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I went to Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Greenville, NC and the place was horrible. There was trash flowing out the trash cans and napkins all on the floor by the tables. I manager was very rude with me. I asked questions about the different smoothies and he got upset saying i need to make up my mind and order. I thought that maybe he was having a bad day but I went a couple times and each time he was rude. I noticed how he treated his employees and I wouldn't recommend anyone to work for him. Not only is the manager rude and disrespectful but the place is a mess and need to get cleaned up. Please do something about this place!

I rate this Tropical Smoothie a 5 because of one employee...I believe her name tag said Jaketta or Jacketta. She was very courteous, her smile is beautiful and I felt very welcome. Great job Jaketta!

I have been employed at Tropical Smoothie Cafe since 2009. My experience with the first managers was one of excellence...They cared about the employees, their lives and what it truly meant to be employed at the establishment. I truly felt a sense of home when walking into work everyday. But with time, came change and we were taken over by other management...Long story short, these so called managers have no idea what it takes to run this establishment. They treat us, the employees like we owe them our lives because we work for them and they make people who should never be in managerial positions managers. They alter our hours in the system to make it seem as though we worked less than what we did. The employees at this establishment bust their butts here at Tropical Smoothie and we are treated as if we do not matter. They have no respect, they talk unprofessional, ghetto and curse AT and around customers. It is time for someone to do something about this. I am sick of coming in Tropical Smoothie and getting accused of stealing, or getting talked to like trash. They talk to customers any type of way, nothing gets cleaned unless someone complains. I don't understand how we pass inspections every month. Tropical Smoothie Cafe at White Oak Village definitely needs to be audited. The managers leave early then try to make people clock off the next day so they can get their time back. Unfair, they do not train new employees and treat them disrespectfully and then wonder why they quit. I enjoyed working at Tropical Smoothie but now I literally come in here for my check.I do my job, I clean, I make sure that Tropical Smoothie looks nice and that customers aren't drinking from nasty blenders. An old saying tells us that, "eventually one day..the dog will get tired of getting kicked and bite back.." Well Tropical Smoothie Cafe at White Oak Village...Get use to the bite because its just as bad as the bark!

The owners of our local store use bullying as a way to keep employees in line instead of true training. Employees are forced to work without breaks and their hours are extended with the employees not knowing when they will be allowed to leave. If anyone bucks the owners they are told they will lose their job. If the owners knew what they were doing they would provide true training instead of issuing threats. Corporate needs to get their head out of the sand and do something with owners that take advantage of their employees.

I went to a Tropical Smoothie in Richmond, VA in White Oak Village shopping center on National Flip flop day, June 15th & they did not have free Jetty Punch smoothies from 2pm-7pm. The manager only told the employees to give out free sample to the first 500 people & then give a discount to the rest of the customers. False advertising for Tropical Smoothie................. :(

The tropical smoothie located in palm beach gardens off Donald Ross road. They are Just Rude. They act like they re better than you or they act like I have a job , but I really dont want to be here because they don't want to help you. I asked or a menu they were clueless then they said they didn't have any?? Well why not!! My son sells coupon books to try and raise money for school. When they see one in the store they get even nasty. They look at me like I have 3 heads.. Yes take it, if you didn't place it in that coupon book I wouldn't be using it!!! Then the attitude comes into play. I gave this store enough of my business I am going to trash this place to everyone I know. I know a lot of people. And as a corp store not to have a direct number someone can peak to directly is Sad!!! Do you actually care

Tropical Smoothie in Ft. Pierce florida has been writing bad checks to thier employees for months now. Or making them take a partial payment for a few days untill the checks can clear. When the employee's contacted corporate headquarters they simply changed the date of payroll. That only fixed the issue for THAT week, corporate is aware and has done nothing to fix this issue!

I recently went to a Tropical Smoothie in Cordova, Tn off germantown parkway. I went 20 minutes before they closed and they refused to open the doors and rudely informed me that they were closed. If there is a sign on the door that declares the restaurant closes at 9:00 then they should close at 9:00. I am a manager at a resturant and that is unacceptable to me. I will not be returning just because after I called to talk to a manager, one of the workers claimed to be a manager and told me with a few choice words that she doesnt have corporates number and that there was nothing that can be done. I am so very dissapointed in the store, especially after after I could hear laughter in the background while I tried to talk to someone in charge. They told me that there was not a corporate number to contact and made no effort to fix the matter that needed to be resolved. If the store is going to have People working for them that are rude, unhelpful, and do not resolve issues that are presented to them then i sadly have to take my business elsewhere and inform anyone I know never to return there also.

I have visited the cafe a total of four times and every time it has gotten worse. I went through the drive through today and ordered a Buffalo Chicken Wrap and then pulled to the window and sat there for over ten minutes without being acknowledged at all. I could see many workers walking about and most noticed I was at the window but noone acknowledged me? I was on my lunch hour and was also on my way to my sick son at home to drop off lunch. Well after 15 minutes of this I left. I then went somewhere else was served quicky and went home to my son- made a call to Tropical Smoothie (Thomas Township Sheilds, MI- Gratiot Road) to express my concerns all this supposeed manager gave me was excuses well I am not having it. This was the fourth visit and three out of four were drive thru and they were awful!! I will not visit this location again and may not visit another because of this!!

the tropical smoothie location owner Dennis Mcdowell LITTLE ROCK KANIS RD well he is a thief he would not give me a different drink cause i found a bug in it and he claimed i placed it there I choose to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation.He proceeded to solicit himself to a female employee what is this man doing owning a business!!!I was a paying customer and I OBSERVED THESE THINGS IN ONE VISIT!!!!

I have a complaint about the management location on Kanis road,I believe the owner is Dennis Mcdowell.I was treated very rudely and have had several of my friends stop going there because of the lazy employees and sometime nasty restrooms and poor cleaning habits!!!I complained to owner and he told me well eat somewhere else!!!How unprofessional leave your problems at home dude!!!

Brian Pieper-OWNER of the Clarkston Michigan store is writing BAD CHECKS TO HIS EMPLOYEE'S!! My Daughter being one of them, these poor kids working part time to make some money and receiving BOUNCED CHECKS and being charged $20.00 NFS fee's from the bank. CORPORATE NEEDS TO STEP IN AND HELP OUT THESE KIDS ASAP FEB. 7TH, 2011 I HAVE LEFT SEVERAL MESSAGES & TEXT'S FOR MR. PIEPER WITHOUT REPLY.................... CORPORATE PLEASE HELP??????????

Juat recently our school recieved many free coupons for our students for free mini meals at any Tropical smoothie cafe. I taech an afterschool math program and have awarded many coupons to my middleschool students. BUT I thought Id first see how it went before sending my students to the closest tropical smoothie Cafe store on Russell Rd near Pecos in Las Vegasa several blocks from the store (to make sure there wew no issues), Nevada. Well to my surprise there were on the first visit no problem occurred. ( but also no manager was present). At that time only 2 coupons were used. A week latter I Drove 3 STUDENTS back to the local Tropical Smoothie Cafe ( ALONG WALK. but SHORT DRIVE)and this time the manager was present and very rude!!!!! I explained how these coupons were given to students as a reward based on the number of books they read . Evan /Erin (the manager responded by asking these studens if they could actaully read??. I so humiliated for my students because he was actually serious. Gracefully my students responded that they were all honor students and on the basketball team as well!!" but the free mini meal was servered at that time I just decided to look at it as a joke in very poor taste

wHEN TRYING TO REDEEM A COUPON AT THE RUSSELL AND PECOS LOCATION IN LAS VEGAS i WAS CONTINUOUSLY YELLED AT BY STORE MANAGER. i SERIOUSLY ASKED HIM TO PLEASE LOWER HIS VOICE AND STOP PLEASE YELLING AT ME, HE RESPONED THAT IT WAS HIS STORE AND HE COULD YELL, SCREAM AND DO AS HE PLEASED. (i HAVE WITNESSES TO VERIFY-OTHER TEACHERS) wHEN i EXPLAINED THAT OUR SCOOL WAS GIVEN THESE COUPONS AND IN A 30 DAY PERIPOD ID ONLY BEEN THERE TWICE BEFORE TODAY i JUST DIDNT UNDERSTAND WHAT THE PROBLEM WAS. hE (i SWEAR!!!) TOLD ME TO LEAVE OR HE'D REMOVE ME. i WAS SO SHOCKED THAT i ASKED IF I COULD HAVE THE CARD OR NUMBER TO CORPORATE OFFICE aNSWER-LEAVE AND LOOK IT UP ON THE INTERNET! Because children were present I never raised my voices, used any form of dissrspectful or threatening language or acted in anly hostile manner. I merely attempted explanation and asked for clarification/ This seemed to only ENRAGE the so called owner. To the ppoint that other costomers were yelling at him tostop being so disrespectful to me. What is the deal . Please explain. Do I still give these soooo called rewards out to our deserving studenT??? Cannon JHS

the tropical smoothie on london bridge sucks. the owner takes money out of the workers pay check, threatens to take money out like he did to me for over wieghing roast beef.

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