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I stopped delivery on Jun 30, 2014 as I was moving. I gave the WP the new address to start the paper again in July. As of today, September 4th, I have not received (1) one paper!!!??? I also sent 5 emails with no response. Today, I called the (202) number and got transferred several times to voice mails that said "can't accept your calls right ow, and call back later"! It then HANGS up on you!!! Exasperating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Sir/Madam, I love posting comments on Washingtonpost website. Recently, my home network was blocked regardless of whatever user ID I used, either new or old. I was able to post again for a week when I used my portable 4G device instead of my home network. Eventually that ISP was blocked as well. I acknowledge and respect your paper's right to filter comments you deem inappropriate. But it seems odd that you would use your resources to block home ISP's instead of individual accounts. I just want to make sure that it is your "official corporate policy" to block home ISP's and not a third party interfering with citizens' freedom of speech without your knowledge. I would highly appreciate your clarification on this matter. Thank you. Marissa Schiffman 919-424-7309

This is the preefct way to break down this information.

Joey - Hi Linda, I am curious and confesud. Are you from the Willow's Nest in Buxton Oregon? But now in Texas? My husband and I used to stop in every year when we made our trip to Seaside from Boise,Idaho. We finally moved to Oregon in 2005. Since then have had a number of residences in the greater Portland area..as far south as Albany, until we finally landed in Vancouver. Where it feels right. A city we lived in when we were young with young children back in 1980-81. Since we were living south of Portland our trips to the coast took us to Lincoln City and Newport rather than Seaside and actually haven't been to Seaside in years now. I'm sure that will change sometime soon since we are in Vancouver now. I have googled the Willow's Nest a few times and this time found a bit more information. But still am not quite sure of the particulars. Do you still have your place in Buxton?Wherever you are living now, I am happy to see you are still doing what you love and sharing the art of the birdhouses and vintage lifestyle with the public.Thank you and Sincerely,Joey

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