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waiting 15 minutes for a smoothie is too long

the employees were great doing a great job but not enough employees 15 minutes to get served my food or a smoothie

Tropical smoothie is great

I don't know why people give this place bad reviews. Every single location I've been to in Michigan has been friendly and delicious. I see tropical smoothies popin up left and right keep it up.


Stay too long at a restaurant (15 MINUTES), get unfriendly visit from the police !

Nasty food nastier employees

Called to complain about rotten food and was yelled at and hung up on Never AGAIN YUK

Owner changed

The Tropical Smoothie's that are in Appleton WI and Green Bay WI the owner has changed the name to Smoothie Island and is still using your recipes for smoothies. If someone comes into the store and asks for any of the smoothies they made when Tropical Smoothie they will still make it and they are also accepting Tropical Smoothie coupons. They basically kept the recipes the same for food and smoothies but changed the names.

Great food and service

The Tropical Smoothie on N. Military Hwy in Norfolk, VA is great. The food and customer service is remarkable. Yesterday I tried a different locatio , that closer to my job and I was not impressed with the quality of the food and smoothie I recieved.

The tropical smoothie cafe in dumfries va sucks they all have attudes and don't care for the customers there food is not fresh at all and I domt know why I'm even telling yall nothong has changed there for 5to 6 months I feel bad for the owners even though they don't give a dam eather but can wait until they all get what they deserve I hate this cafe don't wsste ur money or time at this place

I went to tropical smoothie on fettler park drive today and I felt welco me and she was very friendly I only see her like once a week know she use to be there all the time but I'm was very satifyed and I think her name was chantel way to go I hope to see her there next time

not right

Everytime I go to the tropical smothie cafe on fettler park dr in dumfries va there's only one girl that is working and all the other employees r dancing and talking about people there manager jamie is never out there she's always on the office they need a couple of adult working there all they have is kids working

unfair company

Its nice to know that your company hires homophobic and sexist managers. Equal opportunity employer? Yeah right. The only way to get hours with the company is if you're a straight attractive woman with no values and want to flirt with old men. Keeping one guy on the schedule who doesn't work a single day of the year just to meet the rrequirements of non discrimination? And franchise owners who dont do anything to force equal opportunity? Yeah that's really smart. Las vegas, nv

workers need more training

Hi. I come your business every morning. And I won't be coming back. The young lady in the place on Atlanta Hwy in Montgomery, AL made four orders with the same gloves, handling money with the same gloves, answering the phone with the same gloves. I will be reporting this establishment for unsanitary conditions.

Don't get employee discounts

As a customer and friend of one of the employees I found out the don't even get discounts, but because this store isn't doing as well as the other stores around the same area, the owner said they couldn't get discounts because of that reason. Another reason is she suspects stealing, but just because one employee steals doesn't mean all the other employees should suffer. I looked at the benefits from being a employee at tropical smoothie and it says employees should get 50% off food when they are working, so the owner is in clear violation of this. The store is Tropical smoothie in Rutland Commons/ Atlee Road. Everything else is great about the store, but the employees should be allowed to get discounts of some sort for what they put up with sometimes.

I am an employee at tropical smoothie and this is about the seventh time in less than six minths that i havent gotten my paycheck on time. Firstbof all, it's illegal to not pay employees on time, and second off, it's just rediculous. I understand maybe one or two times, but not seven. I got my paycheck from March 31 on May 5th. And we are supposed to get payed every 2 weeks. Tropical smoothie has terrible management.

Requiring ID for Visa debit and credit

Every time I go into the Tropical Smoothie in Niceville, FL, they require me to show my state issued ID to purchase anything. I have a Visa debit card and Visa doesn't allow merchants to require additional identification. It makes me so mad because one of the employees there said "Oh, its debit, I don't need to see your ID" Every time I go in the there, they say I need ID or I can't get anything. Most of the time my mom goes for me and brings my card so this is a BIG problem. Nowhere else in the world has required me to show ID for a debit card except for this Tropical Smoothie. I'm gonna stop going because I'm tired of them. We have complained, but they don't care. Truer really rude about it too.

Great Worker

I went to the tropical smoothie cafe on University and I met a worker name Kenitra. She was very polite and customer friendly. She needs to be promoted to Assistant Manager or highter. You can tell she is a hard worker so yall need more workers like her!!!

Bad Store Manager

The manager at S. University is very rude. His name is kamlesh Patel and he doesn't deserve a position as a manger!! I'm a congressman and I think something needs to be done about him ASAP

Tropical smoothie, Poquoson needs to seriously be shut down. All of the good employees got fired & the owner of the store cant even answer simple questions. I'm never going into a TS again.

Ok. What's going on with the Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Greenville, NC? I went in there today to get a smoothie and it was so nasty that I just didnt want to go back in there. First I found out that all the good people that was working there is now gone and then I had got snap on when I ask about them then had to get the worst smoothie ever. I am so sorry but I'll never go back in there again and I love that place. So but im taking my money some where else.

I was a former employee at the Greenville, NC store for the past Five years. I started working there before the store even open up. Now I writing because I've been fired without anyone saying why or me sign anything say why they have let me go. Now I'm trying to get my unemployment so I can still take care of my daughter til I find something and they want to fight me and say that I quit. Now after five years I would not have quit my job and I feel that what they are doing is very unfair because I'm not the first one that they have done this to. Plus the owner's wife is very nasty at time's. She feel's like she is better than you and she feel like she can talk to you any way she feel's. But at the end of the day she has a felony charge for Larceny. Now I dont want to talk bad about the store cause I did enjoy my time there and I love my customer's but I just don't like how the owner's treat us and if we dont like it they just stop asking us to come in to work. I feel like the Greenville, NC store needs for someone in headquarter's to just pop up and see how they run that store.

The Greenville, NC store is very nasty. I went the other day after they let my best smmothie girl go and the food was nasty and old cause the greens was brown and my smoothie taste so bad. It had way to much ice in there and not enough fruit at all. Now if Im going to spend about 11 dollars there I want what I paid for. They need to bring back my smoothie girl back.

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