchased Simply Vera Wang SVBAILEYTAN shoes put them on and fell, hospitalized for a sprained ankle and charged 1000. So far for xrays, ER, crutches and a boot, missed one week of work. So far, her designs need to be tested to say the least! Buyer beware!

I purchased two vera wang simply vera wang bath towels. At first use, the towels shedded all over my skin and in the bathtub. So, I thought maybe I needed to launder it first. After laundering, it continued to shed. I have never used the other one. I have emailed Vera Wang's corporate office two times, and written the corporate office once. They have not bothered to even send me a response. Obviously, they don't care about customer satisfaction. What shabby merchandise and customer service Vera Wang has.

I will forever stay away from the Vera Wang collection. Although they are very cute, the quality is very poor. The fabric used is too thin and can rip easily. I'ts pretty much a "one time only wear". Dont dare wash it. But I can say the Apt 9 collection is a better quality choice!!!!

My daughter in law bought a Vera Wang wedding dress - beautiful, layers and layers of unfinished silk. She looked stunning. The service from the store was great. I offered to get it cleaned for her after the big day. I researched a specialist cleaner, sent it to them and they forewarned me that the edges may fray during the cleaning process. I told them to hold on any cleaning until I spoke to Vera Wang customer care for advice as to whether to go ahead or not. Ha! Fat chance - despite emailing three times...and I was only asking for advice, I haven't had any reply other than the auto delivery receipt to show my messages have arrived! Shame on you Vera Wang! Customer care is non-existent.

I bought a Simply Vera Wang black light-weight turtle neck sweater with a sort of satin mesh sewn into bottom band. Although I love wearing this sweater, it appears to be sewn inside out. All of the side tags and neck tags were sewn on the outside of the shirt and the stitching is inside the shirt. It was so embarrassing that my dentist even asked if I was wearing my sweater inside out. Because of the stitching I wear the shirt with improper outside stitching and tags inside. Developed small holes to material within months.

I purchased the Vera Wang bra style 21642,a month ago, I have hand washed this item only. The closure is of poor quality, it comes unhooked at the most inconvient times. I paid $32.00, for the item, although the bra is very comfortable, I can no longer wear it for fear it will come unhooked and my set of 38D's will get free.

Please may I have an email addy 4 vera wang

I purchased my fall wardrobe from Kohls Simple Vera Collection instead of Chicos. What a mistake. I probably purchased 10 or more tops and a couple sweater jackets. They are rags! Both sweaters have holes in them! One seam pulled apart at the neck while i was wearing it (I'm only a size 10) and the other has a small hole at the elbow! One of the tops also has a small hole in the front which I noticed while at work! I do not expect to be ambarrassed by my wardrobe at work!!!!! I want a full refund for these tops and then I'm going back to Chicos!!!! Shame of you Vera! Are you treating the middle class to rags??? No thank you!

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