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Just bought a gallon of paint today at $49.00. Came home 2 hours later and found a flyerstating a sale with 30 percent off. I called the store and was told they just was notified by E-Mail only 1 hour ago. I could of saved nearly $15.00 just on the paint alone. They said just too bad. In the past, I was told by someone else on a pending sale. I believe it better to have good customer relations. But since the help here changed, so could I look elsewhere. ---------

i left my 5 gallons out without the cap is it can dry

I have always used your paint''love it''...Its be best on the market...The only problem i have is catching a paint sale' I WILL CALL & 90% of the time No one knows when....? drives me crazy....I need a break''been painting the whole house''Will you please send me a good coupon''MY E-mail is rperry9410@yahoo.com or home address 9410 Chadwick Ct.Kimberly AL. 35091 Thank YOU''Cathy Perry

The paint was good , the service in Terre Haute Indiana was terrible!!! I went in 3 times to get paint, told them I had my kitchen apart on Monday. The paint was going on sale Friday, ok . I went back in on Thursday ,(I happen to be in town ,25 min away), to take colors I ask if I could go ahead and get paint on Thrus, reply was,"My computor will not let me even inter the discount", I left paint sample and the manager said she would go ahead and mix up for Friday. I went back Friday to pick up paint, they were going to charge me 44.69 per gallon, I ask, I thought paint was on sale for 30% off, sales person replied, oh no this paint promar 2000 is never on sale, I said , "this is my 3rd trip and no one told me this paint was not on sale!!", the sales person said , "well I am not supose to do this but I will give you the 30% off", this made the paint per gal 31.28 , that is awful!! I got home and a friend of mine who was helping me , said ," I only pay $23.00 per gallon!!!!!!!!!!!". What is wrong with America is this type of pricing and conduct!!! I guess Sherwin Williams thinks if you don't know what you are to be charged then RIP THE CUSTOMER OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!. I went back one week later to have one can of paint ajusted and the sales person who was waiting on me Knew I had wrote a comment on my visit on line , she went over to the sales person 2 and wrote on a piece of paper something about who I was, the sales person 2 looked up at me it was so obvious ,and a few minutes later the sales person 2 called me by MY name and said oh, the manager was trying to get ahold of you, can I get your phone number. Now she didn't know my name!!!, then I got another paint brush, she chareged me 12.95 , I said I think I paid 9.59 the other day, she said oh, it was on sale then and the whole time they kept saying oh you got a discount WHERE !!!! YOUR PAINT IS FINE YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND EMPLOYEES ARE UNPROFESSIONAL AND YOUR PRICING IS A RIP OFF!!!! I AM GOING TO LET EVERYONE ON FACEBOOK KNOW YOUR PRICING PRACTICES!!!!!

We had our cedar-sided home painted with duration, in 2005. By 2007, our painter, The Painting Craftsman (a well-respected professional in the Chicago area) had to repaint large portions of our home's exterior. The paint was simply disintegrating. By 2009, we had to repaint again. Also in 2009, we had all the shutters repainted, as the Duration burgundy color had faded to brown. There was not even a hint of red left in the Duration paint. This was not our first time having an exterior of a home painted. We've always used the same painter, and the same paint (Sherwin Williams). But this was the first time we used Duration, and were sorely disappointed. What a waste of time and money.

I am writing about the S/W Deckscapes, premium Waterborne Formula, Exterior deck stain, semi transparent. Last year my painter applied this to my uncovered deck. I was unhappy from the beginning about the color - it looked like he had painted it with a brown paint. But it was too late -the deed was done. Now a year later to add insult to injury, the deck railing and floor is peeling and I am faced with paying the painter to sand and apply more of this stuff which I hate. I am very unhappy and feel this stuff should be taken off the market.

Henrietta New York I have an issue with an unfortunate occurrence that involves your Henrietta New York store. We have been a loyal commercial customer for well over twenty years. We believe that your paint product is one of the best products on the market. Within the last few years we have had the exterior of several houses painted with your product with excellent results, we recommend to our business associates that this is the product to use even though it may cost more. We purchase over $2000 dollars a year in interior product. We have also had positive experiences with staff as described by Walter Goff of Goldsboro NC noted above , heck the Henrietta staff also helped us take our merchandise to the the car. Now to the unfortunate occurrence part of this posting. When the staff brought our paint to our car, they placed it into our back seat, even located the top of the open box towards the back of the seat, stating that it would be best so that the gallon container would not fall out. We arrived home, retrieved the paint from the back seat to find that one of the cans that the staff mixed and closed had opened and was pouring out into our Honda Pilots leather seat, well over a half of a gallon of dark brown paint on gray leather. When calling the the store, the staffed that placed the product into the car apologized, stating that when they loaded the merchandise into our car,returned to the store, that they noticed paint on their hands and apron, something was wrong. The store manager has tried his best to help,however we are not sure he has the authority to handle this matter. He offered to pay a detail shop to clean this, however was looking to pay a $50 dollar cleaning fee. The dealer that we purchase the car from has made all attempts to clean, however, the seat, acting like a sponge is not repairable and must be replaced. The seat track is gummed up and the seat belt clasp unusable. The estimate by the dealer is over $2200 dollars. The manager knows of the magnitude of this issue and has failed to put us in touch with an insurance claim adjuster. We have been without our vehicle now for three days, and received a message that the manager is not working for several days. The dealer has stated that they have no authorization to repair the car. So it appears that I will be out of a car for days, that i have a damaged car, and no direction. This stinks, and we are not looking forward to having to go to court as well as finding a new paint product. Could someone help make this right.....

My wife and I recently, (July 01, 2010) visited Sherwin Williams paint store located in Goldsboro, NC. Let it be known that this store is TOP NOTCH! Mr Robert Modica assisted me and my wife and he sure knew his merchandise line, answered ALL our questions, and was VERY customer oriented. Heck, he even helped us take the merchandise to the car! How's that for service? If he's not the Manager, then he sure should be. He represents the company in a way to make the corporate office proud. He definitely deserves to be recognized! Too bad other establishments don't have this caliber of personnel working for them. I say, "Promote Now"!

Your Commerce Ga. store tells it is your policy not to switch paint, with a customer until there check has cleared the bank. Now let's think about that I wrote you a check, got your product, now I want to swap it for more paint. But not a refund. I was told by your salesmen it will take 10 days to clear S/W acct. So in the meanwhile I have 300.00 worth of paint that I can prouldy return for a refund in 10 days, AND NEVER BUY FROM S/W AGAIN.And approx all 50 pcs of my familys propertys have always used S/W paint. BUT NO MORE

As of this date I am supplying several of YOUR stores with COMMERCIAL labels for the 5 gallon the 1 gallon containers. However, recently I purchased Sherwin Williams paint for my home and noticed the gallon container had a paper label. The label tore to shreds and couldn't be wiped off. Could I talk to you about a low weight vinyl label that wouldn't tear and could be wiped off? Please let me know. I have worked witH Henry Schaadt on the commerical labels. By the way the paint itself is the best, with great coverage. Thank you. Dave Horn, BENCH Forms and Labels 419-878-8422

I am a 31 year seasoned paint contractor who just recently switched from I.C.I (Devoe) to sherwin williams. The S/W store primarly deal with is located in Harrison Ohio. My sales rep is Joe Lanzillotta. I recently ordered a Flood product through S/W and the product was ordered wrong in color, this has caused a huge problem. I have a complaint in regards to a distric sales rep by the name of Bill Baurer Mr. Lanzillotta's boss. I would like to speak to someone in corporate to get my issue resolved with my customer and report Mr. Baurers lack of professionalizm this man has created a nightmare. I am vary serious about the problem I have and would appreciate a return call to me by someone with authority to interveen. Respectfully Bill Poole (513) 602-9732 Paint Supervisor B.R.C. Construction LLC.

to sales division:aurora innovations is now in aposition to engage in volume sales. your stores come to mind as they are a natural for some of our product line,which is;a seriesof ladder stabilization devices that prevent the ladder, in this case a range of exrension ladders.they are devices thta prevent the ladder in question from falling over ,either to the left side or to the right side. they are made primarily of aluminum.they are also patented.if this sounds of interest to you .please contact us and we will go into detail as required thank you frank trebec manager email aurora innovations@peoplescom.net

I am going to order wallpaper this week-everytime I place an order with your company I receive a coupon after my order and cant use it. How about sending me one I can actually use? Thanks..

I am putting Duration paint on the outside of my garage and I would like to know since my paint has chipped off in many spots if I can put primer under this paint and if so what particular kind, since the paint is under warranty. Thank you

I have a problem with Sherwin Williams Conversion Varnish finish failing after 1 year. Can not get help in Texas with this problem. Any one else having problems feel free to contact me. George Smith Operations Manager Lancaster Industries

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