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worst mower ever

toro has to make the worst mower ever, it is the most needs to be fixed mower on the market. need to mow your grass take your mower to the shop and hope when its fixed( ha ha) that it runs long enough to mow your grass once. I don't know about commercial ones but the home owner ones are trash. sorry for the insult to trash. why is American made getting such a bad rap, toro America is one of the reasons.

Toro Snow blower single stage model 38586

I purchased this snow blower in 2009. It worked fine the first season. In subsequent years it only worked sporadic, and gave me much grief with starting problems, stalling frequently, and I had to do a lot of troubleshooting. In 2012 I took it back to the dealer who had to install a "new carburetor kit", which cost me Can$ 95.00. This season, it is giving me problems again. When starting, it'll run for a while, and then stall on me again. Now, it will only run with the choke closed!! I took it back again to the dealer yesterday, and the same diagnosis : a new carburetor kit and another Can$ 95.00. This has been a bad product, and I urge anyone NOT to purchase a Toro snow blower....you'll regret it for sure!

Quality control issues at Toro will be their demise

I purchased my first Toro in 1973. I was taught at a early age that it pays to buy quality by my father. I passed this along to my son who is now third generation toro owner. May 24th I purchased a Timemaster. I was warned their had been some transmission issues but Toro was standing behind the equipt. On May 27th the transmission went out, 3 days!! Really! $1000. mower. Issues need to be addressed and Toro needs to take a proactive position,, If you know there is a problem issue a recall. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away,, If I had it to do over, I would buy a Honda..

Toro lawn mower

It is a piece of crap, it never starts, it sounds like it is going to fall apart, finally got it to start, cut the front yard, turned it off for 15 minutes now it won't start again. There are 3 people in my family who bought this piece of junk and we are all having the same problem. If you want to be frustrated and throw $600 dollars out the window a Toro is for you.

horrible customer service

Been trying to contact somebody at customer serv to find out how to adjust sprinkler nozz,no one answers.Been trying for about a week.Wouldn't buy anyomer toro products.Waste of my time!!!

Timecutter 42" Radius Turn Mower

We purchased in March 2012 a new Time cutter Radius Turn mower and in Feb/Mar of 2013 we noticed holes in the mower deck and these holes were not Tiny. We took our complaint to the dealer where we bought it and we were told that it was not under the warranty. We are pissed....over 3200.00 mower and used for 6 months before winter months. This mower is always kept in an enclosed trailer when not in use and now we have a mower deck with holes and does effect the mowing capabities of this mower.

I purchased a toro mower# 0001999. This mower has electric start(when it works) I have used this mower about twenty five times, it has been in service repair six times. Thi included replacing Three Batteries. There seem to be a flaw in the design of this model with the battery compartment located too close to exposure to the maintenance port for washing after mowing. Toro Customer service told mt that their service agent was supposed to seal the battery compartment door after replacement. That has never be done. I had to tell the service agent that the wireing harness was probably at fault, this was after they consulted with Toro Service representatives over the phone, before they would fix it. Iam cl;ose to the end of my warrenty and it appears that my best bet is to put it my front yard with a sign warning consumer to consult me before they buy a Toro mower.

This key start, self propelled Toro Lawn mower is the worst Toro product that we have ever owned. We have been married 48yrs. & have always purchased Toro product. We had a snowblower for over 30 yrs. & it still worked when we got rid of it because of starting problems. This lawnmower that we purchased in May,2011 is surely a LEMOM. We have had it in the repair shop 3 times in the month of July & are still having problems starting it & keeping the engine going once we do get it started. We are hoping that Toro will stand by it's products & replace this mower with another one like it before the warranty runs out.

I have to congratulate your company and the idiot who ran it for buying a company which had an outstanding product, WHeelhorse and by cheapening it destroyed it. I would be curious as to the background of that individual. He suredly did not have an engineering background but probably a marketing backgound or possibly not even a college education. You then wonder why Honda and MTD have cornered the manufacturing of lawn equipment for consumers and made a profit. The sale of after market Wheelhorse parts is unbelievable. Just check with Kohler concerning their sale of entire engines, short blocks, for K321's alone. I list only one engine designation but Kohler still has a demand for all of those engine models that Wheelhorse used. The Toro Wheelhorse i presently have has had the roll pins fall out a year after I bought it and each year succeeding. The right rear wheel fell off three times and I only cut an acre and a half. I would never buy anything that Toro makes. Their philosophy is, no matter if it runs, unload it.

I purchased a Toro Timecutter 4235 zero turn mower on 7/25/11. I have taken the mower to an authorized Toro dealer not once but twice to have the mower repaired. The dealer told me that the problem with my mower is a common problem that they have had to deal with on just about every new Toro mower of this model. ). I have called 4 different authorized dealers in north Alabama and they all say that they have experienced the problem that I am having with this model. I have found that there was a recall from Toro back in MAY, 2011: Bulletin CNZ#31 Brake Arm Burr Removal. I purchased my mower on July 25,2011 . This problem should have been fixed prior to my purchase and certainly prior to delivery to my residence. I contacted Toro Customercare and they told me that my only option was to continue to take te mower to an authorized dealer to fix under warranty. I subsequently asked customer about the possibility of getting a replacement mower since I obviously have a "Lemon". TORO customaer care would not reply beyond the one time response.Why doesn’t Toro fix this problem at manufacture and assembly instead of shipping to the customer and having them deal with the problem through working with an authorized dealer????(Since this is a problem with the mower ) that TORO obviously should knew about

still waiting for Keith's toro service in stegar Ill. to fix my recall repair on my snow blower that I bought from them last year, they say they are still working on lawnmowers and will have to wait to get parts, paid alot of money for snowblower, give me a new one if it takes that long....

I will NOT buy another TORO Lawn Mower Model #20334, Serial #310019611 because the design is the worst I've ever seen.. if you do not make this right, 1) The top of the mower is not sealed across the back when I wash off the grass water pours in on the battery causing it to short out. 2) Plus the little tabs on the battery is so flimsy that they break off if even touched. 3) We've already had to buy another battery. 4) Also the bag is rotten and wore through on the corner where it goes over the bar that holds it on.. 5) This is only after 1 year and 3 months of use.. We have a very small yard (Mobile Home Park) and my husband mows once a week, weather permitting. Our old mower was 30 years old and the bag was still good no holes in it. I expect Toro to replace this mower with a different model and one with the battery put where it will be protected from water when the mower is washed, and a bag that will be made from some better material and won't rot through after only 1 year. There is no reason for this to happen since we store the mower inside of our garden shed out of the weather. If you can't or won't replace the mower then we expect you to refund our money. (Enclosed is a copy of our sales slip and I will accept only the full purchase price of $374.00, which is the price we paid). If neither of these options is agreeable with you then I guess my only alternative is to put this negative information about Toro Mowers on U-tube where I'm sure millions of possible buyers will think twice about buying one of your mowers. Please advise as soon as possible. Sincerely, Mrs. Norma Lowe PS: It looks as if I'm not the only one that has complained about your Lawn Mowers. So looks like you need to make a design change and make a sturdier product.

We run a family business and only use 21" Commercial mulchers by Toro. We mow on average 40 lawns a week. We service our mowers ourselves, which saves us money. We Love our mowers. The purchase price for commercial mowers vs average residential home mowers can be one thousand or more dollars difference in price. I think as long as you MAINTAIN your equipment wether its for your home or commercial use- TORO HAS AN AWESOME LINE OF EQUIPMENT...JUST WISH WE COULD AFFORD THE 36" CHARIOT TORO.

i bought a torozero turn lawn mower on 10/09/2009. i used it for the summer of 2010. it broke down down at the end of the summer. I brought in for servicing to my local home depot on 4/29/2011. I was told it was still under warranty so I agreed to have them send it for repair. The people who repaired it refused to honor the warranty claiming excessive use. I used only on my property for 1 summer mowed about 1x every 10 days. How does this constitute excessive use. The machine is poorly constructed and you should be honoring your warranty. repair cost $1151.76. This lawn mower was purchased at home depot in honesdale p.a. csr agreement # 65653. csr agreement # on repair is 90435. Since i needed to start cutting grass in may I paid yhe repair charge to get my lawnmower back. I feel you need to reimburse the repair charge since this was still under warranty. please contact me at 570 6777221 or 570 729 8780. thank you, ethel bansley

I have a 22" recyler lawn power that seemed to do a real nice job cutting the grass untill the connecting rod came through the engine case. No I will not be buying another Toro.

Bought a Toro snow blower in 2009 used it 4 times and it developed a fuel leak all over our brand new garage floor. Sent it in for repair and it took 4 or 5 months to repair because Toro doesn't make parts for winter items during summer months. We just had a 5 or 6 inch snow fall took the snow blower out to make an easy clean up YEAH RIGHT the darn thing runs only 2 or 3 minutes and floods out. Thanks Toro I work ten hours a day to make a paycheck and a year to pay this snowblower off I GOT RIPPED OFF

I bought a Toro snow thrower two years ago with a guarantee that it would start with two pulls. Since I use it a lot in the winter, I can count on one hand how many times it started with two pulls. This year I thought I would change the spark plug. After taking off the top and taking off the front, I still could not reach the spark plug. I am not a happy camper with this machine and think I'll have my 14 year old Murray fixed and start using that again.

I bought one of your lawnmowers, and what a piece of junk!! It has less than 50 hours on it, I have had it two years and already have spent more money in repairs than the purchase price of $279.00. I just got it back from the repair shop, I have only use it twice since then.....and guess what? I went out this morning to cut the grass and the @!* thing WILL NOT START AGAIN!!! What a waste of my money and time!This company should be ashamed of putting a worthless piece of crap on the market to sell. I can tell you one thing, I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING WITH THE BRAND NAME OF "TORO ON IT!!! My next lawnmower will be a Honda, a NAME the one can rely on. And now, I'm going to roll that piece of junk to the curb and let the trash man throw it in the garbage where it belongs.

I am so glad my toro snow blower needed a major repair after only 5 years.I only used it 7 or 8 times a year to do my driveway and sidewalk.Now I can get a HONDA !!!!! THANK GOD. I will never buy a toro again!!!!!! Thanks for nothing Toro.

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