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the boots fell a part

Ops they have donnit!

I bought a pair of timberlands a few years ago and due weather in the East coast these boots did not live up to the standards of the Timberland name and quality they quarantee its customers. All's I want is my boots repaired or replaced or get a full refund.


I am a true Timberland die hard consumer, and now I'm simply disappointed. I purchased a handbag online that cost $250, got it for $175 on sale and received the bag in a box that was too small. I was upset that the value of the brand was disregarded! I called customer service and the gentleman that answered was unprofessional. I then wrote them an email and again was disappointed. They even told me they did not have the address for corp.office! I will not purchase on line again! To date (3 days ago today) I am still waiting for a supervisor call back.


Timberland... never again. Attempted to return pair of boots with a manufacturing defect; stitching on top panels of both boots simply disintegrated. Was told by email Timberland could not identify sale with information given. So who keeps shoe sale receipt anticipating faulty construction? I guess company logo on defective product not enough for timberland. Go with LL BEAN... that company stands behind its products.


I ordered a "custom" pair of boots-I use the term loosely because all they are is a size 8.5 wide pair-supposedly with initials on the heel-that was never done-so, Timberland says-order a second pair-pay for them-return the first pair-we will credit you back in a month-now I am out 450.00-pay for shipping, again, and hope this one is correct. Customer service is USELESS!!!! Supervisors do not return calls and they actually said to me-if we gave you a credit the company would be losing money-really- $1.6 BILLION in revenues in 2013-what really counts with this company THEMSELVES-Never again!!!


I have been always a Timberland consumer after there Black Friday experience I will not shop with them again first there PalPay account went down then they forgot to give me my order conformation only to call back n find they couldn't find the order after they charged my visa waited 4 days to get it they did not apply my discount on top of it all they said 2 days to receive it on web site that's not true either I never had a problem with this company till now. There consumer service reps are lost they need better training. Love timberland product but there service went down online is a no no.. I anyone from corporate reads this don't ignore it try to train your customer support team better... So disappointed with the service received...Respectfully Yours David Fortuna

Dangerous Defect

My husband wears your Pro Series 52562-Briar Steel Toe boots for work. There is a loop on the back of the boot that needs immediate attention. While driving the tow motor at work, that loop got hung on the tow motor and he could not get his foot off the accelerator to stop. This is extremely dangerous. Your motto is "Safety first..." well, this is very safe and needs to be looked into. Someone is going to be seriously injured if you don't do something about this design. My husband loves your boots and tells everyone they are the most comfortable boot he has ever worn - this is his 3rd pair. Please, just make them safer for everyone to wear.

Will NEVER purchase another Timberland product in my life

I purchased 2 pairs of the same show style which were supposed to be wide and were actually very narrow and had to return them but there was no paperwork in the box so I called the phone # on the shipping label to get the vendor so I could return them. The representative was rude and unwilling to help and refused to put me through to a Supervisor when I asked. I tried the corporate office and got an electronic attendant which redirected me to the Customer service lines again. The rudeness and lack of willingness to assist me tells me that this is not a company I choose to ever do business with again. Posting this message on my social networks to spare my friends the same bad service.

timberland bag

At the end of 2011 I bought a shoulder bag M2469 from West field Shepherds Bush Timberlands for £150. After one year the strap of the bag had completely worn through, it had become unusable. I took it back to the shop, in fact the salesman remembered me but by then unfortunately I had lost my reciept. I wanted the bag replaced but I was told that it was now only worth £75. I know legally without my reciept I will not get the full money back. However I think the bag should have been replaced by another bag of a similar price. I have always been a good Timberland customer but feel disappointed that the faulty bag was not exchanged because it was seriously faulty as the manager agreed.

I ordered a pair of customized boots. In hopes of acquiring a pair no one I know has that would have my initials on them. Well lo & behold to my dismay, upon opening the box, I pulled out a pair of scuffed up, frayed worn out boots. Extremely heated, I called the customer service dept. Whom in fact informed me that the return label I had was the wrong one. It was addressed to me. She Informed that it will take 2 business days to receive the correct one by email. Well the business days have passed, spoken to a total of 3 reps(1 whom said I could't return them) and a supervisor. What kind of "BUBBLE GUM FACTORY" are these people running??? I have loads of pics and wish I can post them on here. Trust and believe I am not done with Timberland until I get my freakin' money back, these horrible looking boots out of my house and compensated for the unnecessary run-a-round!

OK, glad to see it isn't just my cats. You'd think that the leather stuff I have was made of canitp. Chiva was worse than Jesse is, but still, new boots go away Jesse!They are rather comfy. It is my first pair. I love it when I happen upon a sale.

People still wear those?I thought only pploee in the Bronx or Contruction Workers do.hmm.In that case, wear a TALL TEE, i think pploee still wear those too, you know the ones that go down to the knees, and REALLY baggy pants, and a LONGGG chain with a SPINNING RIM on it. that would be cool.OR .A hard top yellow hat, and a reflector jacket over some worn jeans and a t-shirt, o and dont forget sun screen!

I live in Timberland Pro Series Composite Toe Boots for 40++ hours a week. My job and I are very demading on the Boots. I expect a year out of boots. I recently had a defect in the sole, Timberland refunded my purchase and gave me a new pair cause they were only 6 months old. I was shocked and so appreciative cause these boots were beat to heck.. No questions asked, didn't doubt my purchase time. I will stay true to Timberland work boots until I retire or win the lottery. Then I'm not waerimg anything but sandals...

Please, help I am part of a team of Visual merchandisers, buyers, planners, sellers and all operation groups that works for a retail chain in Venezuela, South America. We, at this point, are doing a research on the possibilities of incorporating new names to our client list. I will like to know if this is the channel to obtain information regarding this matter or if you can provide us with the right answers?! Basically is this; Would you, Timberland, be interested on having a retail space in our stores for business purposes? In which of the retail stores, worldwide are you? Do you have a list of price range and payment conditions for buyers? Which are you marketing strategies and market aspirations? How many collections do you work in a year? How is your negotiation with third party business planners with a different currency? How long does it take for you to produce and deliver 1 collection Hope to hear from you soon Regards

We go to the Timberland store in Aurora Il. There is a manager there name Lucinda S. can't remember what the S stands for. Most of the employees were calling her Lucy so I guess this is short for that. Another guest in the store overheard her tell another employee to watch the black and hispanics in the store. This is sad if this is how Timberland does business. It's an outlet mall with tons of people shopping there. The employees does not seem very happy when she is in charge. On another day, she screamed at an employee right in front of customers. Is it me or does she need to take serious management training classes or better yet lose her job. I know several people who say they are not going to shop there anymore due to her rudeness. It would be a pleasant place if it was not for her. --Way to go Timberland!

Hi there: I would like to start by saying that my husband was diagnosed with bone cancer several years ago! After 2, 14 hour surgeries and a cadaver done replacement he is now cancer free. Since returning to construction he has never been able to find a boot that he is comfortable working in! At the end of the work day he would be so sore that he couldn’t sleep at night. He would even through his back out several times a year while trying to adjust his weight to his "good" leg. Anyway, approximately a year ago we found the Timberland Anti fatigue boot at Meijer and although they were a little pricey we purchased them! And boy... we are sooo we glad we did, they are the best boot ever! He sleeps at night like a baby, he isn’t sore when he returns from a long day at work, and best of all his back hasn’t went out at all!!

This company sold me a defective shoe and has refused to compensate me and has very rude insurence company that represents them in traverlers insurence.I went to emegency ward at hospotal and was prescibe a shoe boot and paoin pills and oontment for swelling , this timberland insirencers tried to play down my injuries as some athletes foot , I never hadd ahtletes foot in my life and they added more insult by being rude ,I paid money for these shoes which are defective and can't wear them , still setting in my closet.theyhave a very rude insurence company in baltimore ,that acted so disrespectful I had to call better businmes bureau and file a report with consumer safety protection agency.yet this timberland co. Is still arrogant I suffered a week of pain and one shgoe is smaller and shape different.my complanit nnumber was# 007er a3w6117m,this company and its officers received so many leters of complaint from me- I don't trust them to handle the examination of the shoe truthfully.by their disrespectful way they talk to me they are a poor corporate citizen.the policey number of my case was : tjglsa-101d0568. And caim file :007 er a3w6117 m.,I hope others call in my behlf this shoe caused so much pain and is still on the market most likely.

Would like to know what to do about a timberland jacket that has a zipper that when fully closed opens in the middle. grace07661@aol.com

My son ordered size 12 shoes and received extremely small shoes. I have called and e-mailed about this problem, but they keep saying they will get back to me. It's been a month. They do terrible work and then don't respond to customer service. Do not use this company!

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