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ive read these other comments on this page. im struck by how the comments are the same, the experiences are the same (no call backs, grub problems, not treating the lawn and getting bills, poor customer service, etc). im experiencing the same thing. ive had chem-lawn (in pittsburgh) for years and years, always had good results and good service. then they merged with tru-green. the service and results seemed be the same. but in the last 2 years, they have gone down hill. they have not been giving me good results the last 2 seasons, maybe longer. this year they burned my grass with too much chemical. looks like faulty equipment left a trail of leakage. killed everything in many places. my service guy keeps changing so who the hell knows who he is. but his boss, the supervisor, chip, (hes a good man, always comes out to see what the problem is), came out himself, pulled out the dead grass and planted new seed. that was in may. its almost october and its still bare. ive talked to him about it. he came and checked it out in august. still not fixed. i called the branch to see who their insurance company was. (always get an insurance certificate BEFORE hand when you hire ANY contractor to do work on your property) i was going to file a claim for damages. they said they were self insured. that got their asses lit. i got a call from general manager ken kuntze and told him i wanted it fixed, even if he had to put sod down and pay an outside company to fix it. he was argumentative, not helpful or friendly at all. he said he would get it fixed. i havent seen anyone for 2 weeks, maybe 3. its fall, the weather is good for seeding but nobody here yet. when i call, i get routed to somewhere else in the country and leave messages, he never gets back. they put down grub control. now crows are attacking my lawn, looking for grubs. more dead grass, more bare spots, more shitty looking lawn. i can have a shitty lawn for free, i dont need to pay trugreen to make it worse. in fact it looks worse than if i did nothing, like my neighbors. their lawns look great compared to mine. new lawn company is next, as well as a possible lawsuit.

I received an email saying they were coming to treat my trees. I called TruGreen and told them not to treat my trees this week. I wanted them to wait for 2 weeks because I had fruit to pick and did not want the fruit to be contaminated. Low and behold I pull up to my home and the TruGreen employee was there and treated my trees....It is evident TruGreen's right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. This is the second time on this issue....ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

Overheard Trugreen sales people talking in a local bar here in Fort Worth area, about one of their guys that carries a gun in his personal truck while out looking at lawns. Have to ask if that is company policy or just a guy who could do something that will get others hurt.

Switched to Tru Green for the first time to try their services. Very, very, very disappointed. Never had crab grass in my lawn before switching to Tru Green. After their 2 treatments lawn was full of crab grass. Called them to fix it. The guy who came treated only one side of the lawn. Called again to treat the other side of the lawn. Now I have dried, dead grass (watering for a month no green) on both sides of my lawn. Called them 5 times to send somebody to fix the lawn. Every time I call, they "make a note". Left my phone number. No call from Tru Green yet.

Last year neighbors stopped and asked what we did to have such a beautiful lawn. Then my husband had heart surgery, so we got Tru Green this year. After the first treatment the lawn did not green up, so we called them. They put on another treatment within one month! The grass started dying almost instantly. They blamed it on "dry conditions" - all of our neighbors have grass and don't even have lawn care. They would put more treatments on the dead grass, and now my whole yard is browned out. It looks terrible in a new neighborhood. No one will call me back, either. I wish I hadn't paid for the whole year. I'll never get my money back. A man from Scott's stopped and said he felt bad, because he had seen our lawn before. He offered to tend to it for less money and try to get it back for us. It's Scott's next year. I only wish I could attach a picture. RUN, people - stay away from Tru Green. RUN...

We have been customers with Trugreen for the last 9 years. Our specialist, Mike Pollet out of Macomb Michigan has always been extremely helpful and honest. For the last 6 months, we have had numerous issues. Come to find out, our normal specialist had been transferred to another area. We now have a new guy, who came to our home and put a flag in our yard and left without even leaving his vechile. I was actually home. A few days later, we received the bill in the mail, first time it was not left on our front door in 9 years. After, reveiwing the bill, I became extremely upset because I knew he had not done the work. My husband, called customer service and complained. A few days after our phoned in complaint, the new specialist called me and was extremely defensive and rude to me, in fact he actually told me himself that "he never left his vehicle" yet, for some reason was able to complete his paperwork with a lengthly description on what our yard's condition was and what recommended treatment was necessary. Then he told me to call his manager and HUNG up on me. My husband left work early that day and drove to the branch office to speak to the manager face to face. Mike Blunt, the general manager called my husband to apologize. My husband, just stated the facts and that we don't want to do business with a company that allows their specialst be so unprofessional and actually committ fraud. The specialist is still doing yard in the neighborhood. So, needless to say that the general manager, Mike Blunt of Macomb, Michigan tolerates this type of behavior. It's ok to put a flag down and bill the customer, when they don't even get out of their vehicle..... Sad, very sad.. This company steals from it's customers and management is perfectly ok with it. Do not trust this company...

The absolute worst of the wost. Will not last too much longer. They don't perform and are not customer focused. It's a failing company.

My lawn service sold out to these people. It didn't take one application to realize these folks are clueless. The only thing worse than their technicians are the folks at customer service. I cancelled my service and asked for the rest of my money back since I had paid my previous lawn care company for an entire year. AFter waiting 5 weeks for my check (I was told it was in the mail twice) I tried to talk to a Manager. Good luck with that! After spending an hour on the phone I finally got in touch with a Manager who promised me the check would be in the mail in 6-10 days. I am not holding my breath.

I Have Been In The Lawn Buisness For 30 Sum Years Now. And I Can Tell You That This Company Is The Worst There Is No Words To Discribe How Bad And Stuped Thes People Really Are. Stay Away From This Company

There are no words for this company, they truly are the WORST. I have left messages last week for a return call from the manager at the Crestwood location, no call back. On Sept. 4th I called the corporate & explained my problem & she said she would contact the mgr. at Crestwood to have him or her call me back. Here it is 2 days later and no call. So I called corp. again this morning to say I didn't get a call & the girl said she would send an e-mail to the mgr. again. Yea, right!!!!!! My husband just called corp. to speak to the operations manager, but he was told all the corp. lines are busy and he can leave a message. What is going on with this company??? I have a problem with grubs, even though they treated the lawn for grubs on May 24th. We built this house 10 years ago and never had a problem with grubs. I am tired of hearing that this summer has been too hot & dry. Just give me an answer as to what you are going to do for my grub problem. I cancelled their service, because I always had to call back for various other problems after they would treat the lawn. So don't ever wait for a return call back from Trugreen, because they don't know what customer service is really about.

I watched True Green go to the neighbors house and put a note stating they serviced his yard. No service was ever done. Of course when I told the neighbor. He cancelled his service with True Green. I was told by a technician this week that they have other technicians that never service yards but state they do. That is stealing. There is laws against that. True Green is the worst yard company you could ever use. They have one 5 star and that's from and employee. The other 5 stars are from customers that made a mistake on there rating. They forgot to rate the star service. But everything they stated was negative about True Green. I see a company going out of business. Call Clark Howard.

I have never been so disappointed in a company before as I am today with True Green. I chose True Green for my new lawn services 4/12. they first applied their first fertilizer and recommended that seeding and aeration be completed. I did as they wished as I want a green lawn. I have always had my lawn treated in the pass but want to try True Green for better results. After three applications of fertilization my grass is now all dead, it has never looked like this. I have made several calls to the Office with no results what they will do to repair what they messed up. Last Manager that came out told my husband which is physically disabled that he would drop off Blue Kentucky Grass Seed and he can spread it on lawn. My God, I paid for services and now my have been treated poorly. I feel like we have been robbed. Sincerly, Mamie Harris

I wish there was a star for '0'! If you have an issue they never call you back. When you want to add/remove service they never call you back. When you want to speak to a service manager they never call you back. When you ask for the Regional Manager they never call you back. When you ask for the corporate telephone number they won't give it to you. Enough said! Amen! Take your service and shove it! Lisa Martell Fremont, NH

If 0 stars was an option I'd choose that one! Giving Tru Green 1 star is way more than they deserve! Haven't been customers with them for 6 months and already cancelled our service with them. Woke up this morning with a sign on our front door saying our yard had already been serviced, that's funny considering the fact that the gate to our backyard was locked. They only "treated" our front yard and had the audacity to charge us full price for service when they only did half our yard. Called and complained and we were told "I'm sorry you feel that way" and "technically half of your lawn was serviced, so we have to charge you half price." come to fine out, the gentlemen that serviced our front yard called later that day and said he did service our backyard, he stuck a flag in the yard so we would believe him. When asked how he got back there, because the fence was locked, he said he climbed the fence ( which is about 6 and 1/2 feet tall ).

I currently use TruGreen Commercial division. I, as a professional lawn care specialist, own a business that is truly greatful for them. Alot of things people don't understand that these chemical treatments are done on a "program". 1,2,or 3 treatments are not going to do it folks. These techs can only do half of the job to make your yard look good. The other half is done by yourself or your lawn care professional. Hiring guys that are grass cuttuers are not lawn care professionals.I know everybody is in a time of shortage of money and can only afford bi-monthly cuts. Well guess what.... get off of your but and do the cuts between. Cutting Bermuda every two weeks is not sufficient. You only have a 1/2 inch of green on the yard and you go cut more than a inch of and not bag, thatch developes. Then your lawn guy wants your lawn to look green so he keeps cutting it higher so you will keep calling him more often. I started my company in 2008 and now i have several trucks. When I started, i made the decision to do all or none. Thats cutting every week during the growing season and as needed in the non growing season. Weeds have a tendency to grow faster when the grass is cut tall. Keep it cut short and it puts the weeds into shock. The more often you keep your grass cut,the less weeds you will see. Don't blame TruGreen for you being uneducated about your yard. Hire a professional that will educate you as he/she is taking care of your yard. I have customers that are very greatful for my service. My business has been a success because of my customer service. Give the Ellenwood,GA office another chance. Call and talk to the new manager Jeff or the salesman Matt. Those are the guys I deal with and they will take care of you. I am in no way affiliated with TruGreen. I use them for my Cheimcal Program to all of my customers.

Much like all of the above comments Tru-Green is without a doubt the most customer un-friendly company we have ever dealt with. We have called for the past two weeks to address the issues of weed and crab grass growth in our lawn. They have come out all of 3 times since the spring, they didn't even put lime down, instead continue to try and sell us more and more services. We even contacted the corporate offices to complain and still haven't received a call back. They are the most irresponsible, unreliable,contractor we have have ever dealt with. Even 1 star is too good for them.

I don't know what kind of business they are running it's a joke and so are their employees. They don't know anything. They feed you a line like they know what they are talking about but they don't. Daughter caught them fertilizing only their front lawn and not the back. I caught them doing spot spraying on weeds and sent a bill for the full amount as if an application was being put down. Something I could have done for pennies. Won't pay the bill, they can send me to collection I don't care. Had I not been home to watch him I would have probably just paid the bill. Don't know how many times this may have happened in the past when I wasn't home. To me this is a very fradulant company. Should have never left my other service company but can bet I will be going back to them!!

Tru green thorofare nj worst company going.they killed my lawn in one application.and will not do anything about it .maybe when my attorney contacts them they will know I am serious.work to hard for my money to give it to these morons

The worst company I've ever dealt with. They will not leave you along when you refuse to not accept additional service. I refused additional treatment services, but they continued to call at least once or twice a week. I asked them to note on my account to discontinue the calls. I hung up on them a few times but they continued to call to the point of harassment. They totally ignore your request and continue to call. There are very sick people working for this company. No control over worker harassment. They intentionally harass you to annoy you for rejecting additional services. They cannot stand rejection. These guys horribly represent this company, evidently they don't care.

It seems to be part of their practice to harass customers. They cannot stand rejection. Some sick cookies are working there. I don't think corporate has any control over workers or don't care about their job performance. This is the worst company to discontinue, they intentionally harass and disrespect customer wishings. Please do not start w/this company.

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