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Awful company

This is quite possibly one of the worst companies I have had the displeasure of associating with as a consumer. They have zero communication, an awful lack of system and they don't do what they say they are going to do. They have passed I don't care to a whole new level.


I had a cold sales call show up at my home 2 weeks ago. I still can't get anyone to show up when they say they will. I guess they don't want business. Going to look elsewhere. At least I didn't pay anything yet.....just can't get anyone to come out or return calls.

This company should be avoided at all cost. I called to a re-treatment on Apr 9th, after numerous (6) no-shows, after being promised that a Tech was coming out, I am still waiting for my re-treatment. I have contacted the corporate office and even they can't get in touch with the local branch (Suwanee, GA). This is the type of service you should expect if you make the mistake of choosing TruGreen to service your lawn.

Beyond bad

After weeks of phone calls to the company, no-show service and a nightmare trying to cancel my account and get a refund, I have decided to write a letter to the President of TruGreen and the CEO of ServiceMaster (the parent company). It probably won't do any good, but I have to do something to express my frustration with this company.

Avoid this company!

Four weeks after calling for service and four no-showed appointments, I called and cancelled my account with TruGreen. I've been promised service four times and on each occasion, nobody showed up and nary a phone call. In the last instance, I was promised a call from the branch manager and that didn't happen either. Unfortunately, the prime per-emergence treatment season if about over and now I am scrambling to find another company to handle my lawn. If you care anything about either your lawn or your time, avoid TruGreen like the plague.

Liars, Terrible Service, Cheats

My wife contacted TruGreen to handle a white fly problem. TruGreen serviced the lawn and never treated out trees. Five months later I called the local office and insisted they treat the palm trees. After many phone calls they finally agreed to treat for the problem she hired them for. I told them that after they treated the white fly problem not to return. They did two more services without our knowledge or approval and then billed us. Now they have turned the $200 invoice over to a collection agent. Do not get involved with this company under any circumstances!!!

Horrible Service

Again, I am so dissatisfied with TruGreen. We have been customers since 09 and since 1 Apr 13, they have not shown up for 7 different schedules to provide lawn service. this started on 1 Apr, then 11, 15 24, 30 then 4 May only to be told they would be out on 6 May. Again nothing. Even on 20 Apr, Tru Green, Angie, called and asked what it would take to keep our business. She said that we will come out this week at free of charge to keep your business and asked if this would do it. I told her only if they showed up. Well we got a call on 23 Apr that said they would be out on 24 Apr. Again nothing. I am at wits end wondering what in the world is going on with Tru Green, It would be better even if I could talk to a rep at HQ but again, that is unbelievably difficult to say the least. Wow! What customer service.......

Poor local service

Looking over previous reviews, all unfavorable, there's not a lot new to add. I signed up for the "complete package" April 11. the salesman came out the same day I called. After that, I could not get in touch with him or the local office to see when service was scheduled. I cancelled the service April 30.


This is the worse company ever! I have had it! They lie, lie lie and do not show up for servicing your lawn. No professionalism at all!!


I have been waiting close to 4 weeks for the TruGreen tech to begin service, I have called all of the TruGreen numbers and have left on hold, given the run around, and have been ignored by local managers. DON"T hire TruGreen they are not customer focused...I've been on hold 18 minutes as I typed this message, and still waiting. shameful

Poor Customer Service

All I can say is I paid for my service up front and can't get the service I have paid for. Been calling TruGreen for 4 days asking to speak to the branch Manager or someone at corporate offices. I have yet to speak to anyone who can solve my problem. I asked for my money back and the begged me not to drop the service and gave me another 50% my next service. Well if they can't get the service done I paid for how can I expect 50% off on the next service. POOR, VERY POOR, MORE POOR customer service


3 months of NO SHOWS, NOT Guaranteed... left hand not talking to the right hand. very over priced. I wish I would of read these reviews before I got involved. Nightmare! cant give 'zero' star.

Horrible service

Waited home on 4 different days for the tech to show for first application - still waiting. cust service isuseless. sales mgr won't return calls, dispatch doesn't call despite promises to do so and you can't speak to the local office or even a Cust Service supervisor. Tthis is the worst company I have ever dealt with.

This company is terrible. I have been waiting since early April with 5 phone calls throughout the month which lead to promises to have first application. No return phone calls from managers about our complaints and we paid upfront. Now the end of April still no return phone calls, no visits, nothing....... They were fired as of today and I am getting a full refund. How can you trust a company with your business when they treat their customers with such disregard and respect......

Horrible & Unreliable

Tru Green represents everything wrong with corporations in America today. They did not show up today even though I got a message on my phone saying they would be here to do a treatment. The local branch Manager was supposed to meet with me to look at my lawn where their aeration and seeding produced NO RESULT, and instead sent a worker at the last minute. They do not return phone calls. My advice, avoid them and spend for a quality company!

Very Poor Customer Service

I went online (march 31 ) to sign up for trugreen lawn service for the year, and prepaid for it. After 6 scheduled visits and 6 no shows, they are FIRED!!! Do not use this company. Customer Service is the worst I have ever dealt with. You can never speak to anyone in your local branch office. What an extremely dis-organized company.

Tru Green

Customer service is terrible. We are supposedly a new customer which we unfortunately paid in full. They were scheduled to service our yard three days ago. Well they never showed up. After calling every day since they were supposed to service the yard they each time said they were coming the next day. Well, they never did. I highly suggest never hiring them in the first place. They are also affiliated with Terminix. Which we use but I will be be cancelling them along with Tru Green. Please every don't use them. They don't even deserve the one star.

can not get service when requested

i paid the yearly contract, first service was supposed to be last week , after calling ,i was promised they would come by next Wednesday. Wednesday was a no show , called and now told I am scheduled for next monday. Why can't you people get your act together ????


There is no customer guarantee or customer satisfaction. My lawn is a disaster from grubs, after using TruGreen since l987. It is one helluva fight to get satisfaction.

Complaint filing

I have had a problem with my lawn since last summer. I have used your service since l987, my lawn is a disaster because of grubs, I have grub control. . I have been in touch with your office, tried to file an official complaint today and AFTER answering all of your questions, you asked me for $25.00 to file the complaint online??? Ridiculous!! I did not do it after spending all that time. I am ashamed of my lawn, will pursue this matter diligently.

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