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Disappointment art No. Palm Beach store. No Mgr. on duty. Out of three sauces. Was told I had to purchase a bottle if I wanted the sauce I preferred. Fish tacos served with house sauce and onion, was told they where out of cabbage and other fillers. Big let down. Line out the door and only two registers open. Sure miss Joe.

Leesburg location

Visited the Leesburg fl location and while the cashier was friendly and helpful, the service from the floor staff and even the apathy of the manager on the situation was astounding Had to basically return to the bar / counter and request more beverage and the request for my ordered side with my food and the sour cream condiments basically took til what should have been halfway thru the meal to arrive for shame TF..... I will no longer frequent any of these establishments based on this feeling of being an unappreciated customer

I had a pleasant experience dealing with TJ Flats headquarters! I can't thank them enough for how kind and helpful everyone was.

Visiting the Flats

I found Tijuana Flats to be very hospitable. In fact, I found it to offer much of what I had in California. Also, Chipotle has the attitude: eat and get out. Tijuana Flats allows you to enjoy yourself.

These pieces really set a standard in the idsntury.

I read about the cock fight death and I think thats terrible that soonmee had lost their life over such a crime as that I also hate animal abuse as I have much love for any kind of animal and we all knowthat cock fighting or encouraging any animal fight to go on is abuse and against the law and I sure hope that this kind of behavior stops as animals are animals and just have that kind of instinct in them and adult people should be able to control themselves better than animals and why they don't is because this is a very immoral ,cruel world that unfortuneately their are more stupids like that in the world and I don't doubt that this sort of behavior repeats itself . ww

California is the land of fruits and nuts. What would you know about Mexican food. T flats rocks. Sure it's no Chipotle. But hey. It's all right.

Moved here from cal.Looking for good mex food......Went to your rest.Very disapionting.Very good cust,serv. but oh my god the food sucked.cold flour tortilla meet, sucked everthing sucked. To keep it short.the best cust. serv. yea!cool place yea! But the food sucked. homedepot244' tom s

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