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Reading the ratings I realize my experience was common.

We sent a clock to Tiffany & Co Repair, that told us when we inquired after the second week that they were very busy and go over each piece for the sake of accuracy. Some short time after the second week I received an e-mail with a an attachment with a one line quote, no explanations, no hint of the having been examined and an outline of what was wrong with it, so we just had them return it to us. I called to complain when I ordered the clock returned and the response was pretty luke warm with a "that's the way it goes," attitude.

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I used to purchase jewelry from Tiffany's. I won't purchase from them anymore. They don't treat customers with respect and consideration. Just spoke with someone at headquarters, thought they would care if there were fraudulent sites (one in particular) which look very authentic and are taking potential business away from the Co. More than that, that they would care about people getting scammed under the pretense they were dealing with T & C. The gentleman I spoke with at corporate was very abrupt and downright rude. Too bad, the experience lasted all of 2-3 min. --- most of it was this person being rude and sounding robotic telling me "Tiffany.com was the official website." I feel bad for those who don't know that bit of valuable info and get scammed by the unofficial website that looks very much like it is part of T & C. Hmmm, wonder what T & C's corporate vision and values are. NOTE: The operator (point of contact) was good--hence, the two- star rating.

My boyfriend bought me a "love" bracelet, but because we're in a long distance relatoinship, he couldn't give me the gift until a few months after purchase. i went into the store to get it resized, because it's too big, but they want to charge me because it's been more than 3 months! This does not seem appropriate for a brand of your stature..and nowhere on the gift receipt does it state resizing has to be done within 3 months. This is quite shocking, and would cause us to never shop at Tiffany's again. This is completely unexpected from a store that's meant to be a premium brand! I've shopped at other jewelers and gotten appropriate resizzing/after sales services months after purchase.

For a luxury store, the service is extremely below par. I have had four different poor experiences with the repair and service department. I buy merchandise and expect that stores will take care of me. When this does not happen, I look for another retailer. I am in the market for someone else now.

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