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still waiting

I have been using TruGreen, formerly Chemlawn, then TruGreen-Chemlawn, then Chemlawn, since l987. I have had nothing but problems since Chemlawn sold to TruGreen. Last Fall my lawn looked brown, despite watering. My neighbors' lawns were all green. I called TruGreen, and a "tech" came out and said he sprayed "nutrients" on it. It kept getting worse, and In October, the manager came out after many calls to him and corporate.. He said it was grubs, and since I had grub control, they would take care of it. They aeroated my lawn towards the end of October. No grass came up, and since then crows and birds have completely torn up my lawn looking for the grubs. I am ASHAMED of my lawn! It is a mud hole! I had to contact Corporate to get the manager here, who is new, to call me. He did call a couple of weeks ago and said they would restore my lawn. I haven't heard from or have I seen anyone since then. I have called Corporate with my problem, and will be sure to tell all of my neighbors here who DO use TruGreen how I have been treated. I am taking pictures of my lawn today which will be sent right to the top. I will not let them get away with destroying my lawn when they GUARANTEE a beautiful lawn, and after the thousands of dollars over the years I have given them. Funny how their robot calls keep coming for me to sign my new contract, but I have to call many times to even speak to a human being at TruGreen when I have a problem. I am very disgusted and disappointed in this company and would NEVER recommend them to anyone. But... they have NOT heard the last of ME!

Taking advantage of the elderly

My 93 year old father was visited by one of the door to door Try Green salesmen recently. My father did not sign or agree to any services and instructed the Representative to contact me to discuss the details. After trying several times to reach the local Tru Green in Lorton Va, I decided to find someone else. In the mean time Tru Green made two unauthorized visits to my father and treated his lawn without authorization!!! I was finally able to reach the Lorton Va office and found out that instructions were left for the sales manager to contact me prior to any treatments or services being performed at my property. I am still waiting for the sales manager to call me..... I will never use Tru Green or recommend them to anyone I know, I have signed on with Bio Green instead.

I guess they don't want my business!!!

I am so glad I came across this site. I have been waiting for 3 weeks to get someone out to my yard and give me a quote. I guess they want to sit behind their computer, look at a map of my yard and give me a quote that way. I have 3 different types of grass and wanted a tech to come out and talk with me about the yard. I have not received a call yet. Even after 6 calls trying to reach the local office. I will not be making a 7th call! Not sure how theses people are staying in business. I only gave it one star because it would not let me give it a zero.


We hired them one day. Looked at reviews the next morning and called and cancelled before 9 am. They came out that same day later in the afternoon and sprayed even though they said the first treament would not be for 10 days. Then they sent us a bill. I have tried to cancel this account and get a zero balance hard copy for over 30 days. I have called four times. The first two times, they didn't even show it as cancelled. They are a RIP OFF joint and I am going to the media if I do not have a zero balance piece of paper in my mail by the end of next week. If they come to your door... TELL THEM TO GO AWAY AND TO NOT RETURN!

the worst company out in the market

made several appointments an they never came to my resident. however, I pay a full payment for the entire year an never made a home visit.

Not happy...

Went online to prepay my 2013 lawn and shrub service. Would not accept my payment. Customer account # the problem. Then called my local branch office in Canton, OH. to prepay. My call was answered in Cincinnati...lady there [won't mention her name] said, "they could not process my prepayment" and " they no longer offer the tree trimming service out of that location". News to me! I have a signed contract stating otherwise. She also was very sorry their computers were down but still could not take my prepayment. Because of their computer issues I lost out on a significant portion of my 5% Discover Cash-Back bonus for the month of December [ever little bit helps]. Still waiting for them to fix their computer issues. Finally spoke to a manager. Sadly, he cannot find all of my signed documents and paperwork. He's trying to make good but the paperwork should exist in-house. Seems like I'm not the only customer having problems!

Is anybody home?

Once upon a time I had a lawn service company that I called locally. When I wasnt happy with the service, they would show up within 24 hours. Today, if you try calling your local office I get every other state in the Union other than my office which I am attempting to reach. When I tell them that I want to speak to someone in thye Thorofare offoce, they tell me they are on the phone so the call is diverted. Well...I have called the local offoce a 100 times in the past 6 months at alltimes of the day and not once did I reach my local NJ office. So....i think I have a better chance of winning the lottery that always having called when someone "was on the phone". Their communication stinks. This is a prime example of a service company where you are better off paying a higher $$ amount to another firm that is responsive to your needs and actually cares.


I had used Truegreen last year and was quite satisfied. Using them this year was a mistake! They used a new fertilizer on my lawn that did nothing but cause huge mushrooms to grow. I thought that it was just a rare coicindence, but they never went away. I have lived in my house for 19 years and never had this happen. I can only conclude that it was a result of their new fertilizer.

bad :(

this is the most disorganized, in efficient company I have worked with. Working on 4 months, 8 people to get an issue resolved. Still not resolved. Use Scotts, thats all I am saying.

Terrible customer service

I used trugreen for two years ( thats how long they told me it would take to get my yard turned around) my yard looks dead! And yes trugreen tech. I DID WATER MY LAWN, I have the water bills to prove it! I cancelled the service 4 months ago and still have not received my refund after numerous attempts with no responses. I hired Scotts and within two applications, huge results! Businesses that treat customers like this will fail!

unhappy client

I m not happy with the service I received in 2012 and for that reason I cancelled my services. I had to call multiple times to request service. i was told I will get a discount for my troubles but that did not happen. For whatever reason my calls were never documented. It appears trugreen does not care about the customers they put you off and off with no call back

Do NOT USE !!!! We started out as a new customer and already had to call 3 times cause of their screwups!!! Corp. doesn't care either you just get the run around. They say they will call back and if and when the do (which I got one call) they hung up when I answered. They really have bad CS and communication problems between their service people...We will not use again.!!!! BEWARE!

Ignoring Requests for Lawn Service

I have been a Trugreen customer and was very happy with the service. In July of this year, for some reason that no one in customer service can explain, my service was cancelled. My lawn was looking good so I didn't call Trugreen until October to see when the next service was scheduled. After saying again that it is a mystery concerning the discontinued service I was assured the service would be scheduled. I paid for service until the end of the year in advance and the cost was deducted from my checking account. I didn't receive a call from the driver to schedule a day for service. I called Customer Service again and was told the same thing as before...someone will call me with a service date. I waited....no one called but I did notice my previous payment was refunded in my bank account. I called Customer Service AGAIN and was assured that this time I would be receiving a call. I did receive a call from the driver on a Friday letting me know he would be there on Tuesday. Yes you guessed it....no one showed up. I called Customer Service and was told the driver was at my gate at 4:30 and waited until 5:00 and then left. First of all I have a guard at my gate and there is no way he would let that truck just sit there for 15 minutes without calling my alternate phone numbers. After thinking about it for a few seconds I realized the driver was at the gated community to my north that only has a call box...no guard. If the driver could call and schedule an appointment I don't understand why he didn't call to see where i was. I was told by Customer Service that I would get a call back later that day or the next day which was Saturday. Well here it is Friday of the next week and still no call from Customer Service or from the driver. I have never had such a hard time trying to pay for a service in my life...I can't understand what is happening at the local Trugreen office to have so many screw ups for one person. Because I was happy with the service I was patient and believed someone would follow through on the appointment but I am done. I hope someone from Trugreen Corporate reads this and cares what is happening in one of their offices...I'm not holding my breath.

Worst service of any company I have EVER dealt with. Burnt my lawn, left rust all over my driveways, killed brand new landscaping, failed to deliver service, could not tell me what had completely taken over my entire back yard when all of my coconut trees and landscaping was covered in white flies. The "manager" didnt even know what it was. They screwed up accounting on two accounts so badly and because of their errors I am now receiving collection letters. I even called corporate after I was hung up on so many times trying to clarify the errors and then corporate failed to return my calls. The local office is absolutely CLUELESS.. DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICE FOR ANYTHING!

The absolute worse experience with any company we have dealt with.we built a brand new home, i paid thousands of dollars for a large yard fully landscape and to have beautiful grass with much curb appeal, the yard looked beautiful but i always go the extra mile to go above and beyond. I have always done my own lawn treatment and with success had a great lawn. I began to work many more hours, and decided to try trugreen, worst mistake I have ever made. They began to treat my yard applying different agents to manage my yard. What a mistake they have totally KILLED my yard!!!!!! And give a complete runaround even though they give a guaranty, wont return my calls. So a few hundred dollars spent just to get a dead yard. DO NOT EVER USE TRUGREEN!!!!!!!!!!!

First off, it would be nice to be able to read their scribbling regarding what they have done or haven't done and what they recommend for my lawn. Secondly, two months ago, I asked for a copy of my lawn care plan and they cannot provide me with one. Third, 7 weeks ago I complained of several brown spots on my lawn and the tech that came out left me a note stating " There is not much you can do." What kind of crap is this? I am paying for these incompetent jerk offs for five different treatments a season and my lawn has never looked worse. So for the third time, I have contacted TruGreen again asking a supervisor to call me. They are treating this like it is a game and the most powerful advertising tool is word of mouth and believe me, I would not recommend TruGreen to my worst enemy. You should change your name from TruGreen to TruBrown.

Terrible company. Worse customer service. These people killed my grass! They "spot treated" my grass & wherever they did that, it died--totally brown and dead! Do these people get ANY training at all?? It's almost like they sprayed gasoline all over my lawn! And the local water company actually contacted me about my water usage--I watered my lawn so much that the water company actually called my house! So don't tell me I'm not doing my part in this deal. It's robbery--what this Trugreen company is committing. They should change their name to "TruBrown!". Absolutely the worst company in the world.

i work for tru green myself the hell with yall customers we do the job we are pose to but yall cant do the job yall pose to and water yall damn yard i done been to so many customers houses where we treated and the yard looks like shit and the customer claims they water when the truth is there are not watering u have to water your lawn in order for the chemical to do the job thats it is suppose too i have treated lawns on a monday then the next week the customer call in all the weeds not dead yet ummm duhh the shit takes time.

Zero Stars is my rating. They do not live up to their promises. They push off their services until it is too late to do anything because frost is soon to be here. They lie about what they have done or will do. I too have witnessed what is actually done and what they said they do because I too have been home when they arrive as others have stated, for lawn, tree/bush and flea/tick services, they have cheated on all. I was actually told that they could not come to my house and start to fix what they had destroyed because 'the truck they were going to use was in another city' because we all know that this big company has limited trucks, yea right. My 30 year old beautiful lawn was destroyed by Trugreen this summer. I have also been told as all of you have that someone will call . . . someone will be out. It was not the hot weather that destroyed my yard this past summer, I watered daily, it was destroyed by Trugreen. Poor service. Poor lawn care. Fact is Fact. Read the Service Master/Trugreen mission statement, what a joke indeed.

Got your service and the Kingpsort, Tn office promised great service. I reseeded 70 pounds of seed on my lawn and watered the lawn and called Trugreen office and asked for them not to put down weed control. Two days later a True green Tech, (probably the tech that has the post above- the dumb idiot)came out and put weed control on my lawn, which in turn killed the seed. For the uneducated dumb ass tech above im not hard to find you piece of shit. All in all Trugreen service sucks dicks in hell.

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