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Trugreen has NEVER come to a scheduled appointment on the correct date or time. Not once. When I first signed up for service they assured me that it would not be a problem to come on Saturdays or after 4. Of course, after signing up and taking my money, they can no longer do that. Horrible, horrible company. I have to get ready for the fight to cancel.

I would NOT recommend this company to anyone. They are the most irresponsible company I have ever delt with. Don't waste your time with them... a total ripoff! My dealing was with the Hagerstown, MD office.

I have had a service contract for 7 years with TruGreen. Do NOT use them. They apply chemicals to kill my weeds and they kill all of my grass....AFTER I had the yard professional graded and seeded by a landscaper for $3K, TruGreen killed all my grass. They would not come out and replant the seed, acted very unconcerned. No refund of money, and no reseeding. My grass went from looking perfect, to dirt...literally dirt..no weeds and no grass.....because the chemicals they applied killed all the grass and weeds. They did this 2 years in a row. They are awful! Service is terrible , they don't know what they are doing. TRY to get a refund - impossible. Stay away from these people. Write the Home office and write the BBB like I am about to do... these people should be out of business. I would recommend hiring a local , well-respected lawn care service over this ripoff organization.

This organization is truly lacking. I can nto believe the poor customer service! It is difficult to reach managers. When you do they talk a good game and say they care about the problem but they do not talk very will among themselves. The client needs to repeat the problem over and over. I got a puppy so I wanted the best lawn I could have. I thought I should get professionals rather than doing myself. Well, my lawn is worst than ever 10 x 10 area is dead and needs to be replaced. Think they will take responsibility, nope! Maybe they could just live up to what they promise. I would never reccomend them. Keep Clear of Truegreen out of the Ft. Lauderdale area!

I signed up for a year, thinking that will give me the best chance towards a healthy full lawn. Well, aftering spending $1,200 and numerous calls to the company in Farmingdale, NJ I met with the typical field tech saying just keep watering it. Please, at no time did they aggressively try to correct the problem with my lawn. No gratis applications nor follow up. terrible experience, I will never use this company again nor recommend it to anyone.

I requested a lawn treatment for 65 dollars. Before any services were rendered I cancelled my account. I was told by the saleman that I will not be charged until I get the service. I couple of weeks went by and I viewed my account and Trugreen had debited my account for 520 dollars. I have called the the company and talked with the manager several time sand I haven't received my refund yet. I was dealing this Tina Clark and she said that they didn't enter the refund in the system because they where to busy. This unprofessional service makes me not want to deal with any services! I'm located in the Fort Washington area.

I read all the complains and i'm one sick and tired customer to.i'm with daniel ,the don't use any weed control or fertilizer.i have aa terrible weed problem and it got worse from laste year to this.if you call no return call,but the come out and service for pay????but no time for return call' sthere has to be a company that cares about there service out there some where and customer service????? i just cancelled my service,the take the money ,but the service sucks.

i just called to cancel my subscribtion with trugreen because of to many issues with the time i wanted and no signs in my yard to show my neighbors and kids plus pets that my yard was treated .. i see no difference in just 4 visits to my lawn .actually i think i have done better when i did it for the past 7 years ... i just came home to find they were just here and saw they only used 10lbs of fertilizeron a half acre really !!!!!!!!!!! done good bye ps oh and they left a big oil slick on my driveway and said it wasnt them but it wasnt there until they came out to fertilize ... driver told me he had broke down after he did my yard ding ding i know why his oil was on my driveway ... again im done with them i do believe its a scam

I am a former employee of Trugreen and I know where everyone is coming from. I hated getting new sales where the customer said they wanted service on a certain day but Trugreen doesn't care, all they care about is the bottom line of making a buck. I got overworked in this heat wave that we are having and missed a week of work because I received heat exhaustion. The office didn't even seem to care about my health all they were worried about was getting me back to work. Trugreen doesn't care about its customer's or employees, I recommend that YOU STAY AWAY FROM TRUGREEN AT ALL COSTS, it is a scam. I was a lawn technician and I do not believe in the products they use because honestly I never really saw results from the chemicals I used. The lawn technicians did half ass jobs just to try to hit a number. I know many technicians who never used fertilizer and just sprayed weed control so they could get more jobs done in a day. We were forced to reach a production goal each week or be forced to work on saturday. They forced lawn technicians to become salesman also and fired all the salesmen from my branch. I have now been fired because I came back early due to the heat and according to management I didn't follow company policy. This company is a joke it was the worst job I have ever had.

guess I'm not the only sitting home all day waiting for my scheduled appt, only to find out the are not coming today...I have had my pets in all day so the would not be out when the tech came... what a joke. This company better step up tp the plate or they will not survive in the economy. I will be canceling any future service except what I have paid for. SHAME ON YOU TRUGREEN


I have canceled my service due to very poor results for the last two years. I requested to have the last application's charge to be credited as per your lawn garuntee but the person that I talked to on the phone said she did not know anything about that and a refund was not going to happen. I would love to have the CEO take a look at my lawn, hell you won't even have to get out of the car, you can see the weeds from the street. VERY POOR SERVICE ALL THE WAY AROUND.

I am a former manager and present employee of trugreen presently unfortunately i agree totally trugreen sucks the corporation who owns us beats the hell out of their techs doesnt give a dam about their employees they are actually probably going to sell trugreen in awhile after they beat the shit out of the fleet and run it as much as they can but let me also add from a lawn man perspective people are assholes these days it seems to me the public a lotta of the time just thinks they can be retards to workers when in fact trugreens prices suck ass im tired of doin 20000 square foot lawns for 6o bucks these people suck get real that dam lawn should be at least 160 thats why im gonna work for a company that gets the right prices and not have to worry about stupid trugreen or these dumbass customers of theirs

After having their service for 3 years, I have realized that they are an incompetent company and they need a babysitter. If you want to be stressed out, unhappy, and mad then you are using the right company. They do not listen to anything they are told by the customer. I finally got wise and left them, I,m soooo much happier now!!!!!!!!

I left trugreen because they would not come out and treat my yard when they said they would. When I would call you get people that do not do their jobs. They would keep me upset and angry and I do not have time to live on the phone letting them know that they did something wrong. They need to grow up and do their job and not expect the customer to do it for them. VERY HAPPY I LEFT DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

I cancelled my service. They came out anyway and sprayed the yard,left my fence fate open in which my dogs got out and I spent and hour trying to find them aftetwork. I was billed for that service that I did not authorize. Talked to management who kept passing me from person to person. Yesterday I got a collection notice and have spent 2 days trying to speak with management. I was told it was not a good day. Never never use this company.

After reading a lot of these reviews I was really pissed off. I thought I was the only one getting jerked around. I just started their service about 2 months ago but I have called and asked to speak with my particular superintendent for my area (kevin)approx 5 times. He did actually return the call finally, of course I had to threaten to cancel my service in order for him to respond. I just wanted to ask for one of those free intermediate applications that they offer when you sign up, you know the one where they tell you if you see any weeds in between scheduled sprays we will come out for free and treat again. Well that still hasen't happened. Boy am I glad I didn't give them access to my bank accout for automatic withdrawls, (don't ever do this). They really tried to push this during sign up too. So far I guess I'm lucky, I've only had one application so far, unfortunately it didn't do much good and I've only paid them one fee. I'll be canceling service tomorrow, if I can. Good luck everyone.

It appears from reading the negative comments here and in different blogs, headquarters appears to care less also, but I will vent anyway. Today I was scheduled for lawncare service, I stayed home for that reason. I wanted to insure TruGreen put down granular and swept or blew the fertilizer off the sidewalk. I called trugreen at 4:00, and Mike said, "Everyone has gone home and I don't have any idea why they didn't show up". I asked Mike I wanted the President to call me within 30 minutes, that of course didn't happen. I called back and talked to a lady, she said she talked to Mike, and she returned my call (surprise) and said she didn't know why either but she could reschedule me for the next day. She said she talked to the Clearfield, Utah manager and he suggested that. He didn't even call me. Trugreen was eager to reschedule an already missed appointment, but not to involve mgmt in the resolution of this matter. If Trugreen couldn't make the appointment for whatever reason, why schedule it on that day. I tried to call Doug McKay, SLC mgmr at home unfortunately, I couldn't find his home phone or address or I would have visited him in person. Here is what I am going to do: 1) Contact the BBB in SLC 2) I work with thousands of civilians at Hill AFB I will tell at least 50 people the type of service you provide 3) Start a blog-telling as many people as I can about your lack of customer service with the goal, 1 person telling 2 who tell 4, etc. etc until we reach 10,000 people. You folks shouldn't be in business and in this economy, one would think you would bend over backwards, instead the customer gets bent over by you--Tru Green.Shame on you! Ja Dee Huber

To Whom It May Concern: I will not pay money for Unacceptable Customer Service! With the economy at it lowest right now and Business slowly drowning for lack of customers. The customer service I recieved when a representative from your company by the name of Ray called and tried to sell me service. Not knowing i was already an existing customer. He was very rude and disrespectfully. A business can not survive without Excellent customer Service. I then called the office to advise of this behavior and spoke to a Manager name Silas. Silas then advised that the representative had to have given the wrong name and he thinks its was Bob and he would handle the situation. I refuse to pay money to a company who allows representatives to disrespect their clients. Reading over the previous concerns above, it seems to be a behavior you allow. Is there every really an apology to your customers. I work for a major company and if a representative even thought to talk to our customers the way Ray did, they would be unemployed immediately. Your company may want to think about additional training before you loose alot of your customers and go Bankrupt.

March 26, 2011 To Whom It May Concern, Enclosed you will find a check for $81.44, and while I don’t agree with your billing statement I no longer have the patience/time to work with my bank to collect all the documentation to provide to you. I feel that by sending me a printout of service dates and payment information with no letter of correspondence you demonstrate your lack of professionalism and courtesy toward your customers. We spoke with the corporate office on 3 occasions requesting a phone call from your office, and we never received one! Instead we received a print out, lacking even a letter of explanation. At this time I also would like to inform you that we are canceling all service with TruGreen. We do not want any phone calls asking for a further contract with the company. The ironic thing is that your poor business practice just severed ties with a customer who paid you a total of $436.72 in the last year and $417.80 the previous year, all over a disputed $40.72. Seems a little counterproductive! (Not to mention I will share my experiences with those who I believe will benefit.)

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