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The manager of the deli (of your Ironton MO) store is very unfriendly, rude.


Stripes in Miles Tx has closed ALL gas pumps for an unspecified amount of time. Stripes is the only gas station with 20 miles. Due to this inconvenience I had to miss class and reschedule my daughters dr appointment. I understand things need to be checked and maintained however this could have been done after hours. It may cost stripes more money but it would not cause inconveniences to customers. To avoid such problems in the future I'll take my business elsewhere. I'm am going to have issues explaining to my college professors I couldn't make it to class because stripes gas pumps were down!

Your T&C on North Bryant by coliseum is in desperate need of a manager!! the employees are constantly blaming management, if they even have a manager. I went there today 4 TIMES for a cold beer. I notice You have a beer bucket for cold beer but not ONCE did anyone put ice on the bucket. i asked a man who had been working since 1:00 pm to put some ice on the beer, please. I went back at 4:30 pm & then again at 8:00 pm...STILL no ice.I asked him why & he said its not his job. I spend at least $10.00 per day there, so you do the math. Over 1 year that's over $3,000 for ONE CUSTOMER!!!. Almost every day at 7:30 am & 5:30 pm they have 4 employees on duty but still no ice & 2 registered open...if your lucky and NO CONVENIENCE at all! When beer gets hot then served it can make a person sick. I hope your distributors are replacing the beer!!! I also hope you are not paying these people the same as other T & C employees in this town!! If you can change 1 store at a time to be customer oriented, you can make a ton of money. If they get this kind of service during busy times such as the rodeo, I will open up a CONVENIENT STORE directly across the street and show North side what Convenience truly means business!!! SOMEONE NEEDS TO CARE ABOUT THIS BUSINESS THAT'S IN A PRIME LOCATION!! If I could rate this service lower, I would. Not just for today, but on a daily basis! CONCERNED CUSTOMER

I recently went to the stripes store in Big Spring Texas the employees are very rude ... Myself and about 6 other customers stood in line for over 15 minutes waiting to get service . the lady cooking was making tortillas 1 at a time while the line got longer and longer after 20 minutes i didnt have time to wait any longer. If stripes is gonna use the catch phrase " Its go time" they need to get moving .... it wasnt that they were short handed because there were 5 employees working... I dont know how much this will help but i do know that i will NEVER go back to that store. If you dont like people you shouldnt work with the public

My husband has went twice in your store, in Gainesville, Missouri, about 8:30 at night and both times they started tuning the light out on him! He tried to get something at the service desk and the girl said, "I am closed", I think that if they are suppose to be closed at 9:00 that they shouldn't be turning the lights off and telling people they are closed!! That is very rude! Of course we only have one grocery store in town! If they had some competition,you guys would go out!

On Friday September 10, 2010 I, my sister along with her three kids went to one of your stores on 34th and avenue A to get something to drink. We have NEVER been treated so rudely by your employees. One of your employees was restocking lids and straws at the fountain machine where my sister was getting her kids an icee. Some spilt on the floor which was black and dirty already; the employee rolled her eyes and asked us if we were going to clean it. My sisters stood there not knowing what to say and nodded her head. Her youngest child put napkins on the floor and walked away. The employee just looked at us and I went back to pick it up and throw it away. Not even a thank you was said. Your employees are rude and disrespectful and should not be working around people much less a store. Never again will I ever go back.

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